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"Beaverton says no to Wal-Mart (oregonlive.com)"

Finally some good news.
In a unanimous vote the Beaverton City Council has stood up to the venomous Wal-Mart and said "No!".

Appeal may follow to LUBA.

Gee, maybe Beaverton is grooving more on humanity than commerce.
keep your eye on beaverton 08.Aug.2006 11:06


Beaverton residents, with Friends of Cedar Mill, worked very hard to make the case against WM in this location. Probably cost some money too, for lawyers and equipment. In the end, though, Beaverton government was obliged to decide the case on the technical consequences of siting of such a business in that location, rather than on the opinion many people have that regards WM as an evil force in world culture. That makes it very hard to keep certain business out in a country that is based on business.

Beaverton, and the Beaverton resident demographic is changing, maybe more so probably than in downtown Portland. It doesn't yet have a solidly established core cultural structure linked to it's arts and infrastructure as an older downtown might, but developments like this show that could be changing. There's getting to be enough savvy and motivated people in Beaverton to raise an unwavering voice for humnitarian values, as the case against WM in Cedar Mill shows.

Beaverton is still a screwy, sprawly city, that needs lots of help getting itself together, but if they can keep WM out through the LUBA phase, that will be a substantial step in the right direction.

Congratulations to them for the work accomplished!

no they're gorrving on commerce 08.Aug.2006 12:11

and that's a good thing

>> Gee, maybe Beaverton is grooving more on humanity than commerce.

No, walmart is bad for the local economy. The city council is being smart in choosing a course of action that will help small and local businesses to thrive and therefore improve the local economy. It is good to see that the city council has some common sense about these issues.

Changing your attitude 09.Aug.2006 08:24


Not all of us who live in Beaverton are brain dead to the ways of the world.We are a young progressive family who has lived here for the past 7 years and have met some people here who are intelligent,global thinkers.
More and more progressive types are moving here.The rent can still be cheaper than Portlands and our schools are not failing.We also had enough fight/follow through in us to say no to WM.Maybe some of the movements in Portland could learn something from us.

Beaverton friends 09.Aug.2006 19:31


I had four neighbors who come from Beaverton, and two of them are definitely progressive thinkers. Not radical, but forward-thinking. The other two, though, are much more about the bling. (one even wants to give real estate speculation a shot). I think any community near Portland is going to have its mix of mindsets.