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Images From Lebanon

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Images from Lebanon

There have taken many photographs of different aspects of the conflict in

Israeli Air Strikes Targeting Lebanese Red Cross
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Scenes from Shelter in Qana where on July 30, Israeli air strikes killed
over 60 civilians, 37 of whom were children, as they slept in a shelter.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Views of villages and roads in southern Lebanon which have been hit by
Israeli air strikes. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Targets destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Sidon, and on highway
between Sidon and Beirut. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Wounded Lebanese civilians, many in critical condition, crowd hospitals
in Sidon. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Israeli air strikes destroyed 5 of 6 oil storage tanks at electrical
plant in El-Jiye, leaving much of Lebanon's coast covered in oil,
including the ancient harbor at Byblos.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Images of destruction south of Beirut, as well as inside Beirut, from
Israeli air raids. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

As Israeli air strikes continue, wounded Lebanese arrive at hospitals in
Beirut. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Israeli bombings of oil storage tanks near the coast, along with an
Hezbollah attack against an Israeli warship have left Beirut's beaches
covered in oil.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Approximately 75% of southern Beirut has been damaged or destroyed by a massive Israeli air assault. July, 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Lebanese refugees from southern Beirut and southern Lebanon, fleeing
Israeli bombs, now living in Parks in central Beirut. July 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

Refugees from Lebanon clog the northern border with Syria, as they flee
for their lives from indiscriminate Israeli bombing of their country,
July 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com

As Israel invades Lebanon, tens of thousands of people jam the border
with Syria to escape the bloodshed in July 2006.
 link to dahrjamailiraq.com