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Anyone know what's going in in North Portland?

Just drove down MLK an there were about 30 cop cars lining the middle of the street from dekum down to killinsworth or so and lots of people on the streets. Anyone know what's went down?
Just drove down MLK an there were about 30 cop cars lining the middle of the street from dekum down to killinsworth or so and lots of people on the streets. Anyone know what's went down?
i just heard shots 06.Aug.2006 22:26

me and my bike lectique@gmail.com

I was on my bike at around 8th and ainsworth when I heard 4 rapidly fired shots coming from near the safeway-approx 45 mins ago. I saw a car take off and come racing my way. I turned off my headlights and headed north, and saw a car with 3-4 people in it race towards me on portland blvd...followed by 4 police cars. people have been seen running from the ainsworth/mlk intersection with the area full of police cars...what's going on? Does anyone know?

lo riders 06.Aug.2006 22:36


I just heard on the news that they are trying to break up gatherings resulting from low rider conference.

Channel 8 reporter at MLK & Killgswth at 10 o'clock. 06.Aug.2006 22:54


I encountered the scene about 8:30 p.m. (tonight, Sunday). I was outside the Safeway about 9:30 when I heard several gunshots. We were told to get inside the Safeway, then about 5 minutes later we were told we could leave. I understand the police told the Popeye's to close down. A Safeway cashier said they wanted Safeway to close, also, but the store would resists that. The police had a line of probably 20 cops on foot advance from the south side towards Ainsworth, apparently trying to clear the lot, but it wasn't apparent to me who they were trying to move out. (They seemed to ignore the dozens of cars and their were few if any pedestrians in the lot.)

Apparently people from a car show at Expo gathered at a car wash on MLK south of Ainsworth and then a fight broke out. A man (apparently a long-time resident) seemed to find this to be familiar activity both by car show and motorcycle folks and the police.

I saw similar activity by the police at the same location - on MLK between Killingsworth and Ainsworth one evening a couple of months ago -- except that time it seemed to be focused strictly on auto traffic. This time there are a couple of hundred people standing around on the sidewalks and probably 2 or 3 times as many cops.

I passed a Newschannel 8 truck and female reporter on MLK, by the Union 76 gas station at Killingsworth, as I headed south at 10 p.m.

some clarifications 07.Aug.2006 05:09


The line of 20 or so cops I referred to above were in the Safeway parking lot - just minutes before the gun shots were heard nearby on the street bordering Safeway to the south.

Also, above, I meant I saw 2 or 3 times as many cops on the street today than what I recall being out there the previous time this summer that I observed similar activity. I don't recall any unusual pedestrian activity that time - certainly not the crowds standing and milling around on both sides of MLK that I saw this time.

The Channel 8 report claimed there were 50 some police officers out there. (I did not see even one non-white officer, whereas almost all the people on the sidewalks were African American.) Also, Channel 8 said this evening's events there may and may not be related to a shooting that occured at the corner of N. Killingsworth and Michigan Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, a motorist shot a gun - hitting a bicyclist in the arm - and drove off.

(not to fuel the fire, but . . . ) 07.Aug.2006 09:39


I heard two shots fired around 9:30pm and then heard a vehicle peel out heading south on Vancouver (just north of Killingsworth).

In addition -- my neighbor told me this morning that he too heard gunshots -- at two different locations in our neighborhood (walnut park) and that he saw a guy lying unconscious by the freeway. The cops and a firetruck were on the scene.

according to oregonlive 07.Aug.2006 10:13


"Police responded to reports of shots being fired in the area of Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard and Northeast Ainsworth Street about 9 p.m. A large crowd gathered in a Safeway parking lot after a low-rider car show ended, she said. ?It was a lot of cars, a lot of people cruising around but this show goes on every year so we were prepared for it,? she said."