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Last memo from D.C. - Troops home fast

On Friday after being arrested at the White House gate, I broke fast at day 25.
My stomach
handled food okay, but the guts are having "process
issues" and it is brutally hot, so eating is being
slow and easy. Twill be great to have my brain back;
the mental fuzzies were becoming a hassle.
So I had plane booked out this morning, but while out
on walk last night, was hit by car. Everything is ok
except for a badly wrentched knee. Plane for Austin is
rescheduled for Friday and should be at Camp Casey
this weekend. Bummed that I won't be agile enough to
help with setup of new camp, but am looking forward to
bird dogging the Shrub - he thought he could visit the
ranch without company... We are nothing if not

The delegation of fasters leave for Jordan tonight.
Rep. Conyers' aide called yesterday to say that this
was the most important thing happening right now, to
extend an invitation to the Iraqi parlimentarians to
come here and meet with the Out-of-Iraq Caucus, and to
wish safe and production journey to our delegation.
All have visas to go to Syria and Lebanon, but have
promised to be mindful of the danger there.
Please keep them all in your hearts and prayers. Their
mission is so important.

D.C. is emptying out and all our CongressCritters are
back with you. There is not a one of them that doesn't
need a good talking to. I am ashamed that not one of
our Critters voted against House & Senate resolutions
supporting Israel and Good Ol Ron was co-sponsor of
Senate resolution. Blumenauer's aide has suggested the
Gordon Smith should not be counted out as a voice for
concsience. Besides peace issues, the Bolton
nomination will hit the Senate floor in Sept. and our
people should be encouraged to fight.

The Israel attacks are evoking much passionate protest
here. Four people arrested at the State Dept. on
Monday. Didn't see media mentionnof it here, but it
might have snuck into some other news lines. Sunday
Night there was a rowdy visit to the Israeli
Ambassodor's home. (It is an ugly place)

Our closing ceremony yesterday outside the White House
was very moving, many supporters and allies joined us
as we celebrated the blessings of our 30 days there,
confirmed our dedication to continue and to send all
good wishes with The Delegation. Bittersweet to leave
our sheltering Peace Tree and the beautiful
compatriots that have gathered beneath it. We left
flowers and a gift of water. There is also a pink
ribbon tied on a tree branch. Maybe they will let it
stay for a while.

The course our world is travelling looks so much like
a death spiral, out of control and insane. It is hope
and consolation to be with all of you in this
struggle. When I falter or despasir, there is always a
shining light around to inspire and affirm. We must,
together, win this one. Failure is just not an option.

Much love to you all,

homepage: homepage: http://troopshomefast.org

compassion, non-violence, and the right to refuse food 05.Aug.2006 23:06

non-violence to all living things

martha is sucha wonderful force. steady and so strong, she helped all winter to chop veggies for food not bombs.
please everyone keep her in your hearts. fasting is so huge. it requires immense strength. remember it is a form of freedom of speech and is protected by international law. it is important to note that the force-feedings in guantanamo are illegal. any person has the right to refuse food if they are cognizant of the obvious consequences.
this political statement is grave and more forceful than a thousand words.
join our courageous code pink peace-makers in the fast for peace.
its tough. if all you can give up is a meal, or that snack you are so lucky to have on hand, go ahead and fast for peace. fast for the dying and the dead and fast for those who cannot see the sickness of our arrogant affluence and murderous complicity.
fast so you can remember again to make life a choice, sustenance a force for change. fast for peace. embrace the minor suffering of hunger, keeping in mind the anguish of war, the faces of children maimed by our bombs.

I agree 05.Aug.2006 23:21

failure is not an option

As these wars spiral out of control in the most "powerful" war crimes of society those of us on the other sides of the earth who may feel helpless must at the very least take stock of what is going on in their own communities and as trees , join in the roots that untite beneath the grounnd and organize for what is best for all.