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9.11 investigation

Video's the Government DOESN'T want you to see

see the evidence for yourself-

 link to www.youtube.com


Check out these videos, the government doesn't want you to see. One has the news broadcast of that day.

Maybe you do believe in conspiracy theories, if you believe the official story. Maybe you have not seen all the evidence.

I hope that pre-military people watch these videos before signing up.

When you look at that evidence, it is so compelling, so comprehensive then it is very difficult to come to any other conclusion from the one that I do. They are facts, they are uncomfortable facts, they are shocking facts, deeply deeply shocking but you have to face up to them because they have actually happened, and they demand an explanation which is the most cogent, most compelling, most plausible to fit those facts. We do need to know the truth.

Not a conspiracy theorist, just a government story corrector.

let us have peace