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Save the Date! Make Your Voice Heard! A Call for Nonviolent Resistance!

Declaration of Peace Campaign Calls on Congress to End the Occupation of Iraq.
Sign the Declaration of Peace!
Sign the Declaration of Peace!
The Declaration of Peace

A Pledge to Take Action to:

Bring the Troops Home Now

By September 21, 2006, establish a comprehensive plan to end the US war in Iraq

Oppose future US military invasions

Take Action to End the War in Iraq!

The Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to establish by September 21, 2006, a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq, including:

A prompt timetable for withdrawal of troops and closures of bases
A peace process for security, reconstruction, and reconciliation
And the shift of funding war to meeting human needs
People across the United States are signing the Declaration of Peace pledge, a commitment to take action if this plan is not created and activated by Congress by September 21, the International Day of Peace.

From September 21 - 28, Declaration of Peace signers will withdraw their consent from this war and support a comprehensive peace process by taking part in nonviolent actions, marches, rallies, demonstrations, interfaith services, candlelight vigils, and other creative ways to declare peace at the US Capitol and in cities and towns across the US.
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Yes! I join with the majority of US citizens, the people of Iraq, and people around the world in calling for a comprehensive end to the US war in Iraq.
I solemnly pledge to:
Call on the Bush administration and Congress to immediately withdraw all US troops from Iraq, with no future deployments
Urge my Congressional representatives to adopt a "bring the troops home now" position, and to establish a concrete, comprehensive withdrawal plan no later than September 21, 2006, International Peace Day, just days before Congress adjourns
Participate in marches, rallies, demonstrations, and other peaceful strategies to establish this plan
Engage in nonviolent civil disobedience, as conscience leads me, if this plan for a comprehensive withdrawal is not established and activated no later than September 21, 2006.

Contact the Declaration of Peace (www.declarationofpeace.org). Join in the call of peace-loving people to come to Washington, DC, and make your voices heard on September 26, 2006.
Never has there been a more important time 08.Aug.2006 09:20


If ever there was a time to stand up, speak out and be counted, this is it. If you can't be in DC, organise at home and/or support other people going to DC.
This is the showdown between good and evil. It is not a spectator sport. Losing is not an option.
Stand up now, or lie down and die.

passivity is not enough 08.Aug.2006 21:06

forest dweller

Yes, all people need to stand up and oppose the church-state system.....but being a pacifist
and non-violent is just what these governments want us to be.....it is but one way they keep
us oppressed.

The public must be ready to resist.....because the time will soon be here when governments
start to use violence against us.

Better to die on your feet than on your knees.

Hoka hey!