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DIY Festival in Freiburg, Germany succeeds despite police repression

Here's a report from Global Indymedia on the "DIY Against the State" anarchist convention in Freiburg, Germany, on the rebellious southern edge of the black forest.
Here's a report from Global Indymedia on the "DIY Against the State" anarchist convention in Freiburg, Germany, on the increasingly unruly and rebellious southern edge of the black forest.

The workshops and meetings the first days were fabulous, with like-minded but yet diverse people from all over Europe converging in the city to exchange skills and dreams. Despite an unprecedented level of police repression for this city, the festival persevered, and our energy even outlasted that of the city cops, the 3 detachments of 100 rioting pigs, and police leadership: we enjoyed a Food not Bombs style meal and spontaneous concert on a piece of liberated parkland while they fretted in their offices and lacked SwinePower to do anything about it.

Who is responsible for all this repression? A Green party Mayor! Like well-known war-mongering Green Party former-Foreign Office Minister Joschka Fischer, this is not his first fucked up thing this Green Mayor has done: he's also privatized the public library and tons of other things, is trying to privatize public low-income housing, tried (and failed) to evict the autonomous social center KTS as well as the Schattenparker (squatters living in Mad Max-like self-built mobile homes), and love to bring big contingents of police to invade the city. Tell him what you think here:  http://www.freiburg.de/1/1/116/index.php

Despite the World Cup slogan "Zu Gast bei Freunden" (visitors, you are welcomed here by friends) printed on every conceivable surface in the country and droning from all media outlets only weeks ago, German Kkkops went on a rampage --- cracking heads but not the wills --- of our French, Spanish, Swiss, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Italian, TWO PORTLANDERS (the only Americans present) and other international friends here for there anarchist convergence. Their violence indicated the true nature of the system to more than a few shoppers randomly surrounded and roughed up by police, it was more education in "representative national democracy" than locals have had here in years. The outcry against this is growing, and so are antirepression actions now taking place almost daily. And the concept of DIY, also, has found new and unexpectedly fertile soil in the political culture here: as people are excited and meetings are abuzz with plans for more of the same.

"Stomp, smash the state, do it yourself, agitate!"

Lots more details and photos at:


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The Camp:


Swimming Pool (keeping cool despite being surrounded):

DIY means doing your own dishes, too:

Poster for the AntiRepression Demo coming up Saturday:

homepage: homepage: http://www.indymedia.org/en/2006/07/843771.shtml

Reclaim the Streets at the DIY Convergence 02.Aug.2006 06:29