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it need's to be pronounced correctly
Un-rational and shamed it is that the western media has made this a Hezbolla word, which is a basic translation of texts simply from one language to another. A practice which has been used by human beings from the moment one was even aware that another existed. My intentions are not to be writing boring or evident facts; rather for self-evident it has not been so even to the wills of those who would object most, it has not been addressed.

A translation to English of Hezballah would most properly be said: The Party of God.
But if an attempt was made to speak in an Arabic language it would be most properly said: Hezballah. Certainty not Hezbolla.

The implications are most terrible. This has been repeatedly done by the western media; for if one considers the sounds in English and attempts to place them somehow to a meaning, it becomes difficult since hezbolla is not an English word, even more, the sound of OLLA are drastic when compared to ALLAH, which means in Arabic GOD. OLLA, OR ALLAH, HEZBALAH, OR HEZBOLLA.

In ancient Arabic folklore the definition is this:
BOLLA:In ancient Albanian folklore, Bolla is a snake-like (or dragon-like) creature that sleeps throughout the entire year. On Saint George's Day, it will open its eyes and look into the world. A human unfortunate enough to be spotted by Bolla will be devoured instantly. At the end of a twelve-year cycle it mutates into another being, called Kulshedra. This creature is a horrible, fire-breathing dragon with nine tongues. Kulshedra is sometimes also represented as an enormous woman with a hairy body and hanging breasts. The monster can cause a shortage of water and it requires human sacrifices to propitiate it. The creature is also known as Bullar in south Albania.
-Encyclopedia Mythica™-

BOLLA also tends to have an English feel of a grotesque disease.

In English They need to be called: THE PARTY OF GOD, or HEBZBALLAH.

If you find yourself still reading this then you must be aware that this was done INTENTIONALLY.

Far worse has risen from this practice in recent past.

When it was announced the Saddam Hussein said: Our enemies will be swimming in a sea of blood.
That was the most terrible way to translate to English, and it was broadcast everywhere. It is so difficult to try to understand the meanings of ancient languages. An easier way to approach this would to try to understand something simple, let's say someone from Britain was visiting and said: Where are the bloody keys?

The worst was done when Bush called North Korea, Iraq, and Iran the AXIS OF EVIL; for when translated into Persian, Arabic, and Korean, it translates as a most hostile and grotesque meaning. The axis of EVIL, wow! Is anyone second guessing North Korea and Iran's rush for nuclear weapons, the other has been already invaded. What would be expected after such statement.

Hezballah, not Hezbolla

Thankyou 08.Aug.2006 16:03


I have often wondered what Hezbolla could possibly mean. it sounds like some evil creature.

Its the media problem 08.Aug.2006 22:50


It is totally a media problem; this nails it right on the head. I never even understood that and have wondered even though I have been active in the conflicts in the middle eats for over 12 years. I will have to pay more attention, but it is next to impossible to realize thins exactly like this without someone pointing them out. It is part of a completely larger picture of a campaign to demonized Arabs.

Hezballah is a Farsi Expression 09.Aug.2006 00:51


The Party of God grew out of needs of the Shi'a community largely in response to aggressions in S. Lebanon by Israeli forces in 1982. Here is a Website that might give one a starting point for forming an understanding of Hezballah:

< link to almashriq.hiof.no

Here is an excellent interview in the KPFA (Pacifica radio, Berkeley) from a recent broadcast of the weekly program "Voices of the Middle East and North Africa" (probably the most informative and timely scheduled radio source available for English speakers of balanced reporting on current events in those parts of the world--including frequent interviews with Israeli journalists and academics):

< link to www.kpfa.org

(allow a couple of minutes for the PSAs and miscellaneous announcements to play out for VMENA to begin)

As said, the Party of God is a Shi'a formed organization. As Iran is the center for Shi'a in the Muslim world, farsi is a language much in common for Shi'a believers anywhere. even in majority arabic speaking communities and countries. In farsi, "party" is translated as "hezb". In farsi, the universal word for God, shared with arabic speakers, is Allah. (Farsi also has the word "xoda" for God.) Thus, Party of God, in farsi, is Hezballah.

"A" tends to be pronounced in arabic and farsi more like "aw" than "ah"--this isn't precise, but you can sense the difference. So, in pronouncing "allah", the first "a" tends more to sound like "aw", giveing "hezballah" the sound of "hezbollah" to many Western listeners. So, where english speakers tend to break the pronouncitation into two syllables, one ending and the other beginning with a consonant: "hez-bolah", in contrast a native speaker pronounciation sounds more like "hezb-awlah", with one syllable ending in a consonant and the next beginning with a vowel.

axis of evil 09.Aug.2006 02:02


The axis of evil statement is the most destructive when now considered with the translation issue. Bush should of known better.

links are not working 09.Aug.2006 02:09


The links posted by nomad are not working, is there a way to correct this, it would be interesting information.

Links Retry 09.Aug.2006 11:22



 link to www.kpfa.org

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