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Triangles,the Weaponization of Space & the Fake Alien Threat: 2 high level "outs" compared

Werner von Braun vs. Phil Schneider go head to head.

Is there an alien threat, or is it just a ploy to get the weaponization of space from which people have been on record wanting to condition people to accept such a "danger" to justify military budgets and their own global Naziesque path to power and eventually dominating the earth from space?

This is a comment posted from "Rigorous Intuition v.2.0"
Triangle, Nevada TV station, November 2004
Triangle, Nevada TV station, November 2004
Triangle, Paris, June 30 2004
Triangle, Paris, June 30 2004
As for those with a little "holographic fragment of truth", I have a corrolary on that: "some holographic fragments are bigger than others." That fails to mean better. Just more intricate, though I do take more intricate as a better way to look at the world than painting it in huge abstract colors.

Therefore, I always trust more the higher up "outs" when I can find them and cross link their views for what fits or interestly fails to fit. More than likely it is they who have access to more of the main meal's pieces than most of us are fighting over crumbs on the evidential floor.

God, this got long. Bare with me. Skip if it annoys you—like it annoys me. Come back later. Good stuff, I promise. Useful stuff for understanding these issues.

A prime topic for Jeff to delve into is Phil Schneider. I'm surprised Jeff has yet to mention Phil--particularly since triangles and other craft the U.S. military has that can fly about the world or space at 20,000 mph or more came out around 1994-5 with Phil.

Triangles are only one small aspect of Phil's information. I "triangulate" it with several other witnesses--particularly one close to Werner Von Braun and one more simply for attempting to understand Phil's psychological motivations for doing what was what he knew would be suicidal—come out about such things. This "psychological profile" is based on my comparison with the comparable rightwing Reaganite military intel agent who in the mid 1980s turned into a genuine peacenik hippie intellectual leftist, Steve Kangas, down to the new uniform of rough beard, happy smiles, and barefeet.

I will write the following from what I think has been irrefutably established concerning Phil's story. There are several good articles that go into detail about Phil on the web. If you find one of them link back.

I'm writing this based on reading those articles as well as watching his video presentations taken during his last months of life, and taking notes from them, and information from the Werner Von Braun confidant Carol Rosin

whose stories dovetail (and veer away) from Phil's story about the "hostile aliens." Here's what Carol Rosin has to say, a quote, before we get into Phil:


Dr. von Braun would have tears in his eyes every time - and he repeated this continuously to me when he talked about us in the galaxy - he would say 'with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone. What would make us think that we are the only life form?' That was a very typical, repeated quote.

The other one that he would say is that he knew that we must have peace in space in order to bring the truth in. The only time he used the word, 'extraterrestrial' and 'alien' - and he did this repeatedly as well - was when he spoke to me about the formula for war. That included the fact that when I entered the industry, we were in a supposed Cold War with Russia.

He would say, 'Let's start here where you are.' There are continuous wars and enemies identified in order to perpetuate these wars, always with the ultimate goal of seizing the high ground of outer space to dominate and control the minds of people on Earth so they would not be given the truth, truthful information about who we really are in the universes.


Well, this is what he did not describe. I believe what was happening is that he was under threat.

American "Enemy's List" to Sustain War Mode and Pentagon Budgets

Soviet Union


That's right. He repeated this continuously. He would say that starting where I entered the industry with the supposed Russian threat, but never actually existed ­ the Russians were made to be the enemy. Then there would be terrorists, Third World country threats. there would be an asteroid threat. They might even say to us to try to influence the public into believing that there are many reasons for why we should put weapons in space. There might be a reason to protect our assets in space.

But, the real one that he was always holding off on and would say again with tears filling his eyes every time he said this to me repeatedly was that the last card they are holding is the 'alien card,' the extraterrestrial card and none of them are hostile. In any way he could say those words, the intonation was always on, 'None of them are hostile. It's all a lie.' So, in other words, all the enemies that have been presented to us along the way ­ it's a lie with always the intention of seizing the high ground to keep the truth from us.

- ET Threat to Perpetuate Military-Industrial-Corporate-Academic Complex -


Not just for the Pentagon, but aerospace industries, labs, universities and anyone else who has a job and makes a profit from keeping this a secret. Although most of the people in the industry don't even know there is this big secret of all time - and yes, you have articulated this very beautifully. You are not at all putting words in my mouth - that's exactly what I'm saying.

Except that it's not the influence of just people in the Pentagon. This is some how, as he would put it, inexorably linked to all the facets of profit-making, of so-called security and defense mechanisms, of people who just need a job to survive and pay for their kids' college education and also to keep the public stupid.

I have felt that since this happened, since I learned from the heart of von Braun, that this huge secret is being kept ­ it has to have something to do with the 'off-planet culture,' that I call OPC phenomenon ­ that in fact, it was so real that this man could hardly talk about this big secret and did not because of the threats to his life and probably to the lives of others who worked with him who might or might not have known. But he certainly did.


So, I think Werner von Braun saw this back in the 1970s. He died in 1977.


- Must Prevent Weaponization of Space -

But what he always added on to his talks with me - that for years I did not say because of the ridicule factor - was this message that we must prevent the weaponization of space from happening and that the big lie is that none of them are hostile, talking about this list of potential enemies against whom we have been taught to fear and even hate - that none of them are hostile.

[This would explain all the strange U.S. military orchestrated B movie hype-fear about running around coring cattle etc, when its probably the U.S. doing it testing or doing biological samples, attempting to blame it on the constructed "damn evil alien" presence they want everyone to believe.]

We are all essence and none of them are hostile haunted me for years until the early 2000s I started to learn about high level military intelligence, corporate people, who had already gone public by saying things like that, but also by emphasizing the fact that we must keep weapons out of space and that there is other life in the universe.

I'm just tuning into it myself and it has caused me to work with people around the world who want to get a Space Preservation Treaty signed and we do have a companion bill in the Congress that was introduced even before the treaty came forward by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Dem-10th Congressional District, Ohio) and others who co-sponsored it to call for a ban on ALL space-based weapons. We don't have to study which ones. It would also prevent the destruction or damage of anything in space that is in orbit.

In other words, our satellites that we need to verify what is in space coming in (toward Earth) and what is on Earth so we can see the Earth to reduce and eliminate missiles and nuclear weapons and other dangerous and polluting technologies on the planet. This must be done - we must protect those satellites and they should NOT be used as 'force multipliers' in war games which is the old scenario. But that is happening.


From my information, they do not interfere. They will not, however, allow us to take our weapons and toxins into space.

[i.e., in 2010 movie meme: "Take everything else in the solar system. Don't touch the Europa moon, though, you earth bastards or look what happens." ]

They will, however, let the human species do whatever it does to itself. That's the information I've been given and that's what I see happening. I have no evidence myself for this, but I've read that OPCs (Off-Planet Cultures) have shut down the attempt to put operational weapons in space. I have also been given information that they will not interfere with what we do.

However, there is a possibility that they would leave [i.e and never help] if we set off nuclear bombs, nuclear technology, and/or continue with the space-based weapons program.


But I'm 60 years old now and I've gone through this issue for 30 years now day and night, holding as von Braun did this piece of information about this big lie that's being told - this canopy of lies that especially in the U. S. and because we keep it such a big secret here - has been kept over our heads. It's like we live behind this veil of secrecy and so many of us who know pieces of it - whether it's intuitively or by experience or by a learning process - we keep way under the radar. We talk about it at dinner from a non-believing state to a giggle to an 'Oh, my God! This is real!'

Keep that view of the aliens in mind as we get into Phil below and we start seeing triangles.

Phil Schneider's 15 months of fame--then he was dead--was based on him being, he claimed, the highest U.S. government black operations "out" who went public. And who's to argue? There's no one else ever to have made such a claim--or claim--as Phil.

Phil had a different view on aliens. When I discuss it below I want to make known that despite the high tech-details lumped into Phil's talks, before he was killed in 1995, his interpretive framework is vastly different from the Rosin/Von Braun view. Phil is on the one hand warning us of the state terrorists in the United States who plotted to take down the WTCs in 1993 who Phil notes were interacting with the aliens. So, Phil got the idea that dangerous aliens were working with them. Phil provides lots of gray information about the technology side though he is really sketchy in talking about how he formed his views on the far more "black vs. white" aliens issue in his mind. I put it to you that this means that he lacks nuanced information about it. Keep that in mind.

Phil's interpretive framework about the aliens seems pretty sketchy on documentation, and is probably (from my psychological profile of Phil) based on how he got into an accidental deadly firefight with some aliens in the esoterically known "Dulce Wars"—when he drilled down into their deep underground base that. Phil claimed to be the only "sane" one left from that troop group—all the rest were dead, or in mental hospitals. A whole Delta Forces team was completely wiped out, one of them pushed Phil back into the elevator, mining inspection lift after he was injured, pressed the button, and send their boss back to the top. Phil said that the guy who did that for him was killed below later—along with everyone else, with only a few mentally and physically broken ones left that are hidden away in mental hospitals and who refuse to talk. Not Phil though. Phil barely survives the incident of tunneling down into an alien base somewhere in New Mexico, and seems to have worn a grudge on his sleeve, in his entire missing ribcage that was turned into a plastic turtle shell to keep his insides in, and his missing three or four half fingers pieces on one hand that was turned into a claw looking hand. I'm sure I'd be pissed at aliens as well from that day onward, as well as have "survivor guilt" since so many of his work friends died and he survived and the government he said did nothing to the aliens about it.

Phil claims the government knew about the "suicide mission" to drill onto an alien base. And in Phil's righteous indignation and spuned way, to Phil, this was all just a set up to manipulate Phil and end up killing lots of humans for little purpose except to see what would happen. However, I am skeptical that the U.S. government would want to kill irreplaceable base creation staff like himself, particularly in the middle of a project. I don't think is all that believable that the U.S. government would intentionally off their best demolitions-deep underground base worker—and then pay for his recovery in the hospital for over 2 years with a compete ribcage replacement with a plastic shell to hold his guts in--and set him back to work—if they really wanted to use him as a lab rat to tunnel in on an alien base. Though "damn it, Jim!"--this is one of Phil's motivations, to "get back" at what he sees as a murky "alien threat" he sees "obviously in cahoots with" the very evil humans he came into contact with running the United States. So I suggest that Phil's interpretation has to be taken into account in understanding Phil's motivations for exposing various alien technologies, you see, as "getting back at the aliens" per se. Phil's talks in 1994-5, in which he equates and cojoins U.S. state terrorism/N W O and "alien threat" is hardly even sketchy. It's just something he says. It seems that the whole alien angle is one of the purposes for him risking his life like this, though I am saying Phil may have been disasterously wrong on that point though deadly correct about the state terrorism incidents that he was increasingly asked to perform to perfection for the U.S.

So this was Phil's life. It fails to mean that Phil had a "core knowledge" of what was going on and there are several points about his narrative, and with his view of the world being very reactionary and even adolescent politically and sexually, it indicates to me that Phil, even if he was indeed allowed into the corridors of parapolitical evil power in the U.S., he still had hardly achieved a "need to know" basis about some things which he fills in with his interpretation of "putting two and two together to make five" of the meaning of certain events.

Phil knew everything on the one hand "you ever wanted to know though were afraid to ask" about alien craft and technology and materials, and could rattle it off so quickly in his conferences. Since he was a "servo-technological worker" in the black projects mostly by definition he's hardly going to be asked about making political policy—only how to make the best guns and explosives. Phil's personality is simultaneously one of nerves and psyche of steel combined with some charateristics of a childlike idiot savant, if you ask me. He comes across as a genuine "dangerous intellect" though a man-child in his political development frozen in some of the most naïve sounding 10 year old political statements.

So, when he politically grew up fast in 1993--when his 10 year old view of the United States was "popped' when they asked him to kill Americans for them and take down the WTCs--it was only made worse that about the same year a bit earlier Phil was let in on some human-alien meetings. Certainly sitting there so damaged from these creatures attempting to kill him and his friends, from his past experience with Dulce (whether by intent or accident of the U.S. Gov't who can say, Phil really felt it was intentional), a "U.S. state terrorism danger" is morphed into his personal experiences of an "alien threat" from Dulce. These issues I suggest get morphed in his narrative.

He realizes he was in the middle of something that he didn't like twice over, and attempted to warn us all, over the globe about two separate things that he conflated. One was the black budget U.S. military is the largest military organization on the planet, even larger than the U.S.A's military, and that it was connected with funding through the international narcotics trade hundreds of billions that to right into it. Remember him for that if anything. He knew he would be killed for talking, and he did it anyway. He was nothing except a true patriot to the end, and a true human being attempting to look out for us the way he best thought, even if it killed him.

The other thing he wanted to share with us was his "social movement 'time for overthrow of it all' interpretation" of the "alien threat", which I suggest he may not actually have had the whole picture and was influenced by his lifelong hatred and bodily scarring from his alien firefight that changed his life (and destroyed one of his hands, burned fingers right off him, and, he said, "opened him up down the ribcage with carbonized bones sticking into the air in front of him as he lay on his back" and left him with the cancer he was dying of from "cobalt radiation".

Perhaps he did know more than he was telling about this "alien threat." I don't know obviously.

Though I do know that Phil does not go into any detail or any proof about his interpretation of the "alien threat," though he did provide on the contrary a wealth of information on the technical side of the back engineered alien craft.

All Phil's evidence of an "alien threat" sounds suspiciously, with the Carol Rosin information above, like more of a human N W O /Illuminati takeover with the huge stockpiling and base construction that is going on right now that he describes.

It sickened my stomach to find another Cathy O'Brien meme cross-verified. Phil additionally describes a Mt. Shasta area secret base. That is where Cathy O'Brien was playing "A Most Dangerous Game" when she was stripped nude as a teen, in near winter autumn, and told to run for the fun of having a rock hard Cheney in lusty pursuit with guns and dogs track her down to a foregone conclusion on a forested Mt. Shasta government installation—then he rapes here there in a cabin later.

More background on Phil.

He worked for high level international military engineering corporations--literally dozens of them--like Bechtel, Boris and Knudsen, etc.--and others. He worked at G2, G4, Groom Lake. He worked in aerospace engineering. He worked in explosives--knew and worked with 90 or more he said on a "daily basis." Worked with "construction micronuclear technology" and "atomic rock flagellation tunneling machines" that could tunnel through rock under the earth like a hot (radioactive) knife through butter, melting the discarded rock flagellate against the walls for a glass smooth sheen in one operation and in the same motion as the tunneling forward. He built NATO and U.S. and foreign government's military underground bases with his explosives/geologist skill. He said he had visited over 100 countries on his military contract travels. He was an explosives expert, knowing he said "90 different kinds of explosives" and their different material capacities. He said that the largest base of which he knew was a 30 square mile deep underground base in Sweden that was nearing completion around 1994-5. There are at least two completely secret "N W O" bases in each of every of the 50 U.S. states. There are about 1400 worldwide. Phil worked in creating many of them he said.

His security level he said made him answerable to no one in the world except three people.

In other words, ideal for black operations as well.

If ever cornered he could get out of anything. He only answered three people in the world who were in the know about people like Phil and had authority over him--how many of us can say that—these three Phil said, which were part of his general security designation were only "a U.S. base commander, the head of the CIA, or the President of the United States." Ponder on that, particularly because it means there's a whole set up where there is a black op rolodex so to speak of which Phil was only one with that designation, instead of the only one.

Phil came right out and said that he worked with back engineered alien technologies. To understand why he would want to say this requires a bit of musing on my part, above.

For two rationales described—the immediate one of attempting to warn us about the U.S. state terrorism threat of 1993 on the WTCs, and the seemingly long simmering one about his "alien threat" that eventually merged in his mind--he walked out in 1993-4 from the Groom Lake base on the truth that he was going to see his dying father who was in black operations as well. He was telling the truth. He was. The other truth was that he was refusing to come back aftwards due to him getting privy information about how close some humans and some alients were working together that irked him, and the U.S. state terrorism that he felt required exposing. For more detail on the WTCs issue and Phil's views of aliens that finally caused him to say "enough!"

[1] Point one that made Phil leave: Phil had been offered the "contract to take down the WTCs with demolitions, since the 1993 hit had failed." More on that below.

[2] Additionally, probably a bad move on the U.S. gov't part given aliens almost killing him and all his friends back at Dulce, Phil had finally been trusted enough to have meetings with particular "tall 9 foot grays" who were he said working with some tippy top of the international level of security apparatus. Why I say this is the context in which he describes these meetings are hardly a U.S. only meeting.

He said his "first and only" meeting with the "alien threat" was surreally in a context of a "perfect copy in an underground base of the United Nations buildings." The meeting he describes is one of being delayed because some unknown visitors are going to attend in the room that is identical to the security council room that is in a circle of chairs. Phil is not at one of the circle chairs, he is in the audience chairs. However Phil noted that when he was ushered into this meeting to wait for the "VIPs" he was told were going to be coming in (it seems that no one explained to him that they would be aliens), he said he noted that there was an unexplained secondary "shadow circle" of chairs behind the first circle. These chairs were strange--much higher off the floor to which they were grounded. The humans came in and sat down in the first circle. They were all waiting. Later, calmly filing in as well, Phil said he saw "9 foot tall alien grays" come in to occupy the shadow circle of chairs around the security council. They almly set down as well. They supposedly had their meeting while Phil watched. Phil doesn't talk much about this except that he pointed to it as his motivating factor of "identifying the alien threat".

Phil had had enough. He may have cracked a bit long ago, though from his talks there is nothing about his personality that indicates he is anything except deadly serious, intelligent, and earnest, and quite willing to die for his country. He had just had enough. Phil was very socially conservative, a sexual bigot (he takes precious time in one of his talks to go on about Janet Reno and lesbianism, which was very enlightening more about Phil's personality than anything about Janet), though he did care for his country, felt vaguely religious, and was attempting to warn all people equally worldwide.

He additionally, by sheer chance was speaking out already when the U.S. hit on the Murrah Building occurred, which had internal bombs. Phil oogled some information that one of his audience members handed him of the blast recorded on a seismograph. Phil said, "no p-wave, this indicates that some type of scalar weapon was used" in the Murrah building. So Phil is a link between 1993 and 1995, and a government whistleblower on both these U.S. state terror events. Then he dies.

Now that we have met Phil, I'll get to the point that sparked this little chat.

The quote above:

"despite the depth of this Whiskey Bar analysis, there's still something missing, and that's where the normal gets para. I know we've been dancing with unease around the issue of the upcoming Armageddon a lot of late, but there has to be more to it than what even the Whiskey Bar has given us. <b>For example, where does the very public display of those giant triangles that Jeff wrote about fit into this insanity? Are they "ours" or are they something from very far away? Would the technology/intelligence behind these things allow us to blow ourselves up, as these assholes seem bent on doing? (Or are the neocons and their filthy military industrialist friends the "intelligence" behind the triangles?)"

Points Phil Schneider made:

1. There are alien triangles--there are lots of alien craft covered up and sometimes shot down by many nations of the world. The "We" of the black projects (whoever that "we" is on the planet, is not really known except that they seem to fit the classic profile of the internationalist drug dealers, presumably the Illuminati occult infiltration tentacles in various institutions, [google up "Svali" about that, or read here  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332206.shtml about an occult split personality inducing cult that has the perfect cover—they are well placed trauma induced multiples) who have a hold on the military technology to defend the earth—or dominate it. Phil said as evidence of the "alien threat" (really just as evidence of technology particular given Von Braun's comments above) that "we poked a few surgically smooth 25 mile wide laser/maser holes straight through some of the asteriods out there around the outer planets as demonstration to ourselves as well as to them." Who knows what they told Phil about it, just to make them be good lap dogs. He describes a planetary network in place right now of triangulating particle accelerators that no one can see except where they are focused. It sounds identical to scalar electromagnetics issues talked about at cheniere.org by Tom Bearden, ex military black projects himself. Phil describes huge machines--weapons "barrels" about 150 miles long or more each in some places, which can either fire individually or--similar to the "Death Star" I guess, with Planet Earth as the Death Star—bringing together several beam effects to a focus on points distant from several ones simultaneously. The one theme Phil keeps repeating is "every year in public technology that goes by, means about 50 years in the black projects ahead, every year" . For those who doubt it, there was a story I read one about someone who had a high powered rifle sight handy and a triangle flew overhead slowly. He was smart enough to know that shooting a rifle at a triangle would probably be bad, so he just looked closely at it through the rifle sight. He was flabbergasted to read one hatch area that said. Read this full quote:

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/9/2005 19:09 (Entered as : 04/09/1905 19:09)
Reported: 4/13/2005 8:58:22 PM 20:58
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Sydney, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 minutes
English words identified on black triangular craft.

On 04-09-2005 I saw what I believe to be a UFO in Comanche County Texas at 9:12 local time. I offer some unique observations.

That evening, I was walking back to my motor home after wildboar hunting in an unpopulated area that I lease for hunting. The sky was clear; wind calm and the sun had just set. The sky was growing darker and darker blue straight above and stars were beginning to show. The sky was becoming black in the east. The setting sun was still keeping the western horizon illuminated and indirect lighting from the west made it possible to see my way without a flashlight.

I had my .243 Win. Remington 700 varmint rifle of which I am a quite an accomplished shooter. It is considered a "high-powered" rifle. I do quite a bit of bench rest competitive shooting with it as well as hunting. The rifle is set up with a high-tech "Leupold" optical sight, (scope) which is extremely accurate and highly specialized for great light gathering ability and performs best in low light conditions. It is not what is called a "night vision" sight. The scope magnifies the target image with great sharpness and definition and the magnification is adjustable from 4.5 to 14 times that of the natural image.

Upon my return to the motor home, I was tired after a long walk. I had carried quite a bit of equipment with me. I sat on a chair, took my eyeglasses off and toweled my face as it is already becoming hot in Texas. While I rested, without my glasses on, I noticed three very "unfocused" lights to my south and these lights were moving toward me. Immediately I put my glasses back on and saw what I believe was a UFO. (SEE ATTACHED ANIMATIONS) (a) Is the appearance of the vehicle without my glasses on and (b) is the view I had with my glasses on.) (I drew the images on my pc) The object approached from the south-southwest and while moving north-north east, passed almost directly overhead making no sound whatsoever. I estimate its altitude to be somewhere about 800 feet and its airspeed speed approximately 30 mph. It "floated" and did not fly as it obviously had insufficient airspeed to fly. (I am a Physicist & an FAA Licensed Pilot) While the sky was almost entirely black behind it, I could clearly see its underside as it was illuminated from the fading sunlight to the west. I estimate that the machine was about 60 feet wide and 80 feet long and 10 feet thick at the rear. Under its belly, there was a straight line going from its leading tip toward the center of the aft edge of the fuselage, which was perpendicular to its travel. This straight edge clearly showed its shape to be three-dimensional. The straight line showed that its belly was V-shaped, much like the hull of a speedboat. It was similar to the space shuttle as when viewed from in front and below the shuttle.

This machine was directly over me and I was alone in the middle of nowhere, therefore, I felt quite "uneasy." It made no threatening moves whatsoever, but I aimed my rifle at it and through the riflescope, which was set on 8.5 power, I could clearly see surface detail in explicit detail. The machine's surface detail appeared to be covered with well-fitted tiles, much like the ceramic tiles used on the United States Space Shuttle. Then in the fading light, I noticed a distinct marking.

This marking was absolutely shocking, as I could actually read it! It was white print outlined in black on a red arrow pointing toward a rectangle of sorts. The arrow pointed at a something rectangular that I cannot define, but I clearly could read these three words, "EMERGENCY RELEASE and RESCUE." In the same place were other words that appeared too fuzzy to read. I suspect that these words were "PULL FOR..." Instantly I realized that this was a military machine and no "flying saucer." I felt much better as I knew that these were surface details that were intended to help rescue people access and then be able to remove the pilots on board in the event of a crash.

I kept the crosshairs on the center of the aircraft as it disappeared into the darkness but as I realized it was "one of ours" and it was not a threat to my own personal safety (I think) I put the rifle safety back on. I can see however that others may have "defensively" shot at it --- and that may have resulted in a crash of the vehicle.

I am somewhat "pissed off" at the military as while this area is directly under the Ft. Hood, Texas MOPA and practice flights are flown daily, really - they should not be taking chances like this where someone on the ground could actually be shooting the damned things down! I am sure that the military pilots (if it even had a crew... ) were aware of my presence but they NEVER expected possible "offensive action" to be taken against them on this low level flight. The last thing I would have ever have wanted would have taken a "defensive" shot and then find American military pilots onboard in the wreckage.

Think how many light years the owners of the black projects are from "junk" they sell the rest of the world to set up their fake low scale wars to keep everybody else a political basket case as they sic them on each other.

2. There are U.S. triangles, and a whole lot else--back engineered over the past 40 years, only "perfected" by the 1980s. These are their new globalist toys, and a toy army at that literally alien to the rest of the planet though run by humans. Stealth technology is a back engineered amalgam from alien "alternate crystalline structures of metals" recipies that don't exist naturally anywhere, Phil says, though can be caused by tinkering with the natural crystallization process to get forms like "isohedral crystalline metals" .Phil even showed a physical sample of a really bizarre looking metal with little clumps of simultaneously random oriented isosceles triangles all interlocked against each other. Phil said some metals he worked with withstand 10 times the heat of the sun on average. HE had a piece of one. He additionally said that after the Gulf War One "dry run" using the black operations back engineered alien crafts on humans in Iraq in 1990-1, one interesting characteristic of some of the radar invisible black smooth planes was that they heat up by friction or electromagnetism or whatever (he didn't explain this clearly) that when they land, they will "drip" metal bits for a while onto the tarmac. Phil shows some of these "drips" he collected as souvenirs off some of the black projects tarmacs he had.

Phil describes several types of back engineered craft. He seemed proud of all this technology though disgusted with the secrecy which he said had created a "technocracy... like feudalism... feudal political structures are coming back like gangbusters due to secret technology and secret powers... I think we can do better." And Phil thought that the aliens were all part of the global N W O.

However for Von Braun, he said there's really no alien threat unless they want it for some military consolidation justification. Who remembers Reagan's odd 1980s remark that along the lines of "wow, you know if we had some kind of alien threat, that would bring all the people's of the world together and we would have world peace."

And let's remember all the other "wishful N W O" thinking or otherwise about the "alien threat" so quoted or joyfully utilized:

Major Gordon Cooper to the United Nations: "I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs." "I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe."

The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday [with fascist internal tyranny intent... . Of course] make a common front against attack by people from other planets."
General Douglas MacArthur- Oct. 8, 1955
(From "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good)

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth." President Harry S. Truman, 1950.

"In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject." .. President Gerald Ford (during his years as a US Congressman).

"If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one." President Jimmy Carter during his Presidential campaign.

And from the Gorby-Reagan pas a deux:

"With our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Former President Ronald Reagan, while sharing the stage with former Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, 1988.

The operative phrase I think is "sharing the stage" here. After all it was the Ford Foundation egghead that told that investigator in the 1960s that the purpose of his cultural steering through the Ford Foundation funds was as he was ordered "to make culture in the U.S. increasingly capable of being merged with the Soviet Union." [cite: The Naked Capitalist]

However, Werner Von Braun with tears in his eyes, kept insisting "alien threat" was going to be a well rehearsed lie. He said the same thing earnestly on his deathbed to his closest confident Rosin

Von Braun said that basically, paraphrasing "if they ever tell you, my dear, that the aliens are attacking, it will be a lie. They will use this lie to consolidate global tyranny and you must stop them and stop weaponization of space"—which would presumably be key to taking over the planet.

The co-conspirator and accessory after in the JFK assassination, President Johnson, loved the idea of space based weapons. Johnson publicly equated weaponization of space in the 1960s with taking over the planet by a global government.

President Johnson after murdering Kennedy and taking charge: "Control of space means control of the world. From space the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth's weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides, and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and to change the climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that is the ultimate position. The position of total control over Earth that lies somewhere in outer space."

Johnson of course was known as the "Senator from Brown and Root" (now part of Halliburton military industrial complex empire), before his "elevation" to the Presidency after the Bush clique with his cover up help, murdered Kennedy and took over the United States—which is the straight path to the neocons now from then.

As quoted above, another interesting point is that this female confident of Von Braun said that she was in on some of these top level war planning meetings held decades in advance, where by 1977, they were calmly discussing "the need to have a war in the Persian Gulf around the start of the 1990s." Boom. There is Bush who sends April Glaspie. Bush helps them out by baiting Saddam. Bush Senior's increasingly rapid climb up the greasy pole was his participation in the Kennedy assassination, because they are really digging at the bottom of the barrow now, with most of these people getting so old and decrepit that it's going to come out soon I expect. The conspirators are unable to live forever and it is only their living that holds the Kennedy assassination and the march to global government drive of war by the neocon drug lording weapons sales empire and the beachhead of Israel, established especially to help instigate WWIII. Johnson almost had a WWII war in the middle east like he wanted over the USS Liberty bombing by Israel that he let occur by recalling the U.S. Air Force protection wing that was rushed out to help. As the generals reported Johnson screaming down the phone, "I want that god-damned ship going to the bottom!" These are your leaders, folks. Maybe being part of an alien empire would be a better plan than under a human global government... . Ho hum.

Let's seriously drop the last bit of homocentric universe theory. That went out the window with the "earth as the center of the universe" ok? Still it hangs on by its fingernails through sheer will of denial. It is only an indirect relic since we no longer believe the earth is the center of the universe, though it is surprising how many people still desperately cling to a hot DeForrest Kelly emotionalism that "damn it, Jim! we just have to be the only intelligent life in the galaxy! Those aliens are just Hollywood set props and psyops! I want to believe that Jim, don't take that from me, by beaming me down or up anywhere! Let me stay on the ship! I don't know what to do with all that green blood anyway!"

I think the earthy (no pun intended) overly emotional reaction along the lines of such Deforrest Kellyisms is really a huge conceit, on the face of it, or even a huge fear. So do we "trust" the Von Braun wing? Nothing to fear he says--except from the humans. Trust him as well that he wasn't a Nazi or that Paperclip was all overblown. They were internationalists and "space visionaries." Or do we trust the Phil wing about the "alien threat"?

Or do we realize that's it's a complicated universe of perhaps a dozen or more species equally interested in the earth for their own purposes or amusement or aid—some of them may have been here long before and when they got back they saw all these humans all over the place and were miffed. If you are ready for it (and not well documented though how do you "document" something like this), read Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation, by Peter Moon—formerly of the Montauk project which is all keyed into this global governmental weaponization of space mind control strategy that we see coalescing here.

Back to Phil, who worked with these alien craft on a daily basis as a black budget corporate aerospace engineer.

Connecting that Werner Von Braun quote from his female confident )who said that she was in on a meeting where the Gulf WAr was planned out in detail 20 years in advance), comparing it to Phil's "tekky" information about the Gulf War:

Phil Schneider said that the whole Gulf War I under George H. W. Bush in 1990-1 was "war gamed" as a test demonstration for the globalists for triangle and other alien back engineered craft technology that the U.S.--and other cooperating occult linked governments--wanted to see in action that they had in their lader from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

3. Phil said he was in on some of the financial scale of what was going on. The money going into building this "parallel military industrial complex" comes directly from the international drug trades that are so close to the Bush/Clinton NWO regime. It's about half a trillion dollars off the books EVERY YEAR. That's more than the U.S. spends. That makes the NWO's black budget military industrial complex the largest military power on the planet right now.

Phil felt that it was a plan for world domination--that will be unleashed in league with a particular "alien threat" he thought. Perhaps it will, though only for the media requirements of it. I have no comment obviously on that, nor do I think we are in any position to make up our minds about what they might have told Phil (I expect) to get him motivated earlier in his career.

What does come across is that Phil is humorously (a funny term) a "human supremacist" who dislikes all aliens I expect mostly due to his previous personal experiences where one branch of them attempted to kill him in what has esoterically been known as the "Dulce Wars" misunderstanding/mutual hostility between the U.S. government Department of Defense and a deep underground base that was given for the aliens so they would cough up more tech presents. Another reason for Phil hating the aliens is that he is disgusted that he was lied to that the U.S. government gave permission for several alien species to take humans for open experiments. This little line item in the "Treaty of Greada" (the name, according to Phil, unauthorized by Congress—in other words the parallel government is innately set up embedded in the alien issue and in a "Constitutional suspension" area for everything it does, kept away from the legislatures and even the other branches of government). Phil says that the "Treaty of Greada" was widely abused hundreds of times larger than was expected for this human sampling. He says that some alien species (it is unclear whehether he only knows one or knows several) says that "they get high off our adrenalchrome... .it's like a drug to them, caused by a biological effect of our fear in our blood." Mostly the U.S. in the 1950s, faced with this unknown alien issue, Phil said in his interpretation that the illegal treaty of the Treaty of Greada was signed to buy time "to get up to galaxy par" amongst other off-planet dangers. We seem to be at that right now on the one hand. Though on the other hand we have the Von Brauns who say "they're just rattling your cage, the fake alien threat is the most useful tool the human politicians have ever invented or ever planned to use on us."

4. Related to what Phil increasingly interpreted as a global overthrow NWO plan, Phil said that there were around 1,4000 DUMBs (more military jargon, "Deep Underground Military Bases") all over the world, with "at least two in each of the 50 states"

Phil left his black projects life because he wanted to warn everyone that the U.S. government was employing state terrorism to turn the U.S. into a police state. He in his mind tied it into the "alien threat" from his black oprations world, which might be a motivational tool. Von Braun describes the "Soviet threat" before as a sham, a mere motivational tool for getting a willing hierarchy of servants to work on global government issues both in the United States, and inversely (where the Russians were told of the "U.S. threat" though that was a lie as well. This is particularly clear he is right because of all the documentation by two of Antony Sutton's books like _The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (about U.S. funding the Soviets in the Vietnam war), or Wall Street and the Soviet Union (about a certain clique of financial internationalists from New York, and other Euoropean financial dynasties arranged the whole Bolshevik coup d'etat to seize Russia and work on large scale "population management" as an experimental plot for 70 years or so.

To make a long story short, he warned a bit, they attempted to re-recruit Phil, and when he refused, he was taken out.

What set Phil off really was this combination of alien experiments on humans allowed by the U.S. since the 1950s, the near death fight that almost killed Phil in the "Dulce Wars" himself, topped off with all the fact that Phil kept seeing the U.S. working with the aliens toward what he considered a global overthrow/depopulation plan. He never really links up this theory of his to information I will have to say, though he is throroughly documented. I think that the former can be interpreted more along the lines of his interpretive framework that "explains to the world" his rationale for outing all the more detailed tekky things he knew because he thought it was sabotaging (and it was, they said--as they attempted to get Phil to shut up and "rehire him for $1 million dollars a year in retirement/severance pay" to shut up). I wanted to separate the tekky stuff from Phil's global world theory stuff, and make it clear that the former is documented and believable from Phil, though the latter may be believable, it is undocumented from Phil's talks. That's all.

Aren't spurned right wingers like Phil, who thought he was doing everything for God And Country more self-righteous than any leftie, when the right wing zealots finally get it into their head they have been fooled? (Another serious "right wing to left wing conversion" is Steve Kangas (with titles like "The Origins of the Overclass"  http://home.att.net/~Resurgence/L-overclass.html

who wrote all those history articles under the "Liberalism Resurgent" moniker. Then he has some kind of high political threat run in with Scaife familiy/clan and gets himself "suicided". The pacifist worriedly buys a gun in his last days, attempts to track down Scaife and talk to him, seems to fail to, then "suicides" himself (i.e, is murdered, presumably by the Scaife linked groups). Imagine that.

The congenital left--as opposed to these "satori conversion left" like some rightwingers that are shocked into extreme radicalism the rest of their lives--already know that much of what passes for public consumption is a lie. They know that people get fooled everyday and get used to it. However, when some "once true believer" rightwingers get a different picture, it blows their mind. Their personality and actions seriously may change, like Steve Kangas or Phil Schneider. I guess it "could happen for a leftist" as well, like when people understand that the Democratic party is not a vehicle for change and is only the left wing of the neocons.

One interesting tidbit about 9-11:

After the failed WTC 1993 basement explosion, Phil said he was called in to to do a "building performance study" for SPC. That is Systems Planning Corporation/Tri-Data, which is the real background corporation that animates the proscenium arch of FEMA.

Phil fails to say this, though the head of SPC at that moment was later 9-11 Pentagon Comptroller--placed into position months before 9-11: Dov Zackheim, CEO, Systems Planning Corporation in 1993. Phil does his top secret "what the hell went wrong with our state terror" study, funded by SPC/Tri-data.

Then once he learns all about the WTCs, and the explosions in the basement, he sees that there was a lot more going on than a van full of explosives given to the patsies by the FBI in 1993. Phil has no one to tell, in his top secret black projects job, that from his knowledge of explosion signatures, the real explosion of 1993 WTC hit that was most damaging to the basement was of a, he said, I quote, a "construction micronuclear device, and they are only housed in one place, Mathers Air Force Base". He talks about the singular characteristic of "steel extrusion, up to six feet" pulled out like taffy at the core of the explosion and away from the blast. Construction type micronukes are mostly radiologically clean--from what I understand about it only the (deadly though short term) alpha instead of the more deadly "dirty" radiation wavelengths.

Phil knows that the U.S. blew up the WTC in 1993, and he writes his secret report in 1993. The same year, he is called into a "top room" he said in the security establishment of the U.S, and they ask him point blank if he would perfect now the destruction of the WTCs with the "need to know" information that he has gained about the building architecture as well as how limited the micronuke explosion effect was.

Phil attempts to leave the room right there. They get in his way. Phil threatens to assault them. They get out of the way. Phil within weeks wants to quit, retire, anything. They refuse.

Righteously angry more than scared, and knowing that he is dying of cancer, probably all contribute toward him escaping under false pretenses and never coming back to Groom Lake.

He talks privately for a while, then at larger and larger venues for about half a year before he is "silenced." The book he promised was "delivered to the printers last week" never appears. His whole apartment, alien technological, alien metal signatures, the "alternative periodic table of the elements" with the additional 20 or more that they only let out only on a "need to know basis", as well as the "need to know basis" alternative crystalline structures of matter that are utilized in many alien craft that allow them such punishing high performance capacities, all vanish.

It seems he was garroted in his Portland, Oregon apartment, and it was all cleaned out by persons unknown.

His ex-wife was never allowed to identify or view the body however, or verify the garrote death theory, though the body supposedly was in a state of extreme decay as he had been dead for about a week before anyone knew.

More information at  http://www.bielek.com, where you can buy the videos on CD.


NASA's airbrushers; kind aliens save Apollo 13; "don't go to dark side of moon" 07.Aug.2006 23:00

the only real medicine is truth

Real medicines heal. The kind of medicines you are talking about are only narcotics for social control that have nothing to do with healing.


[More on the innate secrecy and fascism of the global space program]: D.T.: Right, in fact after we talked, I thought about another incident with a guard that I would like to convey too thats very important. This man that I had dated was in quarantine with the astronauts when they had come back from the moon [so they say!] and I had talked to him about seeing this saucer (satellite photos) [that NASA technician told her "we have to airbrush these out before we sell these images to the public."] and asked him if he had heard anything about that and he told me that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don't know about other sites but they all had seen it and all had been told to keep quite about it and they were threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everything taken away from them.


Confessions of a NASA airbrusher

many thanks to Rick Sedona  sedona@ziplink.net  sedona@ziplink.net  link to www.ziplink.net for this report

also see my SOHO cover-up page

A former employee of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reveals how NASA covers up and erases UFOs from satelite photos. But first a little bit about this former employee: DONNA TIETZE HARE.

Formerly of NASA, female slide technician, the recipient of numerous space awards including 1969 Apollo Achievement award from the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, 1973 Skylab award, a medallion for success on the Skylab-Suez Test project, numerous other awards for her skill as a technical Artist, honors, awards and a 1994 reccomdation by Texas Governor Ann Richards to the Advisory Committee of Psychology Associates.

Donna Tietze has spent most of her professional life involved in the Space Program as a technical illustrator. She drew lunar maps, landing slides, she worked in the photo lab, Precision Slide Lab, reducing art work to one inch by one inch drawings. She drew launch sites, landing sites and was employed as a sub-contractor to NASA for over 15 years. She worked on flight manuals for astronauts & has the wonderful ability to put words into images but uniquely, learn to do everything backwards, including mathematical computations, the writing of words, to put it simply, this woman has seen just about all the different kinds of images one could see that are used in Space Programs.

Donna Tietze interviewed on Washington D.C. Radio Station

The following is a partial transcript of a radio talk show that occurred 5/6/95 on WOL-AM in Washington D.C. which is simulcast on WOLB-AM in Baltimore Maryland. The show is broadcast every Saturday night at 12:00am. The show is called "UFOs Saturday Night". The guests on that date were Stanley McDaniels, author of the McDaniel Report, Erol Toron, a cartographer and who provided valuable information for Richard Hoagland in preparing his book, "The Monuments Of Mars". Also on the program was Keith Morgan, Dan Drazon and Donna Tietze, a former employee of NASA in Houston, Texas. The transcript was transcribed by Donald Ratsch, "Operation Right To Know" (ORTK) from an audio recording of the show. Elaine Douglass (ORTK) host of the show:

Elaine Douglass: This is Elaine Douglass, WOL News-Talk Network, our show is UFOs Saturday night and here in the studio with Keith Morgan and our topic is the Face On Mars. We have a new guest on the air with us, Donna Tietze. Donna, you are also with three scientists who are on the air with us and that would be Stan McDaniels from California, Erol Toron from the east coast and Dan Drason whose in Colorado. The reason that I asked Donna to come on the show, Donna is in Houston, Texas and kind enough to join us tonight to tell us some very interesting things she observed while working at NASA. Donna is an educator and she is working on her Masters in Education. In the past Donna, as I understand it you held a position for 15 years with a contractor at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. You were a photo technician?

Donna Tietze: Correct!

E.D.: Donna welcome to UFOs Saturday Night. Tell me and tell everyone the incident that you recall as they say in the law court, did there come a time when you walked in a photo lab and someone told you something quite astounding? What happened that day?

D.T.: Yes Elaine, thats true. During the Apollo mission I worked at NASA throughout those Apollo missions and I did leave NASA at the time the space shuttles began. I worked in building eight in the photo lab. I had a secret clearance so I thought I could go anywhere in the building. And I did go into one area that was a restricted area. In this area they developed pictures taken from satelites and also all of the missions, the Apollo missions, flight missions. I went in and I was talking to one of the photographers and developers and he was putting together a mosaic which is a lot of photos, smaller photos into a larger photo pattern. And while I was in there I was trying to learn new methods and new things about the whole organization and I was looking at the pictures and he directed my attention to one area, he said, Look at that. I looked and there was a round oval shaped, well it was very white circular shape of a dot and I, it was black & white photography, so I asked him if that was a spot on the emulsion and he said, well I can't tell you but spots on the emulsion do not leave round circles of shadows.

E.D.: So there was a shadow on the ground?

D.T.: Right, a round shadow! And I noticed that there were pine trees, now I don't know where this area was or what, you, pretty close to the ground what I saw but I didn't see outline of the continent. But I did notice that thre was shadow under this white dot and I also noticed that the trees were casting the shadows in the same direction as this shadow of the circle of this aerial phenomena because it was higher than the trees but not too much higher than the trees but it was close to the ground and it was spherical but slightly elongated, not very much but slightly. I then said, is it a UFO? And he said, Well I can't tell you. And then I asked him, what are you going to do with this piece of information? And he said, well we have to airbrush these things out before we sell these photographs to the public. So I realized at that point that there is a procedure setup to take care of this type of information from the public.

E.D.: Isn't that remarkable gentlemen?

Stan McDaniels: Elaine, I was unable to really hear very much of that.

E.D.: Oh really?

SmcD: I did catch air brush it out.

E.D.: Alright, Stan can you hear this station break coming up?

SmcD: Uh, sure.

E.D.: So alright, we are going into that, we'll be back in just a couple of minutes BREAK

E.D.: Erol Toron, you are here?

E.T.: I'm still here

E.D.: Alright fine, Stan you said you could not hear the account that Donna gave?

SmcD: Not very well.

E.D.: Alright, Keith would you like to recapitulate what Donna said?

Keith Morgan: Stan, what she said was that she was in the photo lab at NASA and that she was looking at some photos and one showed an elliptical object, white object that was casting a shadow on the ground above some trees and the technician in there, she asked him if it was a UFO? He said I can't tell you. She said what are you going to do with this kind of information? He said well that is the kind of stuff that we airbrush out.

SmcD: Oh I see, thanks for that!

E.D. So Donna thats approximately, essentially correct what you said, right?

D.T. Right!

E.D.: Yes well I, Stan I think thats quite startling, don't you?

SmcD: Its speaks for itself.

E.D.: Yes it certainly does, Now Donna there is another matter that you learned about when you were there at NASA. I believe this was through a third party, a person that you were spending some time with who was a fellow NASA employee?

D.T.: Right, in fact after we talked, I thought about another incident with a guard that I would like to convey too thats very important. This man that I had dated was in quarantine with the astronauts when they had come back from the moon [so they say!] and I had talked to him about seeing this saucer (satellite photos) and asked him if he had heard anything about that and he told me that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don't know about other sites but they all had seen it and all had been told to keep quite about it and they were threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everything taken away from them. They were also, this told me that if I ever told that he said it, that he would deny it, that he would never admit that he told me all of that.

E.D.: Did you hear that Stan?

SmcD: No

E.D.: Alright, ah, go ahead Keith, recapitulate.

(Keith repeats everything of that part that Donna Tietze stated, to McDaniel)

SmcD: Oh yes I see

E.D.: Yes and I believe that Donna you related to me, you friend came to believe that the UFOs were instrumental in geting Apollo 13 that was, ah, our disable mission to the moon, was it 13?

D.T.: Right, well he said that it shouldn't have come back, I mean, there was no, ah, they had help. And thats was all he would say.

E.D.: All he would say?

D.T.: He said it was impossible for that craft to have gotten back home

E.D.: Donna you said that there was another matter that you wanted to relate to us.

D.T.: Yes, something that I didn't talk to you about earlier. When I had quite work, I had an office, I was doing ilustration work at another office, in another part of town. And a man that had been a guard at NASA during the time came into my office and he had a large gash scar on his forehead and he told me that he was a guard at NASA and that he was burning a lot of photographs of UFOs. That was his job.

E.D.: Really (surprised)

D.T.: And he said he stopped to look at one too long and one of the other, I gathered it was some type of military man, hit him in the head with a gun butt and knocked him out.

E.D.: What? (shocked)

D.T.: Because he had looked at one of the photographs too long, he did describe the photograph to me which I tend to believe was an accurate photograph.

E.D: Oh, my god!

D.T.: He explained that it was a craft on the ground and it looked like, it was like a regular saucer with like little bumps all over and he said it was like it was burnt. He said cows in the field all had their tails stuck straight up. At the time he said he didn't know when cattle were frightened, that their tails would stick staight up. And he described this to me and since then, I did describe it to someone that I thought might have looked at some of these photos, possibly and they did look kind of frightened that I shouldn't know about that one.

(the next several minutes later the conversation is more about UFOs following Apollo crafts to the moon)

E.D.: The second part of her account had to do with the stalking of our space mission by UFOs of our space missions to the moon and so on. She even said that they apparently helped in one case by bringing the Apollo 13 back, that was the impression that she got and..

D.T.: yes but they (aliens) also didn't want that craft to investigate the part of the moon that they was going to, so they may have caused some of it too, but it was supposed, we were told not to go but we ignored it. Now thats what I've heard, that some of the stuff he was telling me.

E.D. Did he say that, your direct contact?

D.T.: Yes!

E.D.: That the United States was told not to go to the moon?

D.T.: To that certain place on the back side of the moon.

E.D.: And did he know why we weren't supposed to go there?

D.T.: I guess they didn't want us to see something back there, I don't know, I don't know that part.

(interview winds down a few minutes later and the show is out of time)

This is a triangle audio 08.Aug.2006 00:20

the only real medicine is truth

A sound technician sitting down in a studio with a triangle witness, worked with them similar to how forensic or police artists attempt to sketch a likeness of person from descriptions, slowly tinkering until the witnesses said "that's it."

This synthetic sound is what the witness said was as close as it could get to listening to it.
.wav file, 308k,
.wav file, 308k, "forensic" triangle sound

oh my. free Fred Schneider videos available at Google Video 08.Aug.2006 01:55

the only real medicine is truth

Get them before they are "disappeared."

Free Fred Schneider videos

There are May, August, and November 1995 videos at Google Video.

I suggest watch them in chronological order. (There are others I have seen that are missing from this free list as well. I wish they had the Area 51 one there).

Once more, Phil worked and constructed underground bases, and was associated with S-2, S-4, Groom Lake, and Los Alamos--and worked on alien reverse engineered craft. He was a U.S. government black operations geologist and shaped charge demolitions expert, as well as involved in aerospace engineering. He worked 17 years in the black projects of the United States and NATO before he attempted to warn people about the NWO fascism and democratic destroying intentions of the people in charge of these projects in his view.

I think you will agree with my psychological profile description above on his motivation framework when he basically knew he would be killed and continued to talk out of his patriotism and democratic loyalty being stronger than the state terrorist fascist control grid he suddenly realized he was working within--that was destroying everything he valued.

Do him the honor. He knew he would be killed to tell you this, and he told you this anyway. He died to tell you this.

Phil Schneider - May 1995 Lecture
Phil Schneider was a geologist, structural engineer, and underground tunneling expert who participated in the construction of many deep underground cities ...
Phil Schneider - 1 hr 44 min - Jun 2, 2006

Phil Schneider - August 1995 Lecture
Phil Schneider was a geologist, structural engineer, and underground tunneling expert who participated in the construction of many deep underground cities ...
Phil Schneider - 1 hr 53 min - Jun 2, 2006

Phil Schneider Lecture - Nov 1995 (Aliens don't exist here)
... WWII. They are not talking space aliens from another planet. Phil Schneider had a Level 3 security clearance with Rhyolite he was a geologist, structural ...
Phil Schneider - 1 hr 11 min - May 17, 2006

He's dead in January 1996.