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War Crime: Preposterous!

Indirectly confirmed by John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the UN (and sociopath) in a public statement; the first casualty of war is LANGUAGE - the needless slaughter of innocent children in Qana by an Israeli airstrike was an "accident of war"! In the face of an obvious war crime it is now incumbent on the Bush regime, especially its representatives Bolton and Rice, to define the rules of engagement and what constitutes a war crime. We do not forget how quick the U.S. and NATO were to condemn war crimes in the Balkan conflict - it would seem that allies of the U.S. (Israel) are immune; their obvious crimes become tragic 'accidents' whereas those opposed to the U.S. are war criminals and liable to indefinite incarceration ('Torture' Bay) or trial in an 'independent' court at the Hague.
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condemned? 31.Jul.2006 20:12


"We do not forget how quick the U.S. and NATO were to condemn war crimes in the Balkan conflict."

When they weren't busy committing them:


"Finally they demonstrated how Washington rigged the "Racak massacre" and then used the so-called Rambouillet accord—in reality an ultimatum demanding NATO's military control of all of Yugoslavia--to provoke the war. Taken together this all proved a crime against peace."

"They also showed the use of illegal weapons, the purposeful choice of civilian targets and the destruction of the environment and the civilian infrastructure that add up to war crimes. And the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people from Kosovo and Metohija that prove crimes against humanity."

Note that NATO's Balkan strategy was initially attempted by Israel in Lebanon: rather than send your infantry in to locate and neutralize the forces that are actually opposing you, you simply keep dropping bombs on the target country to inflict as much suffering as possible, create chaos, and weaken the enemy government's ability to govern. It's like the terror bombing of German and Japanese cities during WWII, but in this case they just started doing it right away. You kill a lot of civilians, but you avoid a lot of domestic political opposition by minimizing the chances of your own military personnel becoming casualties. A few years ago, I actually asked a NATO representative at a local speaking event whether attacks on firehouses and civilian radio stations might not violate the generally accepted rules of war prohibiting attacks on civilians, and he responded simply "We didn't feel those were civilian targets." An airtight legal standard if ever I heard one.