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What's Wrong with the US Society?

Origin and solution of the most important problems in US society.
In my post "What's Wrong with the Opposition in US?" [ http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335509.shtml] I was talking about the strange behavior of real opposition (I prefer to call it dissent here): absence of analysis of the situation in society, absence of critique of dissent's activity and the resulting ineffectiveness of dissent during last 10 years or more. Neither the discussion brought any explication.

It's really very strange if dissent doesn't care about its effectiveness. Everybody cares! It is a sign of serious failure. Serious failure of dissent and the whole US society. In this post I want to analyze what happens in society and explain the behavior of dissent.

I suppose, that the suspect number 1 which is behind all main problems is called "Secret Services". Not because of their failures, but because of their mere existence. In Part I I discuss important features of Secret services. In Part II I list separate problems (like Silenced mainstream media) and try to explain, why they are or can be caused by secret services.



The key question is: "What's the difference between independent person and agent?"

As INDEPENDENT PERSON you can do ANYTHING you want. But there are rules which protect other people from your behavior. The main rules remain almost unchanged during history: see Ten Commandments or Chamurabi's codex.

You should not break these rules (but you can). People judge your behavior and set your MORALE. If you spend a night with your friend's wife your morale is not good, but it is better then if you rob a bank. If you commit murder your morale is very bad. (Please, note that even in THIS case we talk about morale!)

As an independent person (you are the one who decides what you do) you are RESPONSIBLE for your behavior and you must expect punishment if you break some rule.

As a secret service AGENT you MUST DO EVERYTHING YOU ARE ORDERED TO DO. You cannot say "No". You lost your independence. There is nothing to add. It's just that simple!


Imagine, that you (as a secret service agent) get an order to spend a night with your friend's wife, rob a bank or commit murder. How it affects your morale? NOWAY: It was not YOUR decision to do it - you HAD to do it. But if your morale does not depend on your acts, then it cannot be defined: you have NO MORALE. You lost your morale when you lost your independence. The question "What is the morale of an agent?" is the same nonsense like "What is the color of your wings?"

What about RESPONSIBILITY? Who is responsible when a secret service agent commits murder? He is not responsible, because he only did what he was ordered to do. Responsible is the person (inside secret service) who ordered this murder. But because it is a SECRET service we do not know this person. (Sometimes we even do not know that it was a murder: it seems to be accident or suicide.)

Well: When an independent person commits murder he can get life sentence. When an agent commits murder nothing happens. Is there any law saying "Secret service agent is allowed to murder."? No. This situation doesn't MAKE SENSE. I suggest we can turn this situation into a situation which makes sense by adding:

"WHEN YOU ENLIST INTO SECRET SERVICE YOU BECOME CRIMINAL." (It means every secret service agent is a criminal - even if he did nothing.)

The loss of independence affects also other aspects of life:

TRUTH/LIE: The difference between Truth and Lie is not very important for agent. His top priority is the order he gets (and must do). When in contact with other people his activity is not "share information", but "manipulate other people by disinformation" (a mixture of truth and lies). There is also a strong relation between Truth and REALITY (the real world). If the Truth is shattered, Reality becomes blurred.

LOVE and FRIENDSHIP are long-term liabilities. How can you love somebody if you can get an order tomorrow to kill a member of his/her family? How can you have a friend, if you can get an order to put a gun in his car that will convict him from murder? Agent is unable of love and friendship. He can simulate them, but you know: it's not the same.

You cannot TRUST an agent because what he tells is disinformation and he has no responsibility of what he does.

HUMOR can expose a weakness of a person. Humor is a kind of "attack" and it must be based on reality (truth). In a society where humor flourishes you must be aware that you can be "attacked" anytime. For somebody who wants to dominate other people humor is a nasty and dangerous thing. Among agents humor is replaced by FUN.

Through ART authors bring us human emotions we share with others since the dawn of human history. Emotions are independent of social position: the same feels somebody who lives in a 10room house and somebody who lives in a slum when watching "Romeo and Juliet". But why should an agent watch "Romeo and Juliet" if he is unable of love?

Because agent gets orders from somebody else his behavior is UNPREDICTABLE. If the orders are strange or contradict each other, his behavior becomes strange or "mad".


Well it's POWER to manipulate other people, FUN and SEX. Nothing else. Sometimes Fun and Sex cannot be enjoyed, but Power remains for ever.

Independent person and an agent look same, but they differ a lot. Agent is more like a robot or puppet than a human being. Who would want such a person as a partner or friend if his identity was not hidden? And without contact with other people agent looses all he has: his power! Strange and funny thing.


is hierarchical. Person on higher level gives orders to persons on lower level. They must obey. Person on lower level cannot influence person on higher level. Individuals on upper level dominate that on lower levels. This leads to a situation when few persons have full control over millions and can do anything with them.

Secret service passes its agents information and power to manipulate other people, but they remain its "property". You would probably expect some kind of protection, but it is not so: secret service can kill its agents because it fits in the "play" or just for "fun". This is probably the case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh and certainly many less known victims like agents among the victims of 9/11. Secret services use agents like stuff. Cases when agents are killed seem to be rare now, but there is no mechanism to limit them. (I hope you understand, that HUMAN RIGHTS means nothing to agents.)


Murders, drugs smuggling, robbery and other criminal activity are not "failures of individuals", but integral part of secret services activity. Every secret service IS a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION [1]. Its criminal activity cannot be eliminated by "reforming" it, but only by canceling it. Its very existence prevents society to become fully democratic.

When secret services start spreading through society hiring more and more agents the whole society looks less and less free and democratic and has more and more features described as typical for secret service and its agents. The truth and lies (sharply separated) start merging into disinformation, reality is blurred, love is replaced by sex, humor is replaced by fun. Morale and responsibility disappear. Behavior of people becomes strange and unpredictable.

Power structures of society are the first ones affected: Agents elected as representatives of people into democratic institutions (members of parliament, president, judges) are not interested in what people they represent want: their top and only priority is the orders coming from secret service. Society is transformed into dictatorship without any visible abrupt change.

In such a society you cannot trust other people: your wife, your parents, your children. Such a society NEVER existed in human history. You had always real, reliable or at least predictable people around you, people who had responsibility for their behavior and certain interest in other people of the community. Society disintegrates into separate individuals without real relationships among them.



In this part I explain why secret services are or can be behind the most important problems of this society. In case of any doubt, please see Part I.

Fake terror (like 9/11) is a complicated logistic problem with lots of people involved. They all know that they committed serious crime. A single person who starts talking about it threatens people who prepared it. This is why ALL involved people must be agents. It's easy and 100% reliable to gag them: they just get the order "Do not talk about it!".

The top priority of a journalist is to bring important and reliable information. Journalists do not spread disinformation. But who are the "journalists" in mainstream media? If media owners want to spread disinformation, the best one to hire is a secret service agent, because it is his typical activity.

Secret service agent has no rights - either constitutional or human. Why should other people have them?

The top priority of a party is that all votes are correctly counted, because they represent the power of the party in the next period. Democrats accept results in spite of: voting machines without paper trail(!), frequent cases of rigging and manipulation. They even do not insist on recounts! A real political party cannot behave like this. It makes no sense.

If we suppose, that political parties are controlled by secret services, it's easy to understand: Elections are only a "spectacle" played to public, the winner is assigned by secret services in advance (number of votes is unimportant), there is no responsibility to voters. (After the last two elections it is difficult to imagine, that a real man/woman remains member of Democratic party.)

are unimportant if there is no real political opposition.

Torture and killings is a sign of unlimited power. It's well known that secret services do it in many countries ("power" is the most important thing for them! - see Part I), but I don't know about a country where torture is declared STATE POLICY. Even in Nazi Germany concentration camps were not mentioned officially!

In US now all fingers point only to secret services: CIA exports torture to other countries; secret services inspired torture and killings in Iraq prisons and Guantanamo. Embedding of Torture into OFFICIAL state policy is a clear sign that secret services run the country.

There are troubles associated with assassinations: They can look like accidents or a scapegoat can appear instead of real perpetrator. Even if secret services are behind the assassination, we do not know if the victim was not their agent. I cannot explain this problem as a consequence of secret services activity.

There is no doubt, that AIDS was developed in laboratory and was intentionally released into society. As far as other diseases which are new or numbers of which increase constantly (like diabetes type 2, some cancers, autism) - why should we trust doctors that these diseases do not spread due to their activity or inactivity?

Only in the case of AIDS there are already millions of deaths - it means millions of murders! But there is nobody sentenced, even no investigation! Nobody is responsible. Only secret services have no responsibility in this society. It means that all important people involved in this "health care business" must be agents: owners, staff, doctors. (Why ALL? See "Fake terror".)

"WARS" (It means unprovoked wars.)
War is a typical human activity, but reasons to start it can differ. I discuss only Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan wars here: They were initiated by Fake terror (9/11) and supported by mainstream media. In both cases the player behind is secret services.

Real reasons (profit for army suppliers, reconstruction companies, ...) were already discussed in detail elsewhere. I just want to add "Torture and killings" in Iraq prisons and Guantanamo as another reason.

are secondary problems. They emerged when political opposition disappeared. In a correct political environment it is impossible that agenda supported by less than 10% of population is implemented.

AIDS is one of the results of Medical research. Instead of bringing well-being to population it creates profit for "health-care industry" and disaster for the population. Similar disasters are prepared by GM industry. HAARP is working, but it is not known what it is really doing: The strange and extremely virulent Katrina passing over New Orleans can well be another example of Fake terror like 9/11.

Scientific research is more and more often used as a tool for criminal activity. Because there is no investigation, nobody sentenced, the only one who can be behind is Secret services. They are running, using the results and covering up the criminal activity of scientific research.

"STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF DISSENT" (See my post [ http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335509.shtml] for details.)
If we suppose, that dissent in US - at least all the most important/visible subjects - is run by secret services, its strange behavior starts making sense.

One of strange things was the INEFFECTIVENESS of dissent. But is it really a failure? Certainly in case of REAL dissent, but a FAKE dissent run by secret services must be ineffective because it is the reason why it was build.

Another important things real dissent does (and the fake one does not) are: "Analysis of the situation in society" and "Critique of dissent's activity". Fake dissent cannot do them, because they unveil its true identity.

But why the fake dissent was build? I think its main purpose is to MIMIC THE REAL DISSENT to overshadow it. It performs all FORMAL activities just like real dissent: Spreads important information, adds comments, discusses in forums, organizes meetings, plays films, signs petitions, runs web pages and blogs, explains things to family members, friends and neighbors and "agitates as hell".

Here comes the answer to the key question from my previous post ("What's Wrong with the Opposition (dissent) in US?"): "Nothing. There is no dissent in US. At least no important one."



According to the analysis in Parts I and II the primary cause of all important problems (unconfirmed for Political murders) of the US society [2] is the existence of "Secret services". The first step which must be done, is to cancel them to restore morale, responsibility and other aspects of the society. Then it will be possible to start solving problems mentioned in Part II - if they persist.

This is of course very difficult, if not impossible. Absence of dissent means that there is (almost) nobody to start something. It's probably too late to reform this society with embeded criminality, which looks more like a puppet theatre than a real society.

(Anyway, if you are too afraid to talk - or even think - about it, it's really too late.)



[1] ... As Marchetti writes in The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence: The "clandestine mentality" is a mind-set that thrives on secrecy and deception. It encourages professional amorality - the belief that righteous goals can be achieved through the use of unprincipled and normally unacceptable means. Thus, the cult's leaders must tenaciously guard their official actions from public view. To do otherwise would restrict their ability to act independently; it would permit the American people to pass judgment on not only the utility of their policies, but the ethics of those policies as well.

... Describing how an organization might blow up an airplane or a building to kill one or two people, former DEA Agent Mike Levine says: "Once you arrange a death, once you employ one of these organizations that do this sort of thing, it's out of your control."

(David Hoffman: The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, chapter: A Strategy of Tension)

[2] I talk about US where these problems are most visible+discussed, but similar problems exist in many "developed countries".
Yoker, where are you? 04.Aug.2006 16:12


Great stuff! Everything no one says, but everyone knows. Where can I get more info and documentation of this material?

Yes, ... 09.Aug.2006 13:08


... puppets do not like to say/hear that they are puppets. I have no more info - I think that only the main things are important now. My email is  yoker584@yahoo.com, but it is better to add a comment on my blog:  http://xyoker.blogspot.com/ because my email seems to be filtered. (Where I am? I have been some days on mountains and now I am at home. :-) )