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Sacred Space II

Last fall, nearly two hundred people got together on a sunny September day with a vision. The team descended upon St. Francis Park in SE Portland to serve in an amazing renovation project with over $5,000 in resources raised. The park was transformed from a blighted area into sacred space.

Plans for Sacred Space 2006 are currently underway! This year instead of one big project, we've put together 50 smaller projects around the city, little "pockets of redemption and renewal" -- and a major celebration afterward.
Sacred Space is about recalling our duty to preserve creation by reclaiming harmony with God’s Kingdom: the way things should be. We are committed to a missional journey of actively repairing the broken places all around us, partnering with God to restore our divinely-created habitat.
We want to engage the city in this process of regeneration, planting seeds of hope and nurturing the faith that we can make life better together. We believe that God invites people from all beliefs into this progressive movement. As we combine our talents we experience authentic community rich in meaning, truth, beauty and worship.
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On Saturday, August 12th, we are planning a number of small work projects which will take place simultaneously throughout Portland. We are hoping to have a good number of people who belong to Imago Dei Community involved in these projects partnering alongside members of the local community and existing worthwhile projects.

All told, we have 50 projects lined up running from around 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We encourage members of our community to take initiative in organizing these projects.

Following the project, we’re planning a huge celebration. Everyone involved will be invited along to eat and share together and celebrate what has happened during the day.

homepage: homepage: http://sacredspace.imagodeicommunity.com/about/

next turnout 02.Aug.2006 17:41

August 12th

also happens to be the day of major global actions in response to Israel's murderous ways

I applaud you for the work you are doing and hope you have a large response.
I would like you to consider doing a combined set of actions that day. Working to reclaim sacred space and working to put forth a message regarding the Middle East crisis by placing some large stationery signs at the sites you will be involved with. This way, volunteers, pedestrians and vehiclar passer-bys will have messages given to them in numerous areas about town.

Good luck in your work and thank you.

perserving the 02.Aug.2006 23:34


all peoples unite in the presevation and protection of the creation as the roots of the trees hold hands underground may the people realize their mutual connection to the breath of all beings