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Resistance to Roadless Logging Escalates as Protesters Blockade Bridge

Early this morning, protestors erected a daring road blockade to halt logging at the Mike's Gulch Timber Sale in the Siskiyou National Forest, site of the first ever incursion into an Inventoried Roadless Area since the passage of the federal Roadless Rule in 2001. At least one activist is suspended in a cantilever off the side of the Green Bridge above the Illinois River in a manner that prohibits traffic across the bridge without endangering the life of the person hanging from it.

This dramatic action follows years of lawsuits, rallies, public comment periods and national media attention involving tens of thousands of people speaking out against the logging of the Biscuit. Over 2 million people submitted comments to protect our nation's roadless areas before the Biscuit fire and over 20,000 citizens submitted public comments opposing the Biscuit logging when it was proposed, and almost 100 arrests have been made of people engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience protesting the massive logging project.
The Governors of Oregon, California, Washington and New Mexico are currently suing the Bush Administration to retain roadless area protections and an injunction meant to halt the Biscuit logging in particular has been filed but has not yet been ruled on by a federal court.

The public process that lead to the creation of the Roadless Rule, which protected almost sixty million acres of the most wild and pristine public lands remaining in the United States from destructive practices like logging and mining, involved more citizen input than any other piece of federal policy on any issue in the history of this country. Despite this overwhelming public support for protection of roadless areas, the Bush Administration has aggressively pursued stripping the protections it provides by opening these areas up to massive commercial timber harvest.

"This assault on our public lands is a disaster for the forest, a taxpayer rip off and it's against the will of the vast majority of the American people. It is the result of a broken democracy and I am taking this action today to jumpstart the system of checks and balances that is supposed to protect us from the tyranny of an authoritarian government so this doesn't happen again."
Yes! 08.Aug.2006 07:53


Nice work folks. Strength to the resistance!

pic from green bridge 08.Aug.2006 13:15


from this morning (8/8)
pigs approach
pigs approach

my heroes! 08.Aug.2006 15:55



why the freaking hell 09.Aug.2006 10:15

are there pig cars there?!?!?!

What kind of laws do they think they are enforcing?!?!?!?
Who the hell is telling them that they work for people other than us?!?!?!?
This is a serious matter, the brainwashing of the police. Time and time again, I have seen this same pattern, where police, on the public dole, bite the hand that feeds them.
There is too much of this going on to suggest that mere ignorance, boredom, confusion, or mistakes can explain why our police constantly find themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times. There has got to be a concerted effort to specifically misdirect the police, and it has to involve brainwashing and psychology. God only knows men are reactionary and have easy buttons to push, so the police, with their white man, authoritarian, fundamentalist, and violent pasts, would be a cake walk to manipulate.
So, whenever we call the police on being in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong things, we must always include everyone behind closed doors who is giving them the orders.
The police want to think that they are doing something noble, and with their dangerous backgrounds and personalities that make them enjoy abusing innocent people, we must look at the people who take advantage of the polices' weaknesses instead of helping them. These people are culpable because, instead of asking us if they can ruin the land, our lives, and our children's futures, they trick the vulnerable police into enacting this foul mission instead. No one else is so low as to do their crap, and they recognize the ignoble when they see them. The police know better than to go against the public, but whoever tricked them into going against the public must know more than them in order to trick them. Find them and expose them from hiding.
And thanks to everyone who could make it to Mike's Gulch and those who could not. My daughter is thanking you in advance for fighting for her future.

appreciated 09.Aug.2006 13:12


To every person down south putting themselves on the line for the forests--thank you, thank you, thank you. Those of us unable to stand next to you in person, stand with you in spirit.

Thank you 09.Aug.2006 17:04

Rabbitt rabbittskarma@hotmail.com

You are all such beautiful souls, thank you for all the work you are doing to help make things right again.

any news on the outcome of this blockade? 09.Aug.2006 18:21


i'm assuming the blockade was aimed at keeping the logging crews from mike's gulch? was it successful and for how long? i can only hope that it is still in effect. thanks.

marvelous 09.Aug.2006 20:16



"MY HEROS" INDEED! 19.Aug.2006 16:33

GHOP treeslut@hotmail.com

Contact me if you need $ help. I'm a wage-slave now,but i'm yours. Bless you & all REAL forest defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!