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Banner drop in Oregon City

Peace banner drop this morning.
Two of us went to the footpath overpass in Oregon City bright and early this morning and hung up a PEACE banner. This is just another small step inspired by Den Mark.
Great job! 06.Aug.2006 11:59


Here's another banner recently in Portland. We need a whole lot more. Keep up the good fight!
July 27 on 82nd Street in Portland
July 27 on 82nd Street in Portland

Freeway Bloggers 06.Aug.2006 14:05


What do you think of when you see a sign saying, "Peace"? Certainly not the Trailblazers or buying an SUV. You see peace; you think peace. So-called "Freeway bloggers" have been putting up signs saying either "peace" or "no war" for months now on Oregon highways 197, 97, I-84 and Washington S14.
Cruise alleys, collect cardboard, buy acrilic paint at Jo-annes and makes signs so we can say, "Signs of Peace are everywhere". We need more minds thinking PEACE.

For showing impeach signs/banners Monday, it's 23d & NW Vaughn 06.Aug.2006 14:10


If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney from the "battlements," come on over to 23d & NW Vaughn Monday (Aug. 7) with your impeach sign and join the merry flash-mob team of the SE DemocracyforAmerica meetup group in their regular Monday afternoon rush-hour demonstration.
This Monday it's on the corners at the entrance to the Fremont Bridge. Time is 4:30-6:30 pm.

Questions? Contact the flash-mob meister, Russ Hallberg ( like7new@comcast.net)

yay, thank you! 06.Aug.2006 14:23



Thanks, Olwen 07.Aug.2006 07:41

Den Mark, Vancouver

We must intrude on every person's psyche, every bit as much as commerce intrudes, & more so. Occasional peace signs help, but peace signs, justice signs, brother/sisterhood signs, everywhere, unrelenting, can help change the mindset of society. Without change in mindset, people will continue to think that their choice of cola brand is important, while politicians make the real choices, ... the wrong way. We must intrude. It should be the job of every activist progressive person to display our message in every way possible, in our yards, on our bikes & cars, on our bodies, on street corners, on overpasses, & to do so every day. The message must get out there, boldly, bravely. We can turn this around, & it will take much more than just this, but this is part of the work. We must intrude!

Thanks for the banner.