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0803 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, August 3rd, 2006.
1. Members of tribes around the Klamath River on the Oregon-California border demonstrated in Portland yesterday. They want PacifiCorp to take out four dams on the Klamath River - and we're not talking about big ones like Bonneville - so that they can have their lives and their fish back. They point out that putting in new fish ladders would cost twice as much as just removing the dams.
2. Which suddenly reminded PacifiCorp that it had meaning to take out those pesky dams and "aren't opposed to the idea as long as it doesn't cost customers."
3. Which reminded the Oregon Tidal Energy company to seek the fed's approval to study the Columbia River as a site for underwater turbines. The turbines could potentially generate many times more energy than the dams on the Klamath currently do.
4. The 'open primaries' initiative failed to gather enough signatures to get on the November ballot. Senator Ryan Deckert, who helped launch the effort, noted that most of the measures that have qualified for the ballot are conservative - or simply put, right wing - initiatives largely bankrolled by out-of-state interests. The 'open primaries' initiative is homegrown. (Recall that meeting of Republican deal-makers inspired by Norquist and Rove that had a big meeting earlier this summer? The one from which a reporter for the Oregonian was 'ejected'?)
5. State economic development officials have gone wild handing out tax breaks to corporations of questionable mass. Originally the idea was to lure giants like Intel to the state. Now the "business climate" is warming to corporate welfare in a big way.
6. Crook County developers decided to take Measure 37 for a little test drive recently. They wanted to find out if it was okay for Measure 37 development rights to be sold to a third party. Answer: They can't. Problem: The developers will claw their way around the ruling.
7. The recently baptized psychopath in Seattle who shot and killed one person and wounded five others at a Jewish center, could get the death penalty. Depends on the "political climate."
8. Portland activist, Martha Odom... what a Human Being. I read a letter from her. She has been fasting for 25 days at the White House, whooping it up with John 'Bring Em Home' Conyers representative, getting hit by a car, getting back to Camp Casey... doing all the things we all would do if only we had the courage.
9. Rumsfeld was able to find time in his busy warmonger's schedule to brief the Senate on what the heck the plan is in Iraq. (Apparently, "The things that we don't know we don't know" are the ones we ought to have been paying attention to.
10. According to a Scripps Research Center poll at Ohio University, 37 percent of the American public thinks that the government orchestrated and facilitated the destruction of the twin towers and the Pentagon on 9/11. People figure that explosives charges such as are used in demolition were used to flatten the World Trade Center and blow a Mystery Hole (plane enters hole smaller than plane and then mostly disappears... ) in the Pentagon. The shadow government did this, so thinks America, in order to get into a shooting match in the Middle East. (Why does America hate America?)
11. Why They Hate Us: The initial investigation finds that American Marines deliberately shot 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha last November. And that's just for starters...
12. Why They Hate Us: A GI told investigators yesterday that his commanding officer, one Michael 'Black Hawk Down' Steele ordered his troops to "Kill all of them." So Good soldier Bradley Mason did...
13. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ordered the full disclosure of records in a court battle between FBI terrorism investigators and Connecticut librarians. It all hinges around the National Security Letters the librarians received. The whole dust-up had been kept secret - not by the librarians, though - and now the ACLU wants the records... for their record collection...
14. The US is getting propagandaed-up in preparation for Fidel Castro's demise. (Although most of America's efforts at winning the world's hearts and minds consist of blowing those hearts and minds into little pieces with 500 lb. Bombs. (The Bush administration has struggled with the image-making machinery. Example? You just try to teach Karen Hughes how Rumba... ).
15. Jose Padilla's trial has been postponed again. (while the government runs out to buy a gallon or so of Elmer's to get those damn charges to stick... )
16. Fried Freedom Dept.: French fries and French toast are back on the menu in the House of Representatives cafeteria.
17. Persecuted Israelis launched another punishing round of air strikes on Beirut and the ground offensive in Southern Lebanon pushed further toward the old demarcation line. The south of Lebanon is in ruins.
18. The EU told the US to take its 'Hezbollah is a Terrorist Group' and shove it up its enormous American ass.
19. thousands of Shiite civilians who have been guarding their Baghdad neighborhoods marched in a show force yesterday. If no one else is going to protect their people, then why not the Badr Brigades? You want to give it a shot?
20. The numbers of dead all across Iraq are mounting. Depending on the sources, the numbers differ too, which suggests that there is simply so much killing that no one is actually counting any more. What the US has created in that nation is unspeakable. It is a massacre of historic proportions and it is unforgivable.
21. The evidence of election fraud in the Mexican election is beginning to emerge now that the American 'advisors' have oozed back north.
22. In Colombia, indigenous tribes are - specifically the Pijao and the Paez - are fighting evictions, displacement, death threats and forced disappearance ("forced disappearance" what the hell?). They have been resisting the blandishments of "civilization" for centuries. (And lately, "civilization" is looking more barbaric by the day.)
23. Phighting in the Philippines: The Philippine military says five members of the Muslim group Abu Sayyaf have been killed in clashes in the south.
24. In Sri Lanka, thousands of Muslims are fleeing or seeking refuge in mosques and churches as the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers battle it out on top of the lives of civilians.
25. A church leader, one Pastor van Rooyan, has been importing people from South Africa to the Isle of Man and keeping them virtually as slaves. Van Rooyan was busted on immigration charges because he had provided these people with false documents. Apparently, human slavery if okay, but if you violate immigration laws... watch out!

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