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The Second American Revolution : Religious Folly

The problem with being a naked whore, is that you must strip down to get the job done. It is not possible to remain dressed as a nun at the same time. They may have taught you religion, but no one taught you wisdom, or you would know these things.
In the early spring of 2006 when I began to report on the results of my 'Intelligent Design' experiment, there followed a brief period when church organizations were making statements against 'Intelligent Design'. I recall one statement issued by the National Council of Churches that stated emphatically that 'Intelligent Design' was 'not science'. I would suppose that it depends on who you ask and just what kind of 'evidence' you are looking for. Just recently I have noticed that my experiment has resumed, and therefore I should have further positive results to report in the future (this after a brief lull during the summer, due to the fact that these people can drive a person to drink, and I mean that literally).

This leads me to ask these churches the following question. Is there some invisible line that you will not cross, some act of ruthless oppression that you will not condone. I have noticed over the years that it is characteristic of religious people to always enter a plea of innocence, the guilty party therefore being God according to the way their theological world view. If you are asking yourself, 'oh, what have I done, what have I done, oh what have I done to deserve this?', well that's what you did, that's what you did, that's what you did to deserve it.

What good purpose can some religion serve when its end result is ruthless oppression? One of the problems of being a naked whore is that you need to strip down for the job. You cannot become a naked whore while remaining dressed up as a nun. The only solution people turn to in an attempt to solve this intractable contradiction is a turn to deceitfulness followed by ruthless oppression which targets anyone who attempts to shine a spot light or turn on a light switch that exposing the fact that the nun has no clothes. They may have taught you religion, but no one taught you wisdom or you would know these things. It then logically follows from this that all your religion is worthless.

What good does it do to cry out 'peace, peace' when there is no peace? Peace is the fruit or righteousness and justice, and there can be no peace when the works of peace have been rejected. It then follows that your 'prayers for peace' will prove to be worthless, for it will not be peace you will be harvesting, but rather you will be reaping a harvest of violent bloodshed, the sounds of war, and cries of distress.

Because these people have refused the peaceful waters of Shiloah that flow gently, therefore YAHWEH will bring upon you the raging waters of the River Euphrates, and it will rise over all its channels and burst over its banks. It will sweep on in a flood, overflow and pass on, reaching to your necks, and it will flood the length and breadth of your land.

They do not know how to do what is right and just, those who store up bloodshed and robbery in their mighty strongholds. Therefore YAHWEH will bring an adversary against you who will bring down your defenses in which you place such trust, and your strongholds shall be plundered. On that day you will be punished for the altars in the House of Wickedness and the horns of your altar shall be lopped off and shall fall into the dust. The houses of marble shall perish and the great houses shall come to an end.

Consider your ways. You cry out 'peace, peace' as it concerns Israel, but as for the idol which sanctions such bloodshed and robbery, the idol on which Israel depends, you do not remove it, but rather you allow it to remain in your houses. What purpose therefore is there for you to be praying for 'peace' when you refuse to do the works that peace requires. Consider Israel. Are you are any better than she is? If you were to do the same sin that she committed do you suppose that you will then escape the judgment that such sin brings? Her idol was a chicken rustling baby killing ranch robbing horse thief, and it continues to wreck havoc on the planet to this very day. Has it all become to you just a mere small trifling matter?

There are those who say, 'give us that old time religion,' for they insist, yesterday people had morals and today they do not have morals. Consider your ancestors. For as it was written down for them in that idol the Church Fathers saw fit to canonize, 'kill all the natives of the land, for you must not leave a single one alive...drive out all the natives of the land, and you shall take possession of their land and send in settlers.' This they did, committing genocide, and then after they had built their little house out on the prairies some minister or priest came along and built churches upon the bone yards. As for their 'morality' it consisted of (and to this consists only of) a perverted attack on human sexuality, since apparently it is their opinion that God is a warp minded pervert and that what nature creates is evil and therefore requires an attack from some pulpit. Nature abhors a vacuum, and such rancid hypocrisy and senseless attacks on the humanity of human beings will have to suffice as a 'moral value' or there would be no morals to speak of and thus no great moral crusades. They are just oppressors who trample upon justice as they obstinately pursue what is completely worthless. What is vile and detestable has been exalted while justice has been hurled to the ground and trampled under foot.

Truly they will say of your much celebrated theologians that they strained out many gnats and then proceeded to swallow great camels. Because they wound that worthless idol into your doctrines much like a spider spins a cobweb around its prey, you cannot remove that filthy idol now without burning your own house down. Therefore, it would seem, you have decided to keep the idol and then have your house burn down for having done so, in this way making things even worse for yourself. They may have taught you religion, but no one taught you wisdom, or you would know better than to make such oppressive choices.

Who among them can be taught anything? They are like infants just weaned from the tit. For with them it is always just some babble of meaningless nonsense, mere noises on every side. Therefore, through strange speech and using barbarous language these people will be instructed, to whom it was once said, 'this is the path of peace,' but they refused to listen. Therefore to them the Word shall become just some babble of meaningless nonsense, so that as they walk, they will fall backwards, they will be injured, trapped and snared.

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