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MutantFest 2006

Directions to the 10th annual Autonomous Mutant Festival ("an annual free non-commercial gathering for the healthy evolution of life culture") have been posted!
The 10th annual Autonomous Mutant Festival will take place August 8-16th in southern Washington.


"an annual free non-commercial gathering for the healthy evolution of life culture, encouraging individual and group autonomy, celebrating independent art and culture, exploring diy technologies and encouraging a harmonious relationship with the earth."

Directions to the Autonomous Mutant Festival 2006
updated late sunday august 6th.

important! - please check back on the mutantfest website [ http://www.mutantfest.org/directions.html] AND call the infoline [1.800.hum.numb] to get the most recently updated directions before you leave as better or alternate directions may be posted soon.

!0th annual AUTONOMOUS Mutant Festival
Well then,.... about 30 miles north of Portland, then about 30 miles east...

(from the I-5)
From Woodland take 503 east towards Cougar.

Exit onto 90 towards Cougar still.

From the junction of 90 and 25 rds follow the 25 rd. north approx 6 miles.

The road switches back sharply and you want to turn Right (East) onto the 9300 rd which is paved and well marked.

Head 2 miles on the 9300 rd. and make a right onto the 9039 rd.

Next you want to make your 2nd tight onto the 620 rd which is about 0.4 miles ahead.

Once on the 620 rd. the site is less than a half mile on the right and left of the rd.

homepage: homepage: http://www.mutantfest.org
phone: phone: 1.800.486.6862

more playtime for the rich kids. 09.Aug.2006 08:25


isn't it nice that rich kids can go play in the woods. and express themselves. and create 'art'. and admire themselves. the rest of us are walking because we can't afford gas in the car. if we have a car. and flooding the food banks. and wearing old clothes, not because it's 'cool' but because that's what the rich kids give away to the clothing banks. and working three jobs, if we can find a job, to make money for the rich kids. so the rich kids can have a fun summer camp vacation in the woods pretending they're someone doing something important.

yeah, right 09.Aug.2006 20:18


none of those kids have a dime. get a clue. ever been to a mutant fest? doesn't sound like it.