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Photos of the Rally against Israel's war crimes

About 1000 people were at a rally on July 30 in downtown Portland to condemn Israel's war crimes against civilians in Lebanon and Gaza
Many of the protest signs and the speakers articulated these messages: our horror, outrage and condemnation of Israel's merciless and unrelenting killing of civilians (especially the children!) in Lebanon and Gaza; an immediate ceasefire; an end to Israeli occupation in both countries; justice and peace for the Lebanese and Palestinian people.

There was a palpable sadnesss in the air for as people sang and spoke about their love and support for Lebanon and Palestine, we all knew that these countries were/are still being destroyed, and more people are dying as Israel's war crimes and terrorism continue, with US money and complicity.

earlier summary of the day from Bette Lee 02.Aug.2006 00:56

Bette Lee (reposted)

Photos of the Rally for the Lebanese and Palestinian people
author: Bette Lee

About 1000 people attended a rally and brief march last Sunday, July 30th.

The messages were clear: condemnation of the Israeli attacks and bombings of Lebanon and Gaza, an immediate ceasefire, an end to Israli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, and justice for the Lebanese and Palestinian people.

I think we all were filled with outrage and grief at Israel's merciless and unrelenting attack on civilians, especially the children, and the destruction of Lebanon, which had been through hell for so many years and had finally rebuilt itself, only to be destroyed again in this senseless and brutal war. There was a palpable sorrow in the air for as the speakers and protestors spoke and sang for Lebanon, we all knew that the country was being destroyed, and that more people were dying as the massacres continue...

photos paris 02.Aug.2006 05:09


we should make a site presenting all links to photos of international demonstrations...

here, demonstrations in paris


jews against the occupation 03.Aug.2006 12:22

anarcho jew

Hey, I'm really new in town and i am wondering if there is an organization of radical Jews and allies who oppose the occupation. I've been looking for something similar to Jews for a Free Palestine in the Bay Area. Saw the posters, thought this might be a good place to ask. Thanks for resisting.