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Earthquake at 1:30ish?

Did anybody else feel the earth shake at approx. 1:30am august 3rd?
Earthquake? Or am I just high?
Earthquake 03.Aug.2006 05:38


Yes, I heard and felt it at about 1:37, turned on KEX radio at 2 am, and they said there was an earthquake that was felt in the area, at the time no details were given.

3.8 03.Aug.2006 08:42

Toe Tag

Centered near Vancouver. Barely a chaser.

Yeah 03.Aug.2006 10:54


It shook my table.

the whole house shook 03.Aug.2006 16:27


in SE PDX....I was on the top floor; trying to fall asleep, the entire house shook and it certainly wasn't the wind!!
I was in SF for the big one in 1989, and felt other small ones, and this one was big enough to shake the enitre house.
We all know this isn't normal - anyone still doubt that we destroy our Mother each and every day?!

Perfectly normal 03.Aug.2006 17:53


Earthquakes are a daily occurrence in the Pacific NW. We just don't always feel them. We live in an earthquake zone, for pete's sake. Let's save the paranoia for Bushco and pals.

Take a look a googmaps, it's got an earthqauke option. 03.Aug.2006 18:24


You'll quickly see that there is never a moment when the earth is not quaking.

I was in Vancouver at the time 03.Aug.2006 21:10

and my clock said 1:39 am

I thought it was an average quake compared to the average quakes I have been through.
But the other quakes I have been through seemed more "regular," as in a wave or a building up of jiggling, whereas this one seemed like a slight jiggling, then more serious jiggling.
And me, like usual, I sat there thinking, "What is this--is it an earthquake or something else--yes, it's definately an earthquake!" And then I realize just as suddenly that again, I should have went to a doorway or warned the family or something, but it was the last thing from my mind. Earthquakes are amazing, but it's also amazing that I always think they are fun and never think they could be dangerous at the time they occur.