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Bold Proclamations of Lebensraum

Tony Blair and Condoleeza Rice have recently made statements that suggest a view that is, essentially, genocidal in nature. In so doing, they have stripped away their saccrine masks of democracy and apple pie, exposing themselves for the lizards they are.
The utterances of Coni Rice and Tony Blair since the Israeli slaughter in Lebanon began are nothing short of alarming. What is also alarming is the muted response. State functionaries the world over appear to have barely noticed. The myriad of political wizards residing in popular media have also seemed to pass off these comments as if they are irrelevant. Are they really that blind and stupid?

No modern state since the Nazis in Germany has expressed intent to take over the world. America's intent to do so has been expressed in deed since 9-11 and recently, it has been expressed explicitly in word.

Rice stated that the map of the Middle East is to be re-drawn; that these are the birth pangs of a new Middle East. She said, "This is a different Middle East. It's a new Middle East. It's hard. We're going through a very violent time." She has explicitly stated that they will give birth to a new Middle East. She implies a Middle East fashioned in the likeness of occidental mores and values.

Blair's utterances are no less alarming. He makes the following grand proclamation in a speech to The World Affairs Council in Los Angeles on August 1st: "We are fighting a war, but not just against terrorism but about how the world should govern itself in the early 21st century, about global values." Please take a moment and consider what that languages suggests; the mentality it reflects. He actually said that he; the infamous American poodle, and his master are at war with Middle Eastern values. This mentality is the mentality of genocide, of lebensraum.

Blair wants us to swallow the lie that it is a certain interpretation of Islam that causes extremism. But if we look at it, we will see that it isn't Islam at all that is the genesis of violence in the Middle East. It is always rooted in foreign (read European and American) meddling in a place where they really have no business whatsoever. Blair has also said that they need to wage war against extremism as he presides, alongside Bush, over the World Order that intends to dominate and control foreign lands through the use of terror, concentration camps, and mass slaughter. Hezbollah, for instance, is a reaction against their aggression. It is very important that we, those of us that live under the relatively safe umbrella of American hegemony, understand that.

In 1938 - 39 the same kind of bizarre and psychotic speech was ignored.

Undoubtedly, the worst feature of Nazi Germany's reign of terror on the world had been their indiscriminate mass murder of civilians in order to terrorize, cower, and take over other nations and other parts of the world. They had to crush people that would be naturally opposed to their ideological bent and their designs on securing power. The Nazis were imperialists of the worst kind.

And undoubtedly, the worst feature of modern America is its reign of terror on the world and their indiscriminate mass murder of civilians in order to terrorize, cower, and take over other nations and other parts of the world.
Clearly, there is an agenda, a conspiracy, a plan, to dominate the world militarily, politically, and economically.


We have entered a time that is similar in many respects to the onset of Germany's foray to dominate the world militarily. The question on everybody's mind is; who will be next? The events play out and as they do expectations gradually change. Disbelief that had been psychologically suspended turns to the realization that we are entering a time of unrestrained war and terror.

Through the process, we become ever more jaded. Reports of concentration camps and extraordinary rendition are given a collective ho-hum by media commentators, law makers, and by much of the population. Reports of carnage and massacres are commonplace. The atrocities in Lebanon have shocked the world and again, this will redefine normalcy.

But this is not 1939 and America is not Nazi Germany. What the future holds remains to be seen. But judging by what is being said and what has already occurred, its a pretty safe assumption to suggest that in many respects, much of what the Nazis did will be repeated; is being repeated. There is one large difference however. Hitler was up against equally powerful and ruthless states and it was the Soviet Union that done him in. Today, the maniacs are not facing Stalin, Churchill, or Roosevelt. They are facing Iran, Syria, and North Korea. In other words, they can act with impunity. And act with impunity they do. Even media commentators are hard pressed to take a stand against this global war for oil. Consider the statements made by Rice and Blair. They are statements that are nothing short of bizarre and still they are swallowed, tacitly supported, and tucked neatly away in the collective consciousness; again, serving to change the context of normalcy.

America is not a fascist state, it is a democratic state. Bush is not the maniac Adolph Hitler was. There are substantial differences, not least of which is the observation that Nazi Germany depended on the charisma and personal power of one mad man. What is happening in the world today is far more predictable and systemic. We can't blame Bush. What is happening today is practically written into the script of history. If Bush wasn't at the helm, this all may have waited a few more years, but it would occur nonetheless. Bush is simply an imperialist on speed and 9-11 provided the green light for plans that had already been in the works.

What is in the works is the American state is manifesting the full and fiercest expression of capitalism; imperialism. It had to come; eventually. It's here.
For many of those that have been brought up believing in Superman and the Justice League of America, in liberalism, and in freedom and democracy American style, world events must seem quite bewildering. Each new day the mind must rationalize a new atrocity, a new ugly face on the once kind and benevolent Uncle Sam. As the mind stretches under the strain of cognitive dissonance, it will snap; one way or another. You will either accept the new America or you will become enraged and defiant. If you have a choice, may I recommend the latter. The former will leave you a bitter savage and eventually, you, yourself, may have blood on your hands.

Accepting the imperialist designs on global conquest brings contemporary events into the light of day. The more naive views, the views that have been touted by spin doctors may result in tremendous confusion and bewilderment The spin, this pablum that has been provided by the imperialist state aims to allow the truth to slowly sink in. It is propaganda and it is psych-ops. The sudden truth would be too much a shock to the system.

Like the frog that is dropped in boiling water, the violence to the system is too violent and reactive. But like the frog that sits in water that is slowly heated to the boiling point, it doesn't notice the change and slowly dies without a struggle. The same thing is happening to innocent naivete.

Control of the Middle East

The need to control petro-dollars require world capitalism to take control of the Middle East. On a more strategic and political level, the Middle East is not only ground zero in terms of oil wealth, it is also strategically placed centrally, on the doorsteps of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

In the short term, America intends to extend its footlhold into Lebanon; though it will not succeed. The Americans will not accept UN resolutions for peace that are short of the de-clawing of Hezbollah. So far, they have succeeded in removing Syrian influence in Lebanon to a large degree. They are hoping that the present obscene slaughter will result in America gaining de-facto control of Lebanon; control through proxies such as UN bodies, the Lebanese government, and the Lebanese army. In a greater regional conflict the last thing they need is a force like Hezbollah ready and willing to open a front on Israel, a nation they have come to depend upon to secure control of the Middle East.

Iran and Syria find themselves alone on the level of governors of Middle Eastern states. But the Muslim street is with Iran and Syria and vehemently against the dictatorial heads of state in the rest of the Middle East. So much for the myth of democracy. America will not tolerate democracy in any shape or form in the Muslim world. Hezbollah, a popular entity in Lebanon, is in the process of being made impotent. It is precisely what the American State will not tolerate; an expression of the local population. The people of Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza are being collectively punished for voting contrary to America's wishes.

The Americans aim to take control of the Lebanese army. A clever strategic move if they can pull it off. But they won't. In their insane massianic glee they barely touch reality. They may install a NATO/UN force in southern Lebanon but if they do, pray that neither you or anybody you are attached to is on the job. They will be attacked by people that are defending themselves; by people that don't accept control by foreigners. And those people that are defending themselves will be, predictably, called terrorists. Like the Nazis, American foreign policy is deeply rooted in utter and complete idiocy. That, more than anything else, is their own worst enemy.

They will also re-draw the map of Iraq. They have already ripened conditions for it by ushering in civil war. Iraq will be split in three; a nation for the Sunnis, a nations for the Shi'ites, and to Turkish chagrin, a Kurdish nation. The grand plan will require the domination of the bulk of Shi'ite regions, including Iran. It is they that live on the seas of oil. There are jobs opening up for dictators in the Middle East. It's an extremely dangerous position where you don't even know if your boss will kill you, but it comes with benefits.

Our Responsibility

It is our responsibility to demand peace, to fight imperialism, and even to put an end to it. For now, let us concentrate on peace. People have started to hit the streets again to demand the end of war. We can't comfort ourselves in the notion that we can't make any difference. People are being murdered - today.

It's crucial that we notice each and every atrocity and that we notice it when the likes of Blair and Rice make Nazi-like speeches about taking over the whole Middle East. It's important that we stay awake and not allow ourselves to be jaded to the point where we accept the wholesale slaughter of civilians and allow it to be justified with the flimsiest reasoning. They are intentionally deploying psych-ops through mass media and through their actions and pronouncements. And to some extent, it is working. It's hard to continue to be outraged when atrocities occur repeatedly, every week, every month, every year.

Isn't it strange how alarmed we may be when we hear of a serial killer on the loose but at the same time, state madmen are slaughtering people by the thousands and we treat as if it's just 'the news'. The horrors happening today are very real.

But remember, today, in Lebanon, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, there are people living in the depths of hell and if you ignore it, you are no different than the coward walking by a victim being raped or murdered and doing nothing. Doing so makes you a coward in the house of imperialist hegemony, no different than those Germans that turned their faces away at the slaughter of Jews.

Think about that before you slip into sleep tonight. And think about the women and children in Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan that can't sleep at all.

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How True, Archie Kennedy! 06.Aug.2006 07:04

Minerva's Owl

The world is now witnessing the United States' global version of "Manifest Destiny." Any regime that will not heel to the U.S. juggernaut will be earmarked for destruction. These are truly dangerous times and only the concerted actions of people who are tired of the endless aggressive wars waged by maniacal regimes bent on world hegemony will determine whether the 21st century will run its course in peace or mark the end of human civilization.

the 40 year phony culture war 06.Aug.2006 13:24

the smell of money

> She implies a Middle East fashioned in the likeness of occidental mores and values.

The author is reinforcing the media frame -- with which the corporate media constantly bombards us -- that contemporary political conflicts are about "mores" and "values." The Republicans have established a one-party superstate in the federal government, shaky on its feet as yet but present in all its necessary components, and yet the fundamentalist mores and values that they constantly babble about have not been imposed as public policy. Why? Because it's all propaganda. It's how they maintain a base of support among stupid people. The U.S. "liberated" Afghanistan, and women there still get beat up for showing their heads in public. The state doing more to export Islamic fundamentalism than any other in the world is Saudi Arabia, and nobody's talking about "regime change" in that particular case.

The people in power don't care about "mores" or "values," anywhere, ours or theirs, Western or Eastern. Condi Rice doesn't give a damn whether those people hang each other for being gay or renouncing Islam, or whether they have fair elections or hereditary monarchs. The new Middle East is being fashioned in the likeness of privatization and selling everything to Western owners. That's what they care about.

Say that again? 06.Aug.2006 23:38

not my democracy!

"America is not a fascist state, it is a democratic state."

Is this the democracy YOU want--or that you think is the limit that authentically free people can achieve?