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The Bay Area's Youth Media Council... 2 days only!
Hello there!, my name is Lacy Hawkins, and I am the co-coordinator of Youth Innovation for Education. I am sending out an email to inform and encourage! ...To inform people of a media training conducted by the Youth Media Council (www.youthmediacouncil.org ) based in San Francisco, and to encourage them to attend! Two people from the Youth Media Council will be trekking to Portland on August 7th to conduct a 2-day training.

The goals of this training are:
1. To build a shared understanding of media bias and its impact on youth in Portland
2. To build a shared understanding of media consolidation and its local landscape in Portland
3. To introduce media advocacy as a strategy for promoting youth media work
4. To build skills in building relationships with mainstream media reporters

In addition to these concrete goals, there will also be discussions about radio, video, print, guerilla media tactics, and oh-so much more!

This is a FREE training!! The training will be held at Disjecta. The training times are Monday, August 7th 12pm-6pm, and Tuesday August 8th, 9am-5pm. This is a LIMITED space training. We only have 30 spots available, so please contact me soon if you'd like to take part.

WHO:: YOU!! Young people ages 25 and under. You can come as an individual, or if you represent an organization that's great too! Just send me an email ( lacy.m.hawkins@co.multnomah.or.us ) or call 503.988.4518 to let me know if your coming.
WHAT:: An in-depth media training led by the Youth Media Council.
WHEN:: Monday August 7th, 12:00pm-6:00pm, Tuesday August 8th, 9:00am-5pm
WHERE:: Disjecta. The entrance is on 5 SE 3rd Ave. Disjecta is just next to the Burnside Bridge on the East side of the river, almost underneath it.

All meals during the training will be provided for :)
Remember this is free, but space is going fast, so CONTACT ME!

phone: phone: 503.988.4518