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there is no light at the end of the tunnel in iraq!

forget timetables for withdrawal- cut and run now (jog, trot, crawl, swim, if necessary)

the generals and politicans have abandoned the rank and file soldiers in iraq to their fate. brother and sister soldiers- the ball is in your court- get the troop transports ready
I'll keep this short and sweet. The time for discussion on Iraq is long over. Forget the Bush Administration lies! Forget the weapons of mass destruction! Forget staying the course, the 'war on terrorism', Saddam's ugly face, the so-called 'fight for democracy' in the Middle East, supporting the troops or the thousand and one reasons which have surfaced over the years (yes, years) for supporting the imperialist adventure in Iraq. That is so much background noise now. Here is what counts. That is the appearance on August 3, 2006 of the senior commanding generals, the guys who run the day to day operations of the American military, with the Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld in tow, before the Senate Armed Services Committee. And you better etch the pictures from that proceeding in your minds hereafter anytime someone tries to raise his or her head in defense of the Iraq war (or staying there one more minute).

What the generals did not say is as important as what they said. THE WAR IS LOST. These generals are privy to much more information than they would ever publically acknowledge so when they go, willingly or not, before a Senate Committee and announce that chaos has descended on Iraq one does not need to be Karl Marx to know how really bad the situation is there. These guys are not retired generals sniping at the boss from their consulting firms, think tanks, or vacation retreats. THESE GUYS RUN THE SHOW. These generals did not earn that fruit salad on their chests by being Pollyannnas. They would rather fall on their swords than use words like defeat and retreat. It just does not register that 'shock and awe' has turned in quagmire. So be it. They have, however, learned something over the years. For one thing do not repeat General Westmoreland's 'follies' in Vietnam by painting a rosy picture of success as the U.S. Embassy is being overrun. For another, these guys started their careers fighting on the ground in the boondocks of Vietnam so they KNOW what a civil war is. Vietnam was a class civil war and Iraq is a sectarian civil war but they want no part of it. No way. Nevertheless, the generals are still more than willing to transfer rank and file soldiers to the hellhole of Baghdad to be used as 'cannon fodder' in that same civil war. Some things they do not learn.

This writer makes no bones about his long time opposition to the Iraq war in particular and American imperialism in general. Over the years I have taken my political beatings and been abused by the 'sunshine patriots' over this or that policy. Hey, this is politics so it comes with the territory. Besides I have enjoyed beating up on Bush & Co. when they were riding and now that they are riding low I still enjoy beating these bums down. In fact, let me give them a rabbit punch for good measure. Just to make sure they stay down.

No, I will not cry over the defeat of an imperialist adventure but I feel no sense of righteousness over this. Why? While I never supported the social patriotic slogan-Support the Troops- THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER WERE OUR TROOPS, there is still the unfinished business. Those troops still need to get the hell out of Iraq. Bush and the Generals have stabbed them in the back. The Democratic and Republican politicians have stabbed them in the back. We of the anti-war movement have failed them. It is up to the rank and file soldiers in Iraq now-the ball in their court. At this point the only out is through their own efforts. More on this latter. I am preparing AN OPEN LETTER TO THE RANK AND FILE SOLDIERS IN IRAQ to offer some ideas on organizing themselves out of the chaos. Look for it in this space soon.

A SPECIAL NOTE ON HILLARY 'HAWK' CLINTON, UNITED STATES SENATOR FROM NEW YORK AND PUNATIVE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN 2008. 'Hawk" finally gets it on Iraq- a very, very, very little. Her solution. Have Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld offer his resignation. This, I assume. represents, Ms. Clinton's attempt to win this year's Profiles in Courage Award. Christ, the Congressional pages were calling for that bastard's resignation about a year ago. I do not care about the personal fate of Ms. Clinton or here ambitions. However, her case brings to mind the ghost of Hubert Horatio Humphrey in 1968. Enough said.


have been trying to find a quote without success 04.Aug.2006 10:30


Does anyone know who said this quote? It was regarding withdrawing from Vietnam, when asked how it could be done he something like:
"Boat or plane... either one works."

I can't find the quote anywhere.