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Hezzballah still completley intact and fighting

Israeli Terrorist cannot beat Hezballah.
I will attempt to get through today to my family in Lebanon. Hezballah is still completely intact. Israel's boasting yesterday about the terror unleashed on Hezballah and the devastation it had was a lie. The whole country of Lebanon is behind Hezballah too, not just southern Lebanon, that's another lie. I will post on this thread once I get through. The only people Israel is killing are civilians.
Fight at a hospital 02.Aug.2006 21:20


The Israelis got into Lebanon by air and had a 4-hour fight to get in a hospital. There were 16 Lebanese killed, 17 injured, and 5 captives taken. Hezballah surrounded the hospital after Israeli troops secured it; the US helicopters used by the Israeli's then airlifted the solders out of Lebanon. There needs to be a cease fire, I do not mean to state something so obvious, but the Israeli and Lebanese solders have both had minimal causalities while many civilians in Lebanon and Israel are getting killed. Just hours ago Hezballah fired 200 rockets into Israel and destroyed 5 tanks at the border. The reason the rest of the Lebanese army is not getting involved is that with Israel having such state of the art weapons from the US, the Lebanese Army without Hezballah would easily be destroyed. It's getting very difficult to get information out of Lebanon.

The terrorists can't win 03.Aug.2006 12:02


Once the people of Lebanon decided they would defend their homes, their lives, their children's lives, and their country against the Israeli terrorists, the terrorists lost. There's no way that the Israeli terrorist State can "win."

US sponsored Israeli carnage 03.Aug.2006 22:46


Israel acts as US proxy in the Middle East. This puny Jewish state cannot survive without US taxpayers money regularly funnelled by way of financial aid and military hardware. It is hard to conceive Israel invading its neighbors without the tacit understanding of the US. The carnage Israel exacts on its neighbors by killing children, women, sick and old, destroying hospitals and Red Cross vehicles, is not without US connivance. Israeli incursion into Lebanon is a premeditated act of war on the pretence of kidnapping two of its soldiers, while the Jewish state, for years, incarcerates more than 9000 Palestinians prisoners. Israeli intransigence sponsored by the US has caused immeasurable anger among the Muslims all over the world. Perhaps, it is US, led by Neo-Cons supportive of Israel, way of 'winning hearts and minds' of Muslims the world over. Puppet rulers in various countries continue to overlook such wanton atrocities for fear of their own lives and their governments, but people at large there continue to seethe with anger against US policies in the Middle East. Time is approaching fast when European nations saving UK, which is US proverbial unethical supporter, would refuse to support US policies. Of course, not all Europeans are Brits.

Bravo! 03.Aug.2006 23:02


I am pleasantly surprised at your forum's courage to publish dissenting opinions against the US policies. The impression in the Third World Countries was that not many Americans were aware of their government policies in the outside world. And that most Americans were happy-go-lucky, soccer-loving individuals, having their eyes closed to the atrocities their government policy inflicted on hapless nations. But hats-off to your forum's resolve to lay bare the truth and to allow dissenting notes by the concerned and the thinking in the outer world.

happy-go-lucky soccer-lovers 05.Aug.2006 04:34

that's us

Soccer is not very popular in the United States, which is why the term "football" has been diverted to another use.