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Stop the Killing in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel

Here today Pioneer Square heard a different story than it heard Wednesday when a pro Israel rally was held. Yet, strong similarites exist. Both sides lament their dead, both sides voice their grievances, both sides are human beings reacting with pain, agony and horror at the loss of innocent life.

And this is the kernal of truth in this raw and seemingly never ending odyssy of tears, death and ongoing promises of revenge. While a few soldiers are dying, the people are dying in much larger numbers; sons, daughters, fathers mothers lay hemmoraging and dismembered in the rubble of bombs and missiles lauched from a safe distance. And those who survive are left to dig through that rubble for their loved ones, for pieces of their lives, and struggle to master their rising fear, hatred and despair. [ read more ]

AUDIO FILE: Speakers From the Peace in the Middle East Rally

About 500 people gathered to condemn the actions of Israel whose military incursions have killed a large number of civilians in their efforts to root out Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon. The Square was packed with signs calling for an end to the bombing in Gaza and Lebanon, descrying the lethargic response of the U.S. and much of the world community, and demanding an immediate cease fire and a genuine effort to support peaceful solutions.

All speakers brought their personal fire and a sense of justice to the podium. Each spoke passionately for the innocent Lebanese people suffering and dying at the hands of the Israeli army and air force, all supplied with American weapons. This file is about 40 minutes in length, each speaker speaking briefly and powerfully. [ read more ]

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