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Roadless Logging Aug 7!

First in the nation roadless logging set for August 7th.
For the first time since 2000, an inventoried roadless area on a
National Forest will be logged.  We just received word that John West
and Silver Creek Timber will begin logging Mike's Gulch on the
Siskiyou-Rogue River National Forest in the Biscuit Burn on Monday
August 7th.

Please alert all interested persons and encourage everyone to attend a
critical protest at the Medford Forest Service office 333 W. Eighth
St. on Monday August 7th at noon.

The Bush Administration is seeking to undo the most popular and
important piece of forest protection regulation we have - the roadless
conservation rule.  It starts in our backyard and threatens up to 58.5
million acres of the most pristine public lands in the nation.

A more thorough action alert is forthcoming, but please get this date
on as many calendars as possible.  A big showing on the 7th will bring
this issue to the attention of the nation.  The forest needs people
power and it needs it now!
details 31.Jul.2006 13:44


Thanks for the update on the state of buscuit logging. Can you post the names of the sales, and the timber companies that are going to be logging these sales? Maybe more specific locations of the sales too... The previous post left me a bit confused about the details.

some more info 31.Jul.2006 14:04


More background

The Governor

The Bush Administration claims that governors are allowed to petition
for protection of roadless areas in their states. The petitions are
not due until this Fall. The Administration promised interim
protection for all roadless areas pending review of those petitions.
The Administration has broken this promise at Mike's Gulch.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongowski has called repeatedly for full
protection of all 1.9 million acres of roadless Oregon forest.
Ignored by the Bush Administration he is now suing the Administration
in federal court. This and several other suits that might again
protect Mike's Gulch are still pending. Nonetheless, logging is
moving forward.

The Governor is holding an open hearing on roadless forest protection
in Medford on August 16th. Please plan to attend this event as well.

Mike's Gulch

The area was burned in the 2002 Biscuit Fire. Like many areas at
Biscuit it is in full natural recovery. A study this year showed that
natural restocking levels for conifers meets Forest Service
guidelines. Another study recently showed that logging retards
natural recovery and increases the threat of future fires after
logging operations.

The area to be logged is on steep slopes and sits above the Wild and
Scenic Illinois River. That river is world-class salmon habitat. The
sale area is filled with wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife.

The South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area is Oregon's largest. Logging may
disqualify this area and surrounding areas from future protection as

Other Roadless Destruction Coming

The Bush Administration has just announced that it will sell a second
roadless area off to loggers. The Blackberry sale, in the North
Kalmiopsis Roadless area is set to be auctioned on August 4th, once
again at the Siskiyou-Rogue River National Forest Office in Medford.

Meanwhile roadless logging is planned this winter in New Hampshire,
Minnesota, Wyoming and elsewhere. The Administration is also moving
aggressively to grant permits for oil and gas exploration in roadless
areas in Colorado.