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Fouad Kaady Murdered Have We Learned Anything-YET?

Eleven months ago, agents of the fascist state (Sandy Police Officer Bergin, Clackamas County Deputy Willard) took it upon themselves to terminate the life of a terribly injured and burned naked and unarmed man, simply to avoid getting his blood (or hanging skin) upon their clean uniforms.
(if you are unfamiliar, start by reading here:

Guess what, coppers? You have his blood on your hands, and upon your black souls. Neither will wash off. The details of this heinous crime have been well documented here, on Portland Indymedia, despite the attempts by the District Attorney to obfuscate the murder and to justify it after the fact by having the "grand" jury wave it's magic wand, declaring no foul. How many more times will we allow the flawed "grand" jury system act as our conscience an arbiter of truth?

So many cases have happened in recent years that I am unable to name them all here. Just last month, a Gresham cop (attempting to catch "speeders") blew through a residential neighborhood and a stop sign at an admitted speed in excess of sixty miles an hour, wiping out a minivan, killing one man and seriously injuring two others. The "grand" freakin jury? "No problem here. Just a cop doing his best." You try that, or anything like it, twenty years or more in the slammer. They guy up by Sandy who was driving down 26 and out of control can attest to that. He got twenty six years.

Of course, we all know that cops have different rule books. As long as they don't date subordinates, or tell the Mayor to read their lips, they can do just about what the fuck they want to, and no one can do anything to stop them.

We MUST wrest control away from them, and take back the streets! These killers under the color of authority are making a mockery of the law, the constitution, and placing us all in extreme danger. Make no mistake-they ARE the enemy.

Never forget Fouad. He is the ONE case in which they convict themselves with their very own words. He is the ONE case in which justice denied should be apparent, even to the fuckin corporate media. Remember him. Speak up about him, and never, ever forget him.
Grand Jury???? 07.Aug.2006 15:17

Family friend

Lately I am wondering so much about this Grand Jury thing. And I don't know
why it was called "Grand" I have not heard anything grand about it it's probably time to change that name. The only grand thing about that is the lying and mocking the people. No cop is found guily or wrong. Someone that kills and innocent injured burned man or someone that drives 60 mile an hour and does not stop on the sign and kills a man and injures others. It is time to either do away with the crazy thing that they call Grand Jury that is mocking the public and say police can do no wrong or change its name to describe what it is and what it does. Come on people can anything be done
about that? A brain storming it's time to expose the truth it may hurt some
people but nonetheless it's being said.

Sometimes the more we say the lie we start beleiving it. It is time to love the truth.

we need to go back to preliminary hearings 07.Aug.2006 23:46


We need to go back to preliminary hearings, that is what Perry Mason was all based on. The Grand jury process was put in place to save time, but when it comes to liberty time should not be an issue. Preliminary hearings, public and complete with cross-examinations. I do not know why the defense lawyers went along with this change to secret grand juries where a "ham sandwich can be indicted', ask any attorney about that one. I was recently indicted on an attempted possession; I worked so hard to get into the grand jury but was completely denied my rights to do so. I have, and never will know what the officers testified to, for if it was the truth there is no way an indictment would have been handed down. What did they testify to that "grand Jury", I will never know. They had to of lied for I have been clean and sober for so long now. What would it take to change the system back to PUBLIC preliminary hearings? Is it even possible? I just wish that I would have had the opportunity to also testify along with witnesses on my behalf. What a shame.

Remembering Fouad & America 10.Aug.2006 12:17

Michael De Los Santos

I will not forget Fouad Kaddy, whose life was brought to an end by two fascist authoritarian cowards, and sanctioned by a state that places more value on control & maintaining the status quo than it does on human life or justice. I will not forget the pain I have seen in the eyes of his family & loved ones as they struggle to understand how such an injustice could somehow end up becoming so twisted & turned inside-out, as to end up being called justified, or not criminal. If there was anyone left with any doubts at all about how institututionalized crime & corruption is in our government this case alone should dispell any & all notions about ours being a fair government by the people & for the people. The people currently in power have rearranged everything we have come to believe democracy represents, and have established a fascist state where they are free to do what ever they see fit and not have to answer to anyone. If a few or many of us object to this tryrany the matter is simply referred to the state controlled media, where some evil clowns like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, do there best through cohosive manipulation of the facts to persuede the less sophisticated among us that anyone objecting to the official state line is either crazy or a communist traitor. When the truth becomes known about how it was our own government that planned & executed the events of 9/11, then the dominos will start falling & this evil empire & the sick scum running our country will be brought to justice. I look forward to televized executions of all the war criminals running our country. This isn't just the Bush/ Chenny Crime family. It's all those that have helped conceal their lies & carry out their plans such as the congress, the senate, the FBI, CIA, defense department, and especially the media that has propped up this fascist, corrupt state. The people running our country now are the same people that our fathers & grandfathers traveled to the other side of the world to exterminate during world war-two. This time we need to stay home and fight the fight here. Don't ever allow the propaganda being dispensed by those in power to convince you that our government is a part of "we the people". In many ways this is still a great nation and could once again could be a world leader representing the accomplishments of freedom & justice, bur it is the people that make our nation great. Not our corrupt government which has no connection to it's citizens antmore. Don't be fooled by this exreme minority of right winged morons who are engaged in this great "flag sucking, patriotic Orgie". These are not our countries saviours or patriots. They are the same type as the SS authoritarians who followed Hitler & threw mothers & babies into the furnaces of Auschwitz. They march in lock step with the evil murders that they take orders from. Our countries neo-cons are the same enemies of humanity that have always blindly followed the dictates of authority & helped march humanity one step closer to hell. If we are to be spared from world war three, it's us "real Americans"
who must rise up and be heros again. Please don't be afraid to tell the truth. It's the protesters who are today's real patriots and Americans. Standing up for what's right, and fighting against whats wrong to make this a better country & world is the real American way. Don't ever let some whacked out right wing, neo-con, extremist, posing as some kind of fundimentalist Christian tell you what is right or wrong, or best for America. Each of us knows already in our hearts what is right & wrong, and it's certainly not right to go along with those that hate anyone because of their race, religion, sexual preference, or willingness to stand up to the profiteering of the military industrial complex.

fouad kaady 22.Aug.2006 22:14


i will never forget you my friend