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Bush Orders Roadless Logging in Oregon!

August 7th is now cast as a dark day for America's forests and the
people who love them. For the first time since 2000, loggers will
begin felling ancient forests in a formerly protected roadless area.
We must stand up to oppose it!

After years of tireless work by millions of Americans on behalf of
wildlands, in January 2001, the Clinton Administration put in place a
regulation protecting 58.5 million acres of roadless National Forests.
These areas are the cream of the crop of pristine, otherwise
unprotected wild places: some of the biggest trees, the wildest
rivers, and last refuges for endangered wildlife.

Ever since, the Bush Administration has been working to undo these
protections in order to log, mine, and drill these precious areas.
Bush gets his way on August 7th, when logging begins in Mike's Gulch,
located in the extraordinary South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area of the
Siskiyou-Rogue River National Forest.

A massive protest to decry this precedent-setting destruction will
take place at the Siskiyou-Rogue River National Forest Service office,
333 W. 8th St. in Medford at noon on August 7th.

Our message is "Roadless is Priceless." T-shirts bearing this message
will be available. In addition, please bring the following props:
Oregon State flags, potted baby trees, colorful signs and costumes.

After the rally, all who choose to are invited to participate in a
peaceful act of civil disobedience. We plan to express our discontent
with Bush forest policy by staging a peaceful sit-in or simple
line-crossing. Details will not likely be worked out until the
morning of the 7th but all are welcome to participate on that day.

This event is designed for the whole family. Please bring everyone
you love. Car pools are planned from Eugene, Portland and the
Illinois Valley.

Roadless areas around the country are now under threat of destruction.
Mike's Gulch happens to be the very first to fall under the axe. We
need to send a strong message to fellow U.S. citizens and elected
officials around the country to make sure that this policy ends

We will try to keep updates posted at www.o2collective.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.o2collective.org

Just one more despiciable act - But Need to Focus on the Underlying Cause 03.Aug.2006 16:46

Vision Eagle

You are dealing with a thousand headed hydra. Chopping off this one head may be satisfying, but while you put all of your energies and focus into this one task, a thousand other heads are attacking in a thousand other places.


Violence against the loggers is not the answer. they are just workers trying to make a living... the fact that they sold out to the system should not be held too much against them. They are pawns in a system that thrives on manipulation and deceit.

It is the system itself that is the core of the problem.

What has been lacking and continues to be lacking is a loud groundswell of support for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Only when there are so many people calling for his impeachment that the voices can no longer be ignored, only then can we have hope for a future.

Meanwhile this is just one more despiciable act among thousands of such acts. The Bush administration is totally focused on the widespread destruction of the environment. To put all of your energy into this one battle is not going to produce long term results. You may win this battle but you will still lose the war as long as you allow yourselves to be dispersed in a thousand directions.

Focus instead on wining the war. Focus on stopping Bush and his cronies once and for all.


 link to www.locustfork.net
 link to www.grist.org

} Vision Eagle {