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War of the Trees-Gas prices to jump after rusty BP pipes partially shut Alask oil field

In this episode of War of the Trees, we discuss the effect of the closure of BP's pipeline serving about 1/3 of the Prudhoe Bay oil fields on gas prices
War of the Trees-rusty pipelines
War of the Trees-rusty pipelines
All one fight
All one fight
Still want that gas-guzzling SUV? That $3 a gallon for gas is just the beginning and will soon sound cheap! Some of the damage form Katrina and Rita to Texas and New Orleans oil facilities has yet to be repaired, and now BP has to shut down a large part of production in Alaska.

This is on top of Peak Oil, meaning that the Saudi wells and most other oil fields are already runnign flat-out and cannot make up the difference.

There is yet another factor-Why those pieplines are rusting out. This implies that the oil is corrosive, loaded with sulfur. Rusting, like other chemical reactions, doubles or halves its speed with every ten degree change in temperature. This is why exhaust pipes on your car rust so fast.

It's very cold in Alaska, yet heavy iron pipes have rusted nearly through in just a few decades! Used as sewer pipes they could have lasted over a century. What does this mean? It means all this corrosive sulfure is still in the oil when its made into gas and diesel-contributing to urban smog!

It's not ozone, but sulfate particles in the air from oil and coal together with ozone create the infamous "smoky" look of polluted air. Usually its the ozone you feel burning in your lungs after about 15 minutes on the bike on a Code Red or Code Orange day, but sulfer dioxide can do this too.

Also included: A reminder that Peace, Pro-Earth, Pro-animal, and pro-housing(as in antigentrification) activists are all on the same team and must work together. Children and crayfish need the same thing-the right to grow up in peace!

odd story 08.Aug.2006 17:25

pipe dreams

Alaska pipe line shut down for repair?

Consider the following Company,  http://www.flowlinealaska.com/corrosion.htm
I am sure there are other companies that are geared to produce, maintain and provide corrosion protected piping. Pipeline management should have identified and replaced pipe lines as it ages too. Clearly there is no reason for a catastophic failure of a pipe line. But the pipeline is reported as failed.

Further history from 1968 of the pipeline is provided  http://www.alyeska-pipe.com/PipelineFacts/Chronology.html Over this time corrosion is never mentioned as a cause of failure is its down time history...

So what is the nature of the latest oil company suprise. OIl production down-steel prices are high. Suppose the pipeline is being downsized?