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NW Community Radio Summit: Seattle, Sept. 15-17

Amy Goodman keynotes groundbreaking community media summit
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Calling all community radio activists, organizers and aspiring broadcasters in the northwest!

Join Reclaim the Media, Amy Goodman and some of the most creative community radio activists in the region for a groundbreaking event: the founding summit of the NORTHWEST COMMUNITY RADIO NETWORK. Grassroots community and college radio stations from Alaska to Oregon are getting together in Seattle, September 15th through the 17th, for a weekend of planning, workshops. Our featured keynote speaker is Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman.

The network we're planning will link together noncommercial college and community stations in Northwest states and provinces, allowing for program-sharing, collaborative news production, "sister station" mentoring and grassroots initiatives to support media democracy. We're joining forces to make community radio a richer and stronger voice in the Northwest.

For more information or to register, visit www.nwcommunityradio.org today. See you in Seattle!


WHAT: The Northwest Community Radio Summit: Network planning sessions, grassroots radio trainings and workshops; celebrations of community radio in our region; big welcomes to new LPFM station KPFN (Woodburn, OR) and a Sept. 16 keynote event featuring Amy Goodman (tickets available separately for non-conference attendees). See our summit-planning WIKI for developing details; and watch this page as we firm up plans.

WHEN: Fri-Sun, September 15-17 2006

WHERE: Capitol Hill Arts Center and nearby venues, Seattle

WHO: Movers, shakers and decisionmakers from college and community stations in the northwest, and aspiring grassroots radio producers at any level of expertise. Webradio stations and independent producers also welcome!

WHY: Forming a regional community radio network; planning grassroots collaborations

COST: $50 registration includes admission to keynote event. A limited number of registration and travel scholarships are available (folks from Alaska are particularly encouraged to request travel scholarships). Tickets to Amy Goodman keynote also available separately; see www.reclaimthemedia.org for details.

Printable conference brochure:

Amy Goodman's forthcoming book:


homepage: homepage: http://www.nwcommunityradio.org

Take back the media-- and other institutions of culture 07.Sep.2006 10:32

Todd Boyle, Kirkland WA

The beliefs and ideologies of a population reside in its people, of course but in a population of 6.5 billion people, you have to realize that they are *determined* by our institutions. There are three institutions where our beliefs are guided and shaped: the media, the educational system, and the pulpit.

To fully grasp this, you have to realize that you were born naked and without knowledge --that your knowledge and even your identity, came from your environment. Within you, without you. We are part of the universe. It flows thru us, we are immersed in it. Yes, we add our 2 cents but our thoughts are part of the universe, they are not our personal domain.

Whatever you think you're doing or thinking, it is lost in the background noise, the roar of 7 billion people all doing *their* things. For the most part this is ungoverned chaos- but for the institutions, where some measure of control and influence is asserted.

Create the media; become better informed in order to become a better speaker. YOU are the content.
Become the content. Then, record yourself and others, daily-- get better at filming things, and choosing what to film. THEN build the distribution. That's what NWRCC is about. An element of distribution.

Let me tell you: when you can express an idea that people find useful, they will beat a path to your door. All you need is a blog, a video blog.

This project is about making good content more prominent, more easily available, to millions of people who are relatively inert, who are too lazy to build their own conceptual framework and seek out the news and information that they need for their own advancemnet. As such, that's a great thing. It is my belief that most people are pretty negligent in deciding what they will fill their minds with, or in controling what direction their mind and beliefs will be allowed to develop. As a result, they are carried along in the tide of corporate doctrines and ideology.