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Rod Coronado Sentenced to 8 Months Today!

Hi all,
Rod recieved an eight month sentence and was taken into custody at about noon today. The judge felt that it was very important to preserve fear of/respect for the law, otherwise anarchy may prevail.
He also received 3 years probation and is not to post anything; print, internet, interview..., with any animal rights or environmental organization that is associated with violence, including but not limited to EF!, ALF & ELF. The government was very aggresive in their assertion that dismantling the lion trap and spreading feline urine were violent acts. The judge concurred.

Matt received 3 year probation for the same conviction. He is to remain sober and also not associate with any undesirables.

As far as I know this is all pretty much what was expected though those closer to it all may know different?


[ps... note from Gumby: As soon as I can find an address to write to Rod, I'll post it here.]
violent acts? 08.Aug.2006 07:46


was this the key locking his cell? defining his acts as violent? were they aimed at any one person? seems not to follow, logic that is... ah, maybe violent towards property, you know how precious peoples things are... those beautiful suvs, bilboards, and such. could some one get 8 months for destroying, for example, the new fence in the middle of laurelhurst park? and does destroying said thing imply doing it violently, is that a word? tangent, take care....

check out 08.Aug.2006 23:01


Susan Zakin interviewing Coronado in the LA Weekly this week.

Rod's address 10.Aug.2006 12:00

British ELP

ELP Information Bulletin (10th of August 2006)

Dear friends

One of Rod Coronado's supporters has contacted ELP with Rod's prison
address. Rod is currently held at:

Rodney Coronado, # 03895-000
PO Box 6300
Florence, AZ 85232

Rod's supporter stated "Could you please remind people that while Rod
has begun his sentence for ONE of his cases, he is still awaiting trial on
THREE others, including for giving a speech, so people should of course
remember to be careful what they write to him."

Rod is likely to be moved within the next few weeks, so if you do write
to him please be warned your letter may be returned. However don't let
that put you off writing to him.

Rod is a dedicated environmental, animal rights and native rights
activist. He has always shown great dedication and compassion and it is now our
turn to support him.

Caged Lion, Rod Coronado returns to prison - SZakin, LAWeekly 6.7.06 11.Aug.2006 23:01


Environmentalist Rod Coronado returns to prison a decade after his radical heyday


Tuesday, August 8, 2006 - 6:05 pm
Rod Coronado's hair is cropped so close to his skull it takes a while to notice it's more gray than black. His face is gaunt, his cheekbones surfacing from the planes of his face like the masts of those whaling ships he sunk as a young man. While Johnny Depp entered his 40s playing a pirate onscreen, Rod Coronado is hanging up his cutlass, metaphorically speaking. You could say the onetime boy wonder of the radical environmental movement is having a midlife crisis. At the very least, he is growing up. Going back to jail can do that to a guy, even a guy who's known as the poster boy for radical environmentalism or, depending on your point of view, ecoterrorism.

Coronado was sentenced Monday to eight months in federal prison on what many decry as trumped-up conspiracy charges, and he's facing the prospect of serving as much as 20 years if a federal judge in California doesn't look kindly on a motion to dismiss charges here. He weathered prison pretty well the first time, but now he's got a 4-year-old son. This time, prison wasn't part of the plan.