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Wal-Mart gets it's first unionized store in CHINA

Wal-Mart gets unionized in CHINA!
Ok sounds crazy, but it's true. Here is some interesting news from China not getting any play in the US press. Hmmm...wonder why not, they wouldn't want the workers here doing anything like that would they?

"Thirty employees at a Wal-Mart store in the southeastern city of Quanzhou, in Fujian province, have voted to form the union, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday."

"The first labour union at a Wal-Mart store in China is reported to have been formed following a lobbying campaign by the country's official union group."


not for long 02.Aug.2006 19:18

Sungi Pung-Pung

It wont be open long. wal mart has a history of closing their stores if they become union. They had one in canada i belive that went union and they quickly closed it and opened a new store further down the road. You are more than right my friend about this not being in the news. I have read that walmart has a hotline that you are supposed to call if you see people agitating a union. guess no one called! this is the first step, hopefully it will catch on!

actually not the first 05.Aug.2006 21:28

union girl

Actually the first walmart union was in quebec but the company shut the store down after it unionized.

Interesting 09.Sep.2006 17:30

CAW guy

Hmmmm........could the fact that Wal-Mart gets 99% of it's products from China in the first place have anything to do with the acceptance (for now)of a union? Or am I out to lunch?

actually... 16.Apr.2007 14:46


there was a 2 page story (which was thin substance) in last weeks NYT. The Economist also had a blurb about it on their website. So there was SOME coverage, even in the hyper-capitalist organs i just mentioned. It should also be noted that there are laws requiring certain types of businesses (over a certain # of emplyees, owned by foreigners- capitalists, westerners, and american at that) in China to have unions (China is a maoist-stalinist state, remember?) The best their union might do for them is to force the bosses to pay them min. wage (which is uncommon in much of china) So while I always believe a worker with a union, no matter how toothless, impotent, or corrupt is atleast slightly better off than one without just thought i'd play devil's advocate. And the SWP's paper The Militant has an article about it too. Shit's buried but you can usually smell it.