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ThinkProgress Disses "9/11 Conspiracy Theorists" RE: Qana

very disappointing for ThinkProgress to lump us in with - of all people - Michelle Malkin ....

"9/11 conspiracy theorists: there is no evidence to support [their] claims."

Rather interesting that TP's being so pro-active, out of the blue, about bashing 9/11 "theorists" with circuituous claims and parallels to Malkin when she's so eminently bashable all by herself (needs no help).
9/11 Conspiracy Theory Redux: Malkin Argues That Qana Was An Inside Job

Fox News analyst and right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin is pushing wild conspiracy theories about the tragic death of 56 innocent civilians, including 37 children, in Qana, Lebanon. Like 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Malkin claims the incident was an inside job. Malkin has another thing in common with 9/11 conspiracy theorists: there is no evidence to support her claims.

The Choreographed Photos Claim. Malkin argues that the pictures of dead civilians at Qana "appear to be posed, not spontaneous action shots of an unfolding tragedy." She cites the blog EU Referendum, whose author Richard North speculates that one man who appears in several photos carrying dead bodies is a "Hezbollah official." Asked by a Washington Post blogger for evidence to substantiate this claim, North responded, "All I have to go on is gut instinct."

The Hezbollah Bombing Claim. Malkin also pushes the theory that Hezbollah "destroyed the building deliberately." Malkin points to a possible eight hour delay between when the Isrealis report striking the building, and the first reports of the building's collapse. (Even popular conservative blogs have noted the similarity between this claim and the WTC Building 7 conspiracy theories.)

Accounts of the incident from Israel, Lebanon and reporters all contradict Malkin's version of the events. Villagers in Qana say the wall and roof of the building collapsed shortly after the building was struck. Reporters on the scene confirm that the building "appeared to be hit from above." Israeli Air Force chief of staff Amir Eshel has acknowledged he "can't say" when the building collapsed, and has relied on "foreign press reports" to determine the timing. Regardless, Israel is not suggesting that the collapse was staged by Hezbollah. Eschel called even the suggestion that Hezbollah had stored munitions in the building a "conspiracy theory." The Israeli airforce says it has "no information on... the presence of Hezbollah men [in the area] at the time." Also, Israel has apologized for the incident.

But remember we're the "moonbats."

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Posted by Think Progress August 2, 2006 6:09 pm

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