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Eugene, OR: Need for HUGE show of support for Jeff Hogg

Jeff Hogg is still resisting the federal grand jury. His next hearing is in Eugene Tuesday, Aug. 15, at 11:15 AM.

Jeff has been held in Grants Pass for over a month. While there, he has been denied his nursing textbooks and is, in his own words, "very bored." The hearing on the 15th will be the first time he has seen his friends and supporters since he was taken into custody on May 18(!) and our first chance to see him. We really need to PACK THE COURTROOM to show him how much we appreciate his principled stance against government repression and the misuse of the grand jury!
Flyers for Jeff's hearing (.pdf format) - Print & distribute!
Flyers for Jeff's hearing (.pdf format) - Print & distribute!
The hearing is for his Grumbles motion. This is a motion arguing that since Jeff will never cooperate with the grand jury the coercive value of imprisoning him is negated, continuing to hold him becomes punitive while he has not been found guilty of anything, and thus he must be released immediately.

After the hearing, there will be another chance to see him and show our support as they bring him out of the courthouse and load him in the transport van (whether he gets released or not, they will have to transport him back to the jail for processing). Bring signs and help us tell Jeff what a hero he is for standing up!

So that is a week from Tuesday at 11:15 on the 15th, Eugene federal courthouse. See you there!


Jeff Hogg background:
Jeff moved 10.Aug.2006 23:38


It's official, its Thursday the 10th and Jeff is back in Lane County. His address is
Jeff Hogg #1065518
101 W 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

Jeff didn't get to keep ANYTHING from his move from Grants Pass, so he has no books, pictures, cards, addresses, etc.
His birthday is the 18th, so just in case he doesn't get out, send a card!!!!!!

Hope to see you all on Tuesday. Thanks for all your support!!!!