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US/Izrael Death Machine vs. Lebanon

A second look at the Azerbaijan oil resources and the BTC pipeline as the root cause of Israel's overreaction to two kidnapped soldiers.
Azerbaijan Offshore Oil Fields
Azerbaijan Offshore Oil Fields
BTC Pipeline
BTC Pipeline
An article recently appeared by 4peace:
Why Lebanon? Think OIL, water,pipelines and profits.

It discusses and provides an article by Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at Canada's University of Ottawa.

There were a few comments to the article, some saying the current invasion of Lebanon has nothing to do with this pipeline. Since when do major oil interests have nothing to do with military incursions? Slap some reality into your faces.

I have also been heavily monitoring corporate news this past month to learn what they are releasing about Israel's invasion of Lebanon and it hasn't been an easy task. At times it has been riding the edge of condemnation to Israel and at others it has simply been what it always is, a mouthpiece for US/Israel propaganda. One thing is certain, I have seen NO COVERAGE whatsoever regarding this pipeline. Given the magnitude of the project, one would expect some major press coverage.

"Since becoming independent in 1991, Azerbaijan has attracted significant international interest in its substantial oil and natural gas reserves. Foreign investors are helping the country to develop its rich oil and natural gas reserves in the Caspian Sea basin, and completion and expansion of new pipelines will allow Azerbaijan to become a significant energy exporter over the next decade."  http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/azerbjan.html

There are substantial oil and natural gas resources offshore from Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan went into economic collapse. The IMF/World Bank walked in the front door with money. The oil corporations followed with investment. Direct foreign investment in the country rose 30 percent in 2004. 97% of that figure was in the country's hydrocarbon sector. Neither one is going to walk away without profit.

A telling view is on one of the maps provided showing the littering of production fields principally by BP and Exxon. The other is the geographical map of the pipelines path from Baku to Ceyhan.

4peace and Michel Chossudovsky have done a great public service in bringing this to our attention. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about this pipeline and then to educate others (and not just on alternative media sites).

I am in full agreement that this is the base for Israel's current War Crimes.