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Interview with peace activist Brian Willson

On August 11th, 2006, The Veterans for Peace are holding their annual national conference in Seattle, Washington. One of the states goals of the VfP is to abolish as an instrument of national policy. Recognizing the links between the necessity of war to maintain the "status quo" of oil consumption and the United States Empire to the implausibility of reaching sustainability, Brian Willson and a number of other Veterans for Peace and peace activists are headed to Seattle, sans the fossil fuels.
Brian Willson cylcling for peace
Brian Willson cylcling for peace
Starting in Eugene, Oregon, the Veterans Human-Powered Ride for Peace and Sustainability is touring on bicycle and bio-diesel fuel to promote awareness of alternatives to oil, and the need to create more environmentally sound and sustainable lifestyles. While the tour visit Olympia, Washington, Free Radio Olympia dj Rhino caught up with Brian Willson to discuss the tour, Veterans for Peace, and sustainability. Check out the link below to hear the interview.

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Go to  http://www.vfp56.org/seattle.html for a complete log of ride complete with pictures.