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portland area defense contractors

with a little research, i have compiled a list of local defense contractors' offices. i hope this can be of use to anti-war activists, though you may want to do additional research and verification on your own.
a handy guide to local defense contractors


7700 ne ambassador pl

dyn corp
5241 ne 122nd ave.

bechtel (one of the worst!)
6135 ne 80th ave. #a7

textron fastening systems
6020 n cutter cir

urs corp
4288 se int'l way

cardinal health
11943 ne sumner st

rockwell collins
16600 sw 72nd ave #10

maersk inc
1001 sw 5th #1212


3131 ne brookwood pkwy


johnson controls
4011 se int'l way #605

lake oswego:

gulfstream aerospace
17457 cardinal dr.

west linn:

gulfstream aerospace
3097 sunbreak ln


pratt & whitney
1021 se sunnyside rd #300

vancouver wa:

ge aircraft engines
12705 ne 101st st

honeywell int'l
11110 ne 103rd st

hope this helps.



Excellent...who should we target first?! 02.Aug.2006 23:25


Good research!! I am curious how many Portlanders these comps. employ, and if we could help those people find other jobs, so they could move back from the dark side.

Recently quit a company in part because they had no scruples about soliciting business from Halliburton and firms defending against 9-11 lawsuits!! Anyone else have tales of avoiding the dark side??


amazing! 03.Aug.2006 07:04


thank you for your research!

good job. 03.Aug.2006 08:47


1 - how about a list of nanotech and spyware companies, also?

2 - go after them all - one or two folk with signs out front during lunch hour and end of day - point the finger at em - let everyone know who they are and where they are.