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israel destroys more than just lebanese lives

the current bombing in israel clearly demonstrates israel's inability for any restraint. additionally, an immense environmental catastrophe is underway and it is barely mentioned in news reports. an immense oil slick is polluting the coastline caused by israel's bombing of a powerstation.
israel's bombing of the jiyyeh power plant has sent a huge plume of oil and other toxic chemicals into the mediterranean sea threatening lives and the environment at large. the catastrophe is compounded by the fact that no clean-up operation can occur until israel stops its assault. the price of this war is becoming extremely costly to both land and sea. it's clear who the real eco-terrorists are.

Well if they can do this to human beings the enviroment is nothing to them. 08.Aug.2006 10:32


If I were Israeli, I'd be mad as hell right now 08.Aug.2006 13:07

Jody Paulson

The people who are running their country are poisoning their environment. It's as if the state of New Jersey were trashing New York with oil slicks and radioactive heavy-metal artillary shells. Their own children will suffer the birth defects and 10-fold incidence of cancer we've seen in Iraq. I feel sorry for the good and decent Jewish people in the world, because the blood thirsty Zionists are trashing their name worse than the Ku Klux Klan could ever hope to. Israelis need to stop this madness now, for their own sake!

Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians

Hezballah 08.Aug.2006 20:53

is not

occupying Israel
the Israeli government could have worked towards a prisoner exchange from the very beginning, instead they leaped to WAR
Israel is responsible for its own citizens dying by its invasion, its war crimes and its blatant disregard for life
Hezballah has built a network to serve the people in the past years and are continuing even now
btw..while lebanese civilians must hunker in rubble for protection, Israeli's go to bomb shelters with WI FI connections...what is wrong with this picture?