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PBS: Tool for the fascist machine

Has anyone else noticed the build up to WW3 on PBS?
It started out slowly, but has built to a crescendo. The Fascist Propaganda organ is most aggregious when it comes in the guise of "Public Broadcasting."
Lately, ninety percent of PBS programming consists of cheerleading for war, recruiting, patriotic drivel, and Zionist justification.
Every night now, war is glorified in at least one prime time segment, while the "news" is blatantly pro regime slanting. I know that PBS is the sacred cow of many liberals, as well as some who lean even further toward the left. Well, your cow is straying into the ministry of propaganda. Soon, the Heil Amerika drumbeat will be too loud to silence. If you are donating to this megatool, you are furthering the cause of world domination. It is time to cut the cord, let the cow go.
History 04.Aug.2006 05:10


The Germans called the total subservience of the media to that other fascist war machine of yesteryear "Gleichschaltung" --- which means, inocuously enough, something like "harmonization" or "induction of conformity."

It is PBS' and NPR's only purpose to present the views of the government, so we shouldn't be all that surprised.