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9.11 investigation

Scripps Poll: 36% of U.S. thinks 911 was Inside Job

America wakes up to the nightmare
More than a third of the American public believes in LIHOP or MIHOP. Bad news for the NWO.  link to www.rockymountainnews.com
Stoopid Media 04.Aug.2006 16:06

Spastica Rex

I particularly liked this quote:

"The survey also found that people who regularly use the Internet but who do not regularly use so-called "mainstream" media are significantly more likely to believe in Sept. 11 conspiracies."

Given that those who regularly use "mainstream" media are significantly more likely to believe such absolute falsehoods as: "Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11," perhaps the author is offering (unintentional) credibility to the un-official conspiracy theories surrounding 9-11.


thanks for posting the link, let's rewrite this cute puff piece 04.Aug.2006 17:09

here we go...

Scripps poll: 36% see U.S. hand in 9/11

Conspiracy documentation engenders anger at bipartisan traitors running U.S. government and ongoing cover-up

By Thomas Hargrove and Guido H. Stempel III, Scripps Howard News Service
August 2, 2006

More than a third of the American public have been convinced by the information they have seen that federal officials assisted in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

The national survey of 1,010 adults also found that anger against the federal government is at record levels, with 54 percent saying they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be.

Widespread resentment and alienation toward the national government appears to be the effect of a long term waking up process that a treasonous cabal in the U.S. government and National Security Council has been conducting state authorized terrorism upon the United States to convince the citizens to allow them to turn the U.S. into a police state. Such state authorized terror events have been occurring ever since FEMA was started in 1979.

There is a growing acceptance that the "accidental events" theory of history is limited when it comes to the strategic actions of governmental elites who plan out particular policies decades in advance. This is particularly the case of conspiracy theories about the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which a Pentagon official has gone on record and filed a RICO suit that the U.S. terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center "occured just like we planned them back in 1976."

Increasing overwhelming documentation that 9/11 attacks were "an inside job" - a common agreement, through with many variations on the actual perpetrators or instigators - quickly have become nearly as popular as decades-old information that confirms President Johnson and Bush Senior in the CIA assassinated President Kennedy, and that it has covered up proof of space aliens, as discussed in the book _The Disclosure Project full of various ex-military pilots and governmental worker admittals.

Thirty-six percent of respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."

"One out of three sounds high, but that may very well be right that the U.S. government did carry it out. I can say that our commission was a total sham," said Lee Hamilton, former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also called the 9/11 Commission.)

His two year delayed and underfunded appointed investigation tossed out much on oath testimony to craft a bogus constuct that claim that federal officials bungled their attempts to prevent, but did not participate in, the attacks.

The poll also found that 16 percent of Americans are aware that secretly planted explosives, connected with George Bush's brother Marvin Bush who was head of security at the World Trade Center from immediately after the 1993 failed attempt to take down the towers to the success to taking them down in 2001. Marvin Bush's pre-decided contract completion date at his World Trade Center security job is reported as Sepember 11, 2001 by his mother, Barbara Bush in her ghostwritten autobiography.

Citizens groups for at least five years have questioned the documened false story about the 9-11 attacks by the Bush Administration, which fails to even have a single story or a single timeline about the events. It depends on who you ask.

Sixteen percent said it's "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that "the collapse of the twin towers in New York was aided by explosives secretly planted in the two buildings."

Twelve percent suspect the Pentagon was struck by a military cruise missile in 2001 rather than by an airliner captured by terrorists. Donald Rumsfeld, who came forward publicly in October 2001 as a 9-11 conspiracist, is part of that 12%. Rumsfeld, as head of the Defense Department himself believes that a "missle that struck this building" is responsible for the Pentagon damage instead of the missing American Airlines 77. The American Airlines plane on 9-11 was piloted by an ex-Pentagon terror drill officer, Chuck Burlinggame, who was involved in the 1999 terror drill of a plane hitting the Pentagon. Soon after, and Burlinggame was the one, the government claims in its official story, who was piloting the American Airlines 77 on Sepember 11, when Burlinggame's AA77 disappears somewhere over Ohio, and something else immediately flys back without any defense protection to strike the Pentagon in the wall at ground level that had specially been reinforced with a completion date on the reinforcement job being September 2001. The hole in the Pentagon wall--overly small for a 757 Boeing--indicates that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is possibly correct about his opinion that a missle hit the Pentagon instead of the American Airlines Flight 77.

The lower percentage of 12% believing like Rumsfeld in the missile his on the Pentagon as a more plausible suggestion, several percentage points lower than the 16% who believe the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center under the security of Marvin Bush, may be effected by the extreme amount of money and effort by the Bush Administration to craft disinformation concerning the whole series of events on Sepember 11.

It certainly failed to help that recent footage, released by the conservative Washington-based Judicial Watch advocacy group, failed to debunk the claim concerning a missle, since there is no Boeing 757 to be found in the recently released Pentagon footage either. Despite showing nothing of the sort, the group still doggedly claims the images show "a plane hitting the Pentagon at incredibly high speed," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. No one has ever seen exactly what he is talking about, making Judicial Watch likely part of the governmental psychological operations. The General Accounting Office, the "bean counting" investigative committee branch of the U.S. Congress, has noted recently that the Bush Administration has already illegally spent over a billion dollars of federal money illegally on psychological operations or media bribes in hundreds of instances, each one of these being a separate felony.

The FBI is still holding over a dozen full tapes of the area of the Pentagon hit, refusing to relase any of them. The FBI were even on scene mere minutes after the hit to confiscate the closest one--in the gas station at the Pentagon. The gas station attendant confirms the story that the FBI were there "within minutes" to confiscate and hide footage they refuse to release.

"Some folks will never be convinced regardless of the billions of dollars the Bush Administration spends to cover it up," Fitton said. "But I'm still hoping. Perhaps these latest inconclusive videos will confuse reasonable people from asking or understanding that much better documentation is held by the FBI which confiscated dozens of more detailed films of the Pentagon attack."

University of Florida law professor Mark Fenster, author of the book Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture, said the poll's findings reflect public anger over the Iraq war, realization that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction and growing doubts of the veracity of the Bush administration.

The Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University has tracked the level of resentment people feel toward the federal government since 1995, starting shortly after the U.S. government detonated bombs internal to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and subsequently attempted to pin the blame artificially on Timothy McVeigh and hide the fact that the Department of Justice admitted that they had recovered bombs internal to the building, and the general shaped charge effect of the damage to the Murrah Building, which rendered implausible on many levels the U.S. Government's case against McVeigh.

But the new survey found that 77 percent say their friends and acquaintances have become angrier with government after they carried out the 1995 state authorized terrorism on the Murrah Building. Recently and 54 percent say they, themselves, have become angrier - both records.

The survey also found that people who regularly use the Internet but who do not regularly absorb the lies of the so-called "mainstream" media are significantly more likely to be more credibly informed concerning the real events of Sept. 11 and the networks in play that morning that supported and contributed to the treasonous NORAD defense standdown which, above all else, allowed the attacks to occur.

Appointed in March 2001, Vice President Cheney was head of FEMA's Emergency Coordination Office that morning, with complete oversight and communication throughout the September 11 attacks. Cheney himself admits that "open lines" were arranged, as per his authority, between all military, NORAD, and civilian FAA branches soon after the first place was hijacked. Cheney was operating out of a bunker underneath the White House. U.S. Transportation secretary Mineta, on oath, admitted that Cheney was ordering that the planes instead remain grounded, by refusing to authorize shoot down request orders that kept coming in, instead of organizing response.

The level of suspicion of U.S. official involvement in a Sept. 11 conspiracy was only slightly behind the 40 percent who understand that it is the same George H. W. Bush connected networks that were "officials in the federal government were directly responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy," and the 38 percent who believe "the federal government is withholding proof of the existence of intelligent life from other planets"--mostly out of wounded pride that there is so little evidence for it on Earth, anonymous officials have reported.

The survey was conducted by telephone from July 6-24 at the Scripps Survey Research Center at the University of Ohio under a grant from the Scripps Howard Foundation. The Scripps media network has in the past itself run pro-Bush propoganda, for instance, in interrupting primetime scheduling viewing to air Bush team organized "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" documentaries against Kerry in the run up to the 2004 elections. Scripps in this way held hostage its viewing audience to work for the Bush Administration by cancelling regularly scheduled shows to run this bit of Bush advertising for free.

The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points. At least that what Scripps was saying. Do you trust them?

URL:  http://portland.indymedia.org

Did Scripps script their low 36% poll, other poll says 42% cover up! 05.Aug.2006 00:04

low compared to previous nation poll & NYC poll

Scripps Howard ran Bush 2004 propaganda free advertising films in that hit "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" stuff that the Bush Campaign put out. And now do they lie in another poll for Bush?

newswire article reposts united states 22.May.2006 14:05
9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

author: David Kubiak and the 911Truth.org Steering Committee e-mail:e-mail:  september11press@yahoo.com

The poll is the first scientific survey of Americans' belief in a 9/11 cover up or the need to investigate possible US government complicity, and was commissioned to inform deliberations at the June 2~4 "9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future" conference in Chicago. Poll results indicate

42% believe there has indeed been a cover up (with 10% unsure)


45% think "Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success" (with 8% unsure).

Utica, NY (PRWEB) May 22, 2006 -- 911Truth.org urges 2006 reform candidates to recognize a powerful new constituency.

Although the Bush administration continues to exploit September 11 to justify domestic spying, unprecedented spending and a permanent state of war, a new Zogby poll reveals that less than half of the American public trusts the official 9/11 story or believes the attacks were adequately investigated.

According to Janice Matthews, executive director of 911truth.org, "To those of us who have followed the mounting evidence for US government involvement in 9/11, these results are both heartening and frankly quite amazing, given the mainstream media's ongoing refusal to cover the most critical questions of that day.

Our August 2004 Zogby poll of New Yorkers showed

nearly half believe certain U.S. officials 'consciously' allowed the attacks to happen


66% want a fresh investigation,

but these were people closest to the tragedy and most familiar with facts refuting the official account. This revelation that so many millions nationwide now also recognize a 9/11 cover up and the need for a new inquiry should be a wake up call for all 2006 political candidates hoping to turn this country around. We think it also indicates Americans are awakening to the larger pattern of deceit that led us into Constitutional twilight and endless war, and that our independent media may have finally come of age."

Poll co-author W. David Kubiak concurs, saying "Despite years of relentless media promotion, whitewash and 9/11 Commission propaganda,

the official 9/11 story still can't even muster 50% popular support.

Since this myth has been the administration's primary source of political and war-making power, this level of distrust has revolutionary implications for everyone working for peace, justice and civil liberties. If we ever hope to reclaim this country, end aggression and restore international respect, we all must finally scrutinize that day when things started to go so terribly wrong. The media and movement leaders ignore this call at their peril, because tens of millions are clearly telling us here they are ready for 9/11 truth."

SCOPE: The poll covered five related areas: 1) Iraq - do Americans think the Bush administration exploited 9/11 to attack Iraq? (44% do, 44% don't); 2) Cover up - did the government and its 9/11 Commission conceal or refuse to investigate evidence that contradicts their official story? (only 48% said no);

3) The collapse of WTC 7, which was not even mentioned by the 9/11 Commission and has seldom been reported in the media -were respondents aware of this collapse and, if so, did they think it should be investigated (only

52% knew about it, but
over 70% of this group believe it should have been investigated);

4) new investigation of official complicity - do respondents think we need one? (only 48% said no); and 5) mass media - how do people rate its performance, including its coverage of alternative 9/11 theories, unanswered questions and inquiry issues? (43% rate it positively, 55% negatively).

(Poll sponsors see knowledge of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 as a bellwether issue, because if people do not know this elementary fact, they have probably not been exposed to any independent 9/11 research at all.

Since only 52% of respondents had ever heard of this collapse and 45% support a reinvestigation, it may be reasonably inferred that a public fully informed of all the unreported 9/11 facts might support a new investigation by a margin of 80% or more.)

SPONSOR: 911truth.org is a coalition of researchers, journalists and victim family members working to expose and answer the hundreds of still unresolved questions concerning 9/11, especially the nearly 400 questions that the Family Steering Committee filed with the 9/11 Commission. Initially welcomed by the commissioners as their "road map", these queries cut to the heart of 9/11 crimes and accountability, specifically raising the central issues of motive, means and cui bono (who profited?). The Commission ultimately ignored 80% of these issues, however, opting only to explore system failures, miscommunications and incompetence. The victim families' most incisive questions remain unaddressed to this day.

For more information on the Chicago "9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming our Future" conference and other developments, see  http://www.911revealingthetruth.org and  http://www.911truth.org or contact 911truth.org media spokesman, Michael Berger at 314-308-4893 or september11press at yahoo.com.

* Numerical computations conservatively based on U.S. Census Bureau data projecting 184 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 in 2005.

Survey Methodology: Zogby America, 5/12/06 through 5/16/06

This is a telephone survey of adults nationwide conducted by Zogby International. The target sample is 1,200 interviews with approximately 81 questions asked. Samples are randomly drawn from telephone Cd's of national listed sample. Zogby International surveys employ sampling strategies in which selection probabilities are proportional to population size within area codes and exchanges. As many as six calls are made to reach a sampled phone number. Cooperation rates are calculated using one of AAPOR's approved methodologies1 and are comparable to other professional public-opinion surveys conducted using similar sampling strategies.2 Weighting by region, party, age, race, religion, and gender is used to adjust for non-response. The margin of error is +/- 2.9 percentage points. Margins of error are higher in sub-groups.

Zogby International's sampling and weighting procedures also have been validated through its political polling: more than 95% of the firm's polls have come within 1% of actual election-day outcomes.


Press Contact: Mike Berger
Company Name: 911TRUTH.ORG
Email: september11press at yahoo.com
Phone: 314-308-4893
Website:  http://www.911truth.org

More Information:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/5/prweb388743.htm

homepage: homepage:  http://www.911truth.org
phone: phone: 314-308-4893


Just say NO to drugs( mind control) 05.Aug.2006 07:44


So the gist of the article is thus: the more propaganda one is exposed to without the mediating effect of independent thought, the more effective is their mind control. Hmmm...very telling and compelling. So mainstream media is now proven to be unhealthy and dangerous to total well being. Thanks for the heads up.