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Benefit Concert for Portland Central American Solidarity Committee

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee educates and mobilizes students, union members and community activists around struggles for human rights and economic justice in Latin America and Mexico. There will be a benefit concert and informational fundraiser on August 13th at 7pm at the Red & Black Cafe.
The Red & Black Café is hosting a musical extravaganza and a Nicaraguan themed fundraiser for the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee on Sunday, August 13th.
Original Nicaraguan paintings in the "primitive" style (made famous by the French artist Rousseau), as well as quality double sized hammocks bought in the local street market in Masaya, Nicaragua, and other various Nicaraguan artisan work will be available through a silent auction that will last until 9pm.
Multiple presentations will be displayed throughout the venue describing current Nicaraguan campaigns, issues, and election updates..
The event will begin at 7pm, and the innovative Portland based bands performing are (in order) Not Yeti, Red Tractor (with members from the Blue Cranes), as well as other experimental collaborations with friends. Vintage films from Nicaragua will be projected behind the bands as they play.
Donations are suggested at the door on a sliding scale fee. No one will be turned away. Food will be on sale from the Red & Black as normal. To get information about the bands and the event, call (503) 319-2549 or email  akasalove@hotmail.com. For information about the organization go to www.pcasc.net.