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The US lost an important country today

The 'Project for a New American Century' is sinking so fast, that only the blood besmirched US flag is still visible above the growing waves of intense contempt. Within six years the US 'management' and its war machine has been unveiled: the blood of it's victims has totally washed away the façade.

FPF - Europe - August 3, 2006 - To make a long story short: the 'US Empire' lost early this morning an earlier usurped and strategically very important rich country the size of France, with fifty million inhabitants, to the Russian Empire which still is convinced that Ukraine is an important part of it. On the front pages of the global 'news' c.q. propaganda papers today, the for 'the crazies' in Washington bad news is 'adjusted', or, as the PNAC paper the International Herald Tribune phrased it: an enemy of the US has been nominated in Ukraine.*

Power and profit is back in Moscow's Kremlin, and the US 'project managers' lost this one too. Including the influence over the strategically very important 'Russian' part of the Caspian sea.

Internationally the signs are seen - as clearly as the US/Israeli bombs raining on Lebanon - that it's not only in Afghanistan, Iraq,* Lebanon and many other countries the US/Israeli war machine is under attack and losing. Russia - as one of the global opposition forces and resistance - drew a line in the sand after the faked 'election' in Ukraine in 2004 for Washington's CIA man Victor Yushenko. The fact that his wife, Kathy, is American, works for the PNAC and has worked for Reagan and the CIA etc. was - and is - hardly ever mentioned.*

By the US National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, fake NGO's etc. mostly via the US Embassy, USAID etc. funded 'movements' in Ukraine, are the 'PORA People's Party', Yulia Tymoshenko's Bloc, 'Our Ukraine' and probably the 'Ukrainian People's Party'. - The CIA paid PORA group, now wants the newly elected parliament to disband and new (fixed) elections to be held in Ukraine. They still don't understand what can happen to them: in both the US and Russia there are Gulags. With the same malignant 'masters' than as now. And Holocaust in Ukraine is called Holodomor.*


The US management's inhumane 'Might makes Right' drive for global hegemony is - like the other's - 'only' a fight for power and profit. Around the world already for centuries being fought with armed forces under any fake flag, religion, name or logo, and all connected to secret services and psychological- and 'false flag'-operation units. Including all the war advocating media megaphones which are used and abused for propaganda in most countries of the world. China - which by canceling US loans can declare the US still more bankrupt today - leaves this until further notice - or geopolitical need - to the present management of the 'Russian Empire' under former secret service 'KGB' top man Vladimir Putin, as autocratic President. Who - even more than most people in the world - also is totally fed up with the threat of the American/Israeli PNAC idea, and some years ago decided to stop the predators which are trying to steal part of Russia's loot.*

When the CIA for the umpteenth time managed to fund and stage a so called 'popular revolution' - this one in Ukraine - most international observers were wondering: can the US 'spooks' pull this one off too? Well... no, it didn't work here either, even if hundreds of millions of US tax dollars were squandered about which the taxpayers are never informed: it's all 'secret'.


The US defeat was early this morning confirmed by the 'front man' - president Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine, whom the US put on the throne. But alas, and as expected, the 'CIA man' lost to a majority fighting his PNAC rule, and he is now forced to accept 'enemy' Yanukovich as Prime minister. And this PM is his pro-Russian opponent, who was robbed of his election victory by the CIA's fake 'Orange Revolution'. He is a Moscow backed Politruk and Kommissar, who is looking for revenge. This is 'only' another Russian geopolitical step, one of many taking advantage of the fact that the United States is going down on it's knees.

In Ukraine, since last March 26 parliamentary elections where Yushenko's party only got 14 percent of the votes - and the CIA and collaborating 'spooks' really tried everything - more than four months of political stalemate and 'cloak and dagger' followed, in which the 'crazies' in Washington - via every possible channel - tried to stop Russia from taking back Ukraine.

''Being forced to accept Yanukovich as prime minister - he was openly supported by Russia during the scandal-tainted 2004 elections - would undermine Yushchenko's efforts to guide Ukraine closer toward political and economic ties with Europe, rather than Russia.'' the PNAC's Herald Tribune writes today.*


What they in between the lines are admitting, is that in the political fight for this profitable country - strategically very important in connection with the Caspian Sea, war harbors and oil and gas pipelines - the US lost the possibility to reconfigure it's empire. The chance is gone to use more brainwashed cannon fodder as so called UN or 'NATO peace troops', kiling to defend US interests, or to bleed Ukraine like the other colonies within the European Union. The 'Rien ne va plus' was announced long before, but the crusading 'crazies' apparently vegetate in some other inhuman universe, an alien world where reason, compassion, decency, human behavior or logic are non-existing.

However: not Washington's PNAC mafia, nor the foreign managers of the European Union among the 'London War Lords' are amused, it is understood. This means that their propaganda press proceeds with the usual lies, smear and slander concerning all and everything connected to Russia, Russian president Putin and the people in Ukraine; all between heaven and hell will be done to cover and belittle the American defeat and loss of another country.

It also means that the desperate last ditch effort the past night by the CIA's 'president of Ukraine' most probably will disappear in the global 'memory hole'.

Because beaten 'president' Yushenko tried - until the early morning hours of today - to get the parliamentary opposition parties to sign his PNAC master's documents, selling Ukraine and its people.

A 'Pact with the Devil' apparently, stating and confirming that Ukraine will follow the US PNAC policy too; with NATO's killing scenario and totalitarian London made EU rules, including low wage slave labor and inhuman tax laws.

"Unfortunately, the pact has not been signed," US stooge Yushchenko had to admit.




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* One has to keep in mind that ALL so called 'objective observers' watching an election somewhere on the globe, ALWAYS are paid by their own governments. Which in almost all cases cooperate with the US and will defend US interests. They are never 'independent' - NEVER! It's all part of the (failed) US 'empire building' - OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Election Observation Mission - www.osce.org/odihr - Presidential Election - Ukraine 2004

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* RELATED: BACKGROUND LINKS TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE - If after checking a factual error is found, pls. send an email. - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/fhln9

* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:  http://liimirror.warwick.ac.uk/uscode/17/107.html

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