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Oregon's Gas scooter Laws..WTF???!!!!!

This article deals with the way oregon has set up the stand up scooter laws to keep would be stand-up scooter riders OFF the streets...OR MOVING SLOWER THAN A SICK DOG. EVEN the mature; intelligent and safe riders. Like me.
Okay...admittedly there are not a lot of 187 pound stand up sooter riders in Pdx. I am on(maybe the only one???). Never the less, that is no reason for the oregon dmv/legislature to create a situation that has NO remedy...to assure I will be ticketed if stopped by an officer.

Under the hood of EVERY car on the road is an engine...with a cubic inch designation that denotes that engine can create enough power to drive the car and it's occupants two to four times faster than our local posted speed limits. But you do not see cops ticketing auto drivers due to the POTENTIAL POWER and or equipment size of their motors. As long as you are operating at the posted speed limits(unless you show up on the road in a top fuel dragster or obvious strip intended 'funny car')...you are going to be okay. The rules get a little more 'nazi' when you step out on your(you evil threat to society YOU!!!) stand up gas scooter.

OH boy!... I guess we HAD BETTER HAVE A LAW that says a stand up scooter rider cannot have an engine(on the street)that is 50 cc....EVEN IF THAT RIDER IS TRAVELING AT THE LEGAL SPEED LIMIT FOR SCOOTERS; HAPPENS TO BE A MATURE MAN WHO HAS NOT RECIEVED A TICKET IN 10 YEARS. REALLY?!? What kind of discriminatory IDIOCY is THIS???

I called a Portland desk cop and ran the lunacy of this double standard approach to road use rights and all I got was robotic responses that backed up the law...instead of cracking it open (as I thought might happen...silly me)to let a little logic and fairness IN.

I have my 50 cc stand up gas scooter which I love to ride(hey! It is fun!!!). It is my way of saying 'SCREW O.P.E.C' at least part of the time. And now I have to worry about Cops who will cite me for a 50 cc engine instead of WHAT I AM ACTUALLY DOING????? IS THAT EVEN FAIR??? The non-geniuses who made it illegal for me to have my 50 cc scooter on the road...ALSO made it so if I follow all the guidelines to operate under the 'moped regs'(since my motor is 50cc)...I cannot possibly do so. Therefore they have created a law...without a workable remedy...and therefore locked me into a 'lawbreaker' status for riding my 50 cc stand up scooter. I have been riding it for 6 months and several cops have passed me and not one has stopped or ticketed me. BUT WHY DO I EVEN HAVE THE THREAT HANGING OVER MY HEAD; BASED ON WHAT CAN ONLY BE A DISCRIMINATORY LAW? THIS IS NOT HOW OREGONIANS(in cars or on scooters!)should have to take to the roads...in fear of assanine laws.

I am just WAITING to get stopped because I have a 50 cc motor. When whatever 'super-cop' is so rookie or so bored that he does not have anything better to do than stop me for a 50 cc motor(I wonder if that would make it onto the COPS t.v. show???? Probably not!)I will FIRST give him my "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!" LOOK....THEN I will take the ticket and scoot on to wherever I am going...and to court. But what a *(&%#(_*&_ HASSLE!!!

I have a 50cc motor...because THAT is the only motor size that will carry me/ at my weight, the allowed limit of '24 mph'(dmv). The ONLY reason that Oregon could be picking on engine sizes of gas scooters is to discriminate. If not(I say again)THEN WHY DO THEY NOT APPLY THE SAME CRITERIA TO AUTO ENGINE SIZES? NO....JUST TO US INFERNAL SCOOTER RIDERS!

I will keep on riding my 50cc scooter...NOT TO DISRESPECT THE SAFETY OR REALITY OF THE ROAD...but because it is reasonable for me to have and ride one for the stated reason. My equipment is safe and I obey all the traffic laws and extend courtesy to cars/bikes/pedestrians as I should. But THIS extra stab at the expense of fairness and logic on the part of the state of oregon is unfair; absurd and discriminatory. If a cop has court time for THAT...so do I.

What's next...will cops be citing bicyclists whose legs are obviously strong enough to carry them faster than legal bike lane speeds????

Would the state rather I drive my huge van every where I go??! Not going to happen.

Ummmm... 02.Aug.2006 21:23

Ride on brother

Why the rant when you've been riding six months and haven't been stopped? Maybe focus a little more on something that actually happened instead of losing your mind over nothing.

um 02.Aug.2006 21:25


you CAN have a 50cc scooter, you just need a motor cycle licence. how is that discrimination? A 50cc can sometimes go up to 50 mph, that's why you need a licence. Just because you only drive your scooter at 35 doesn't mean you don't need the motorcycle licence. That would be like saying as long as you only drive your porche at 35, it doesn't need to be classified as a vehicle that can go 150mph. Go take the test, and get your licence. It's not hard.

"ummmmm'...the LAW is what matters...not whether one has been punished yet! 03.Aug.2006 09:40


That was such a lazy and inconsiderate response that I won't say much to it. I guess based on your ideals(dare I use that term)...nobody should pay attention to any law UNTIL it bites them. Hmmmmm...is it people like YOU that are the reason intersections are not patrolled or made safer...UNTIL somebody (or enough people)get hurt or killed???? I'm sure that the legislature LOVES people of your sit down and shut up; 'what me worry' approach. I have noticed that anytime people like you see more than two pointed sentences together...it is, to you, a "rant".

'd' that is incorrect. 03.Aug.2006 09:47


I read very carefully the Oregon statutes before I posted. I have a STAND UP scooter which was several times clearly stated. The ONLY reason I would need to 'upgrade'(lights etc)to 'moped' is due to the 50 cc motor. Mopeds are allowed to have a 50cc motor...BUT I DON'T DRIVE A MOPED...and it cannot be made into a moped. And, mopeds do NOT require a m.c. license. Your point is moot. BTW, I have had a motorcyle license for 8 years. It is not the issue nor remedy for this situation. Read my original writing again...or better yet...read the statutes. I did. More than once. Because I could not believe how stupid they are in this.

False advertising 03.Aug.2006 11:34


A VERY neatly applied decal or two on
your 50cc scooter saying "40cc" in italics
should do the trick nicely.

I feel ya man 10.Feb.2007 16:57

D_burd dave_3_burdick@hotmail.com

I also have a stand up gas-scooter/ i have never had a problem once about anything with it...it's not a 50cc...though it goes plenty fast...recently i purchased a 50cc moped..and am now satisfied w/that...

ITS CALLED STICKERS 27.Feb.2007 15:31

lil man

dede im 12 and i figured out my 50cc 4 stroke quiet scooter cruises at a nice 45 mph. I with some stickers fool cops 50cc 4 stroke i call it a 40cc 2 stroke with a nice muffler...

confirmation of new oregon laws 16.Apr.2009 16:43


I just came from a local scooter shop in Milwaukie. The only of the shop informs me that new oregon laws now state that any scooter that "will" do more then 30 miles per hour will require registration, insurance and a motor cycle endorsment on your driver's license. Because of the new laws he is selling 50cc scooters because it makes no difference if it's below 49cc or above 50cc. You still have to get it registered and insured. Anyone have any input on this subject? It's starting to become more and more obvious that our local government is spending more time and money figuring out ways to do less for us and do more to us.

WTF indeed! I want to zip around save gas and be safe! 31.Aug.2015 22:52

ScooterMan forbiddenartist@gmail.com

I recently bought a 150cc scooter. I usually drive my truck but figured, "Hey why not save gas and money and be able to drive my daughter around in a fun way\\\?" Well now that I have it and the Oregon title i realize I need to get a motorcycle licence! Thats all fine n dandy but I work mon-fri 9-5 and it seems to get an endorsement you have to Pay some BS TEAM OREGON class $199 to get endorsed. Really! I work and the DMV is not open on the weekends! WHY THE HELL NOT\\\?\\\?\\\? I want to follow the laws and figured this is a step in the right direction until I step up to a full size motorcycle. But why is it so damn hard to get a MC endorsement! I work and have kids and just want to be able to take em on rides and save gas etc. These scooters that are automatic should not need to require an endorsement or there should be a different class of endorsement for these scooters, or at the very least have the DMV be open during weekends so you can actually get an endorsement. I don't have the time or money to take a few days off work and pay some people to get endorsed. They should let people take a test for knowledge ride around some cones and be off! It is idiocracy.



the laws to transit in a state where the climate is so hostigant should not be so strong. in the hypothetical case that a person can not obtain a license for driving, and this needs to transfer in certain times where public transport is not in service, then is when we have a serious problem. should allow scooter, moped, etc, with more speed of transfer, is absolute, far from helping the oregon people, interfere in its prosperity and realization against certain difficulties.