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9.11 investigation

Additional evidence of explosives used in the Twin Towers (san typo)

More evidence of explosive use in the Towers.
Dear 9/11 Truth activists:

I believe we have additional video proof that explosions were use in the twin towers besides the squibs and Steven E. Jones Thermite evidence. While watching the film "9/11 Eyewitness" with a group of friends, I noticed at exactly 38 minutes into the film, when the south tower was beginning to collapse, a series of explosions happening in the lower section, below the collapse zone. I noticed them when playing the film at normal speed, though my friends had initially missed it. Since we had the DVD we could slow this collapse series down to 1/8th the speed and then you could noticed them quite clearly. My friends all saw this with amazement and we speculated if these lights could possible be reflections from the sunlight on the windows. We concluded that they could not be as the cloud of dust and smoke from the fire area would have obstructed the rays of the sun. Also, the explosions were very bright and intense.

I think this would help in our eventual indictment of the Bush Crime family.

Here is a link to the video, however you will not be able to see the flashes on this. Unfortunately, you will need to buy the DVD. And, no, I am not affiliated in anyway with the movie producer. There was good and bad about the film but this footage is priceless.