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Rosefriend Apartment/Ladd Tower design review meeting Sept 7th

Update on the events related to development of the Ladd Tower block.
If some of you are still interested in development related to the Ladd Carriage House block, you might check in on the skyscraper page via the following link:


It can be complicated to register and comment on this website, but I encourage you to read if commenting doesn't work out for you.

This is just the last page of 4. Read the rest if you've got the time and care. Inform yourself about how some people think about this situation.

Another weblog, portlandarchitecture.com has a lot of good stuff on this topic if you care to check. It's a smaller, more manageble site to negotiate.

Some people have been thinking about this situation and have expressed themselves with provacative stickers condemning the project. This week's Mercurys has a little blurb about it towards the front.

Basically, Church and developer have applied for a demolition permit for the Rosefriend, but approval of thier tower design has not been given yet. The Portland Design Commission meets on Sept. 7th. This may be when the commission gives their approval of the design.

This topic has been written about on Indy, yet there are still probably many people who are completely unaware of what the project represents to the city. The project stands to destroy classic, quality architecture for new junk, reduce availability of central downtown low-low middle income housing, and erect a 260' wall facing the Park Blocks that will blot out morning sun that Oregonians desperately need in dark winter months. Same goes for the sky, but all day long on that count.

The thing is, Portland citizens have never been well informed about this project or its consequences to city resources. It was done legally, but rather discreetly to avoid public condemnation of it's inevitable effect. The people of Portland, for the most part, have been conveniently left out of this example of making way for progress.

Maybe you, as some people commenting on the Mercury's blog have stated, don't care about some "old, shitty apartments", but it seems like, considering this block's relationship to downtown and the park, that you have a right to some input about what kind of development occurs there. At least you might want to know about this big change before it happens and prevents you from ever seeing the 96 year old Rosefriend Apartments in real life ever again.

I have no idea who put up the stickers condemning the Ladd Tower project, but in uncompromising radical style, they wasted no energy on polite conventions to get their point across at this late hour. They stuck their stickers,profanity and all, right on the developer's artist rendering billboard, south side of the block. Unfortunately, that's what it sometimes takes to get the message across to developer's who don't want to listen to anybody or anything except the coin jangling in their pockets.

Whether you care about the Rosefriend or the Park Blocks, inform yourself about this important pending development in Portland's future. Take a walk up through the verdant, sunlit park, and decide what you want to do to affect the kind of changes to come that you believe will be in the best interests of all citizens. Do not relinquish your part in deciding to property owners (First Christian Church in this case)and wealthy developers.