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imperialism & war

Scattered Links of a Broken Chain of Thoughts

A poem by a Lebanese Armenian citizen regarding Israel's war on Lebanon.
Another bomb
Burning fires
Tattered roads
Torn bridges
Demolished homes
Stench of death
Chaos and disarray

Another bomb
Sleepless night
Startled and alert
Restless nerves
Edgy tempers
Raging hearts
Devastated lives

Another bomb
Destroyed hopes
Shattered dreams
Ambitions lost
Trapped inside
Falling victims
Of tall tale politics

"Welcome aboard F-16,
We wish you a pleasant flight.
You should do everything
To make your stay in your destination
A most terrifying and unpleasant one.
During take off, landing, and in between
You are required to show no mercy.
Thank you for flying with us,
We hope to see you again soon!"

homepage: homepage: http://femmeterrible.blogspot.com