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Monday! noon protest of Earl who can't support immediate/unconditional cease fire

Earl has forced us to protest at his office because he has not stated his position on an unconditional and immediate cease fire. This is house resolution H 450 by Dennis Kucinich. Noon. His office is just north of Interstate 84 on NE 7th by the Lloyd center.
What: Non-violent protest to draw media attention to the conflict and Earl's lack of clarity on where he stands on H 450 by Dennis Kucinich. This is a call for an immediate and unconditional cease fire.

When: Monday August 7th Noon

Where: Office of Earl, near the Lloyd center
29 N.E. Oregon Street Suite 115
Just north of Interstate 84 and NE 7th Ave
map click this link --->  http://tinyurl.com/opqms

to help plan call Joe (503) 282-7693
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ya know that Dixie Chicks' song - 04.Aug.2006 08:25


'Good-bye, Earl'....

Monday Protest CANCELED - Postponed Earl finally told us what he thinks. 04.Aug.2006 15:40

Joe Rowe

Here is the statement from Earl's chief of staff


From: "Pomeroy, Julia" < Julia.Pomeroy@mail.house.gov>
To: "' jrowe@igc.org'" < jrowe@igc.org>
Subject: Follow up to your calls to our office
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 13:55:52 -0400

Mr. Rowe-

Thank you for all of your recent communications with Congressman Blumenauer's office. By now you have communicated with almost half of our staff and between those communications and your postings on public web sites, Earl is keenly aware of your position on the crisis between Israel and Hezbolloh. I also appreciate knowing information about your planned protest on Monday.

As part of the "Emergency Week of Action" sponsored by the End the Occupation we are going to be meeting with constituents on both sides of this issue to listen to their opinions and discuss how we move forward. We have begun the process of contacting people to meet with Earl, and have decided because you have already communicated your position; we will not be inviting you to this meeting.

To respond to your recent question on whether Earl supports HR 450, the answer is no, not at this time. As his statement reads:

"Hezbollah must be disarmed, either by the Lebanese government or by a multinational force, and the Lebanese government should receive the help it needs to extend its control across all of Lebanon and rebuild for the benefit of its people. A cease fire without a change in the dynamics on the ground will only sow the seeds of future rounds of attacks, retaliations, death, and destruction"

Thank you for your passion.

Julia Pomeroy
Chief of Staff
Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Rally postponed; negotiations with Earl Monday 04.Aug.2006 15:42


I just spoke with both Willie at Blumenauer's office,and with Joe Rowe. The rally has been postponed for the following reasons.

1. Earl has taken a position, a short time ago. His position to an immediate ceasefire is "No;" BUT, as Joe says, once a position has been taken, negotiations [to hopefully change his stance to a Yes, may be entered into.

2. Earl has agreed to meet with Joe (and probably others,but I don't know who or how many) on Monday afternoon. THEREFORE

3. The noon rally HAS BEEN POSTPONED.


My personal view: There can still be a rally somewhere else, calling for an immediate ceasefire. This would be in solidarity with Amnesty International.


Why would it be canceled? 04.Aug.2006 17:11

Angry former constituent

I want to voice my thoughts on this, and would have happily come to the monday demonstration. I can't understand why it has been canceled, since Earl has not changed his opinion. He DID state a position all along: He refused to support a cease fire, and continued to support Israel. Why are you canceling the demonstration under these circumstances, while babies are dying?

Earl, if you're reading this, you should know there are many of us out here who are very angry with you. Israel kills babies, and you support Israel. That makes you a baby killer.

global warming town hall with Earl 04.Aug.2006 19:33


What: Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Earl Blumenauer
When: Tuesday, August 8, 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Where: in the auditorium at the PCC Cascades campus, 705 N.
Killingsworth, Portland

i'm sure folks can figure out how military aggression in the middle east is fueled by oil interests and present compelling arguments in favor of peace for lebanon...

if you want Earl's eyes and ears - there you go.

Earl's damage control meeting 05.Aug.2006 11:23

Not interested

Since Earl's staff (Julia) has stated that because Joe has expressed an opinion contrary to that of Earl, Joe will not be invited to Earl's damage control meeting, apparently there is little reason for those opposed to Earl's stated opinion to bother showing up. This is a really great way for an elected official to express his interest in his constituents' views. I will now express mine: Fuck you, Earl.