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Proposed Law Would Allow Govít to Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens

on Democracy Now! this morning
Proposed Law Would Allow Gov't to Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens

Proposed Law Would Allow Gov't to Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens
The Bush administration is proposing a new law that could allow the government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens and bar them from access to civilian courts. The draft legislation is intended to authorize the Pentagon to try detainees by military tribunal. But some legal experts are warning that the bill would also allow the military to indefinitely detain so-called enemy combatants. The bill defines enemy combatants as anyone "engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners who has committed an act that violates the law of war and this statute." According to the Associated Press, the administration's proposal would toss out several legal rights common in civilian and military courts, including barring hearsay evidence, guaranteeing "speedy trials" and granting a defendant access to evidence. The proposal also would allow defendants to be barred from their own trial and likely allow the submission of coerced testimony.

I am all for it... 31.Jul.2006 13:23

Pravda or Consequences

As long as GW and his cronies are the first to be arrested and detained indefinitely.

They are after all, war criminals.

Death Squads 31.Jul.2006 21:47

jail bush

from what i read of this article and the bill, it looks like a legal road to death squads in America. nothing new on the homefront as paul wellstone would attest to but this could lead to huge round ups and disappearances of people en mass at demonstrations and other overt acts of terrorism. like burning a flag or holding a sign.