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Mayor Acknowledges Concerns of Tigard First

We've got their attention! Tigard Mayor Craig Dirksen addressed the possibility of Wal-Mart coming to Tigard in the August City Newsletter. While the Mayor is correct in stating that an application will be approved or denied based on the merits of the land use application, we are confident that sufficient concerns exist to deny a SuperCenter in the Tigard Triangle. Until the existing traffic problems are solved, the local roads cannot handle another big-box store in the area.

Tigard First is committed to helping residents stay involved in the growth of our City, and to encourage development that enhances our community. Revitalization of downtown is key to Tigard's livability and protecting that vision is a main goal of our group. Additionally, there is evidence that Wal-Mart contributes to crime, repeatedly violate environmental regulations, and damage local business. City officials should be concerned about locating a Wal-Mart just 1/4 mile from the heart of Tigard. There is also a significant wetland located on the site, one of the rapidly vanishing natural areas left in the City.
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