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Photogs of Save the Klamath Salmon Rally

Native peoples and their supporters, about 150-200 strong, gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center at 11:00 am and marched to the Portland Convention Center for a rally where International hydropower corporations are holding their bi-annual HydroVision Conference.
The Rally and March was energetic and punctuated with chants, both organized and spontaneous. People felt this issue strongly deep in their heart and cried out loudly for the removal of these dams, blocking not only the salmon, but a way of life and a relationship centuries, millenniums old.

The March was at least three blocks in length when marching down to the Convention Center, where Native speakers from the tribes affected by the dams demanded the dams be removed and asked supporters to contact their elected leaders with this message: BRING THE SALMON HOME!

Klamath River Tribes, fishermen, and citizens are fighting to remove PacifiCorp's Klamath dams. Four dams are presently up for their 50 year re-licencing by FERC (Federal Energy Relicencing Commission). This is an opportunity of a life time to have these antiquated fish-blocking dams decommissioned and removed.
The fate of the dams is still under negotiation and Portland based PacifiCorp, the dams owner (Warren Buffet being the company's largest share holder) needs to hear from the people of the Klamath and all those who are supportive in person. The Klamath, Karuk, Yurok, and Hoopa Tribes and non-native river communities rely on salmon and a healthy Klamath River Basin to survive. As long as the dams stand, serious environmental and cultural in-justices continue, including loss of the thriving Klamath salmon fishery, negative health effects due to loss of salmon as part of the traditional diet, and degraded water quality.

Following the speakers, a mock dam was raised up and, accompanied by loud cheers, knocked down by the many salmon who attended the rally.
Here are some photographs taken during the event. Audio of the speakers will soon follow.

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