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restricting free speech

City Council will voe August 16 to limit free speech
August 16 City Council will vote to restrict free speech. The city offers five, three minute slots for public comment at the start of each weekly meeting. Mayor Potter wants to change code so no one person can testify more than once each month. He is tired of seeing the same people testify each week. He and the other Commissioners have traded verbal barbs with these people. At times they are very heated exchanges. Instead of just letting these citizens vent for their three minutes and move on they engage them. Mayor Potter evan comments on their attire such as wanting them to remove their hat. I to believe in manners but why get into it. Let Miss Manners worry about those things. Just let them say their peace and move on. Trying to gag a few gags us all. Commissioner Adams was the only one who called this proposed limitation "unfair". Thank You Commissioner Adams. We can only hope the others rethink their vote. Most politicians are good at not listening to people and have turned it into a art form. I know code. Any person can remove one or all items on the Consent Agenda. It must be read by the clerk and public testimony must take place. Sometimes 50 or more items can be on the no discusion agenda. I have done this before. One person or a few can drag the council meeting on and on and on. Lets not get to worked up about this retriction of the First Amendant and let this go away. tom
oh boy 04.Aug.2006 08:27

gag me

the hat thing reminds me of when pres bush asked a reporter to remove his tempered glasses. Turns out he was blind

gag the council 04.Aug.2006 08:30


People should go to council and sit in the audience wearing gags